a poem for a sunday

by renegademama

Today I was thinking about Rocket’s birth for some reason, so I thought I’d share this poem, which I wrote a few years ago. (I tend to get a little deep & reflective on Sundays, probably a result of exhaustion from the previous week, or the morbid realization that a new one’s coming).


turn around,

she said.

pick up your son.

I turned.

your palms faced out

nudging the water

you swam with open eyes –

for a moment still

tethered to me safely.

brave little fish.

my water to this water,


up from my center you rose

and I


in crazy mama love

to you.

inhaled your breath, became nothing

as my blood ran still, turned your fingers pink.

3 Comments | Posted in Sometimes, I'm all deep and shit..... | January 30, 2011
  • Shan

    This is beautiful.

    I forgot to mention in my previous (and, I might add, eloquent) comment that I’m dropping in from Mama Blog. I rarely follow right away, but I have got to see what comes next!

    Shan :+)

    • renegademama

      Thanks. Just checked out your blog – love it! Our babies are only a few days apart (Georgia was born August 5, 2010). How cool is that? Look foward to “keeping in touch” via blogging…cheers.

  • tonia

    So I read your blog while I’m up in the night nursing my new baby. He’s very hungry at night, so I’ve read a lot. I don’t remember how I found you because that also happened overnight. Unexplainable things happen between 2 and 5am, including good, hilarious, real blog writing. In fact, I once went to read one of your entries during the day and it felt really wrong. I almost don’t want to admit I even tried during daylight. Its like I’m cheating on my overnight tap of goodness. I hope it doesn’t find out and leave me.

    Obviously what I’m trying to say is this is my favorite post. I cry when I read it slowly and really think about it. It’s beautiful. Yes, my son is not yet 2 months old so I’m still hosting a river of hormones. I think I’ll still cry when he’s bigger, so I thought you deserved to know.

    Oh, and (you’ll love this) I think you’re an amazing mother. Your family is real and precious. You guys care about the stuff that matters and are true to each other. Your kids are the kind of kids I hope my kids want to befriend. They are truly radiant. Take some credit for that.

    Even if your blog only exists in my imagination at 4am, thanks for writing it.