Circle Time! (with the Devil Makes Three)

by Janelle Hanchett

Happy Circle Time! Saturday, people. We’re hanging out in the lovely Santa Cruz, California, taking in the ocean air, redwood groves and dirty hippies. It’s all rather magnificent. In honor of this sweet foggy town, I’d thought I’d choose a song by a Santa Cruz band…who happens to be one of my favorites of all time…the Devil Makes Three. I cannot find words to explain how much I love this music. This video does nothing in terms of demonstrating the talent and unbridled hillbilly bluegrass folk rock kick-ass make-you –dance tunes of this band – you must see them live if at all possible. We’re seeing them on the 22nd (next week!) in Sacramento. And then again in May in Petaluma. We love them.

Anyway, maybe it’s because I used to be a drunk, or because I have a generally twisted, under-achieving way of being, but this band tells my story. They speak my truth. With a stand-up bass and banjos. And I love them for it. For example, they sing my favorite lyric OF ALL TIME – a lyric that fills me with joy and hope and makes me smile every damn time I hear it. You’ll hear it in this song. It goes like this: “Everybody who’s anybody, in my opinion, at one time, lived in somebody’s hallway.”

Truest statement ever told. Um, at least for some of us…


Don’t forget the rules.

5 Comments | Posted in Circle Time! | April 16, 2011
  • Christina

    Thanks for the music intro. Love it.

    Oh yeah and enjoy my home town. Santa Cruz is where my heart and family are. I wish with all my being I were there every single day. (most favorite is the sound of the sand under my feet.)

    • Christina

      My husband just came in and said, “oh , who is that? I like them.”

      I think he is online searching for them now. I love him.

  • Shan

    Loved them. The opening lines about Crestline made me think of my old boss. He used to live there (not far from here). The dude looked like Michael J. Foxes’ slightly older brother 10 years ago, but he must be pushing 70 now. Anyway, Mark had some awesome back-in-the-day stories of bar brawls and “getting girls” for people he was trying to get contracts from. Did I mention I work in education?
    I was afraid I blew my wad during last week’s Circle Time, but I caught the Kinks biography and this song has been stuck with me:

  • Kimberly

    Hey! That’s tomorrow! Where are they playing?

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