2024 Sunday Workshop Series

Let’s write together — all year.

Every day. No matter what. Real writers write every day and I don’t care if your basement is flooding due to a climate-change fueled storm that also ripped the roof off and your dad keeps calling telling you the whole thing is a hoax for the Great Reset.

Well perhaps that’s not how this goes. “Real writers,” a concept I’m pretty sure is only useful as a tool of self-loathing, do one thing: They keep coming back.

Now we sound like an AA meeting.

But seriously. Let’s define a “real writer” as a person who writes regularly for a long time and at least occasionally does something with that writing so the rest of us can read it, returns to the page, again and again, no matter what, no matter how much time has passed, no matter how ridiculous the whole thing sounds. And because the only thing more miserable than writing is not writing.

The desire will not ever fully go away. And that’s what makes us “real writers.”

This idea of coming back again and again was the inspiration for the eight-month workshop series I offered in 2023. The first Sunday of each month, we met online, wrote, and studied an element of craft or process for 2.5 hours, and each week I held an online writing room. Many of the monthly workshops also involved feedback on writing.

I wanted to create a space where each month writers could return to their work, no matter where they had gone the month before. I hoped it would serve as a sort of accountability, mentorship group, and I was blown away by how close we all became. I mean, we really spent a lot of time together. It was wonderful.

It was such a success I expanded it to 10 months for 2024 (January – October (let’s be real, nothing happens in November and December)) and added quite a few new elements:

  • of course, there are all new  workshop topics;
  • a second mid-month “check-in” meeting, in which we’ll discuss how the writing is going and/or read each other’s work in small groups;
  • an option for 1:1 video calls with me each month to increase the level of mentorship; and
  • a WhatsApp group or Discord server (group can decide) that will be used for week-long writing “sprints” in which we’ll write every day for a week and hold each other accountable.

I truly hope you’ll join us. We really created a little community. And now, to our regularly scheduled description.


So what is this series about?

In my six-week workshops we often encounter topics that we’d like to discuss forever. The hour allows enough time to achieve quite a bit of depth, but some topics lend themselves to more hands-on work, extensive discussion, and more 1:1 feedback.

So I grabbed all those topics and turned them into in-depth sessions.

2.5 hours on the first Sunday at 10am PST/1pm EST of every month from January through October. You can sign up for one, a few, or all of them.

While the group is designed to be a longterm support system, you can also select only the topics you would like to study in more depth. Here’s what’s included in the 10-month series:

  • You’ll start each month with a 2.5-hour workshop to get you refocused on writing.
  • You’ll be a member of a private Facebook group where we will keep each other accountable and you’ll be invited regularly to share your work, respond to others, etc.
  • Online writing sessions once a week (these are standing meetings, come when you can).
  • My feedback on 5 pieces of writing.
  • A WhatsApp group or Discord server to help us facilitate week-long “writing sprints” in which we write every day.
  • A mid-month check-in call.

Every workshop allows the time we need to go more deeply into each topic and have opportunities for discussion, questions, and breakout rooms for workshopping writing.

Why does the term “breakout room” hurt my soul a little? I think I’m having flashbacks to beige Marriott conference rooms and corporate bonding.

I’m excited about this. Nerd-level excitement. Almost as excited as when I have a blank Japanese notebook in my hand.

I apologize for exaggerating.

For each workshop, we’ll meet online (Zoom or GoToMeeting) from 10am-12:30pm PST/1-3:30pm EST. Dates are listed below, but as I said, it’s the first Sunday of each month January – October. 

  • Recordings will be made available afterward for download.
  • You can buy the whole series upfront for €1690, which is a savings of €200 from the individual prices.
  • Or you can subscribe to 12-month installment plan (€149/month) or four installments (€488/every 3 months)
  • You can also purchase a single workshop individually through the links below.
  • Enrollment is capped at 10.
  • In five of the workshops I will provide feedback on your writing.

Note: If you’ve taken my 6-week workshops before, why would you also take these? Good question. So glad you asked. Brief answers follow, but always feel free to email me with questions:

  • Much more depth to the discussion
  • New examples and sources of all craft and process artists
  • Hands-on work. As in, you will receive prompts, write, and receive feedback just on that topic so you really come away with clarity on a very personalized basis.

Alright, here we go:

Why do you write? Locating your identity as a writer

Writing Emotionally Resonant Scenes

Procrastination, Fear, and How to Write Anyway

Developing Persona & Creation of a Narrator

The Braided Essay: Choosing Topics, Connecting Themes, Creating Structure

What’s a plot and How do I make one?

Listening for voice: What makes you different from other writers?

