Circle Time! quiz (like a Cosmo quiz, only not)

by Janelle Hanchett

Howdy! Check it out…it’s Circle Time Saturday on Thursday! Shocking, appalling, weird!

Right. Yes. I know. Nobody gives a shit. Including me. That’s because we rage against the machine. We defy rules. Don’t bind us with your chains and force us into little boxes! We defy THE MAN! (I don’t know why I say things like that. I really like to, though.)

In other words, Circle Time! hasn’t happened in a long time because it was annoying and boring me…(not unlike most of my life)…and it occurred to me that what we really need to do with Circle Time! is get to know one another. We need to SHARE. You know, like in preschool. Sharing time. Happy singing rainbow time.

Sooo….I decided we could get to know each other by doing a little quiz. A sort of get-to-know-you quiz. Kind of like a Cosmo quiz, only not about sex, sexiness, sex-appeal, sex positions, sexual interest, sexual derision, sexual dysfunction and/or sexual satisfaction. But RATHER, a good, wholesome, renegade mothering quiz to help you decide whether or not you are in fact domestically impaired. I know. I’m helpful. You can thank me later. So…let’s do it. First, click on the blue button below, take the quiz, then return here for results… (also, on Sunday, I’ll tell y’all how many of us fit where)…it’s all very exciting.

Are you domestically impaired? Find out NOW!


  1. If you answered mainly the first option, you are not domestically impaired. In fact, you are a domestic goddess. You probably wonder what the hell is wrong with me. If I went to your house, I would probably sit paralyzed in admiration, dumb-founded and amazed at the pure organization and cleanliness. Awesome.
  2. If you mainly chose the second option, you are not a domestic goddess but you certainly are NOT impaired. You put some mothers, like me for example, to shame. There is a semblance of order and consistency in your home. You’re damn good as far as I can tell.
  3. If you answered mainly the 3rd options or answered YES to ANY of the questions on #10, you are definitely impaired domestically. You pretty much suck. Your house is rarely presentable and never fully clean. You are most likely my soulmate and will live quite comfortably around these parts.
  4. If you mainly chose the 4th options, you have actually set a new low in terms of domestic impairment. You might want to consider donating your children to the Goodwill and moving back in with your mom. I also suggest not admitting these things to pretty much anybody, ever. I, of course, would never do any of those things. Ever. Right. No. Never. Ever ever ever.
  • Dee

    Hehehe. I loved the quiz…but I’m not telling what my results were. :-X

  • Rachel howells

    ..ah…sorry to say but i think we might be soulmates…i don’t know if i feel liberated from my denial by your quiz or imprisoned by the knowledge that i fail as a domestic goddess. I am not a domestic goddess – I am a domestic ASS. ugh…my poor children..


  • Margie

    I thought the whole point of playdates was to distract my kids enough that I could enjoy a beer in relative peace. Other than that, I have my wife to thank for keeping us in Category 2.

  • Cailin

    I have play dates so I can hang with my friends and drink wine in the afternoon. Oh, and hopefully the other mom will feed my kid dinner so I don’t have to.

  • Kimberly

    will you marry me?

  • Dorothy @ Adventures of an Only Child Mom

    Love this! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  • Christina

    Hey Soul mate!!!

    What about never have playdates because kids are way to annoying. And that word is totally lame.

    Ah well that was fun….. Now I need to go ‘clean’ the bathroom… or, whats that word, oh yeah ‘dust’.

  • Julie

    Freaking hysterical!

  • Jennifer

    I realized while doing this quiz why I’m a true Gemini with split personalities:
    — I love cooking and baking and meal planning
    — I freaking hate cleaning, dusting and laundry. In fact, just tonight, I noticed giant cobwebs were covering my ceiling in every single corner.
    — I like craft projects (but not when there are any kids involved)

    Good thing I take those small pink happy pills to balance me out! Thanks for the quiz.

  • Sara

    Imagine that: the undomestic goddess is…undomestic.

  • Amanda M.

    Awesome! Your newest follower here! I found you on Bloggy Moms. If you get a chance, check out my blog about my adventures of a mom and more!

  • Amanda M.

    Yep, mostly between 2 and 3. My house is mostly (emphasis here) presentable, but I answered yes to all questions on #10 because let’s face it, it’s impossible to do it all. I do love cooking and crafts though so those were respectably answered, for the record. So mostly impaired.

  • Shan

    I’m between 2 and 3. These days I’m probably more three, but I used to be 2. *sigh*

  • dani

    Ha! Loved this.

    I have OCD. You can’t hold my mental issues against me. But the laundry questions were my downfall. I have not an O a C or a D where it’s concerned.

  • Dani

    Aah, I’m too late to the party, the blue button has gone! I want to play!