Sentence-level Analysis: What specifically do we look for to simply write better sentences?

The Role of Conflict in narrative & characterization

Rhythm & Pacing

Why do you write? Locating your identity as a writer

Sunday, January 7 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

We don’t have to write every day to be “real writers.” In fact many of us cannot write every day. We do, however, have to keep coming back to writing, no matter what, over and over again. That motivation must come from inside of us, and it’s unique to each of us. In this workshop we will explore what drives you to creative work–your interests and priorities, as well as what you get from this work–so you can situate yourself in the larger creative world and tap into that motivation when you need it.

Buy just this workshop (please read refund policy at bottom of this page):

2024 Sunday Workshop: Identity

Writing Emotionally Resonant Scenes

Sunday, February 4 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

How do we move beyond the boring recitation of a character’s feelings as the only way to convey emotion? How do we write a scene that conveys deep emotion without affectation or hyperbole? In this workshop we will discuss the actual methods used in writing to create the type of scene that moves the reader to emotion, situates the emotion in the body of the reader (you know what I mean–chills, tears, racing heart). We will examine the writing of experts at this and practice it ourselves.

Buy just this workshop (please read refund policy at bottom of this page):

2024 Sunday Workshop: Scenes

Procrastination, Fear, and How to write anyway

Sunday, March 3 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

What is the relationship between fear and procrastination, and how do we determine a hesitation based on an intuitive sense that we’re about to do something stupid vs that weird nebulous fear that ALWAYS tells us “we better not take any risks”? We will go deep into the ego and the role of fear from a primal sense all the way to the bullshit trying to run our lives from a place of inaction seeking a delusion of safety. It’s March; let’s get this sorted now so we can write the fucking things we want for the rest of the year.

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2024 Sunday Workshop: Procrastination & Fear

Developing Persona & Creation of a Narrator

Sunday, April 7 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

First: What the hell is a “persona” and what is a narrator? What are the roles of these devices and how do we create them? What aspects of the story should we take into account when deciding on a point of view, persona, narrative voice? And how do these things all relate?

Buy just this workshop (please read refund policy at bottom of this page):

2024 Sunday Workshop: Persona

The Braided Essay: Choosing Topics, Connecting Themes, Creating Structure

Sunday, May 5 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

Look: We’ve all done it. We want to bring two topics together and examine them alongside each other. Or two moments we believe are connected but we’re not sure how to explore that connection in writing and make it clear and meaningful. I fucking love braided essays, and when done well, they’re powerful as hell. Let’s create one together. You’ll bring ideas and we’ll workshop them so you end this session with an early concept for a braided essay.

Buy just this workshop (please read refund policy at bottom of this page):

2024 Sunday Workshop: Braided Essay

What’s a Plot and How Do I Make One?

Sunday, June 2 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

It may seem simple but is it? A bunch of shit happens, characters do things, the reader is entertained. But what separates a plot from an arbitrary chain of events? How do we connect plot and character? Why is that even the goal? In other words: How the fuck do we choose what happens in our stories, and if writing memoir: How do we choose which events from our lives to include?

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2024 Sunday Workshop: Plot

Listening for Voice: What makes you different from other writers?

Sunday, July 7 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

They say (who is they?) that voice is the single most important aspect of writing. I believe this. Voice is the thing that makes me read an account of a trip to the grocery store with as much delight and interest as I may read War and Peace. You have a voice, and it is your greatest power as a writer. But first we have to figure out what it is so you can then figure out how to edit TO your voice, which conveniently is our workshop topic in August.

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2024 Sunday Workshop: Listening for Voice

Sentence-level Analysis: Building on July’s discussion of voice, this month we’ll examine: What specifically do we look for to simply write better sentences? 

Sunday, August 4 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

The month in which I reveal my full nerd, borderline unhealthy love of sentence-level editing. I will share every single method I have developed over ten years of academic study of language plus 13 years of creative writing on my own – to MAKE BETTER SENTENCES. Why am I yelling? That’s surely a different workshop. We will examine sentences and workshop them together. You will leave this workshop with a checklist to use when editing your own work. Sentence-level editing is what makes writing shift from meh to incredible. It’s what allows voice to come through, rhythm to sing, style to show itself in a way that will set you apart from other writers. I am already turned on. It’s fine.

Buy just this workshop (please read refund policy at bottom of this page):

2024 Sunday Workshop: Sentences

The Role of Conflict in Narrative & Characterization

Sunday, September 1 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

What are the types of conflict in plot, character, and narrative, and why do we care? What can conflict DO for our writing and storytelling? How does it build, show, and enhance three-dimensional characterization? What can it reveal about the interiority of our characters and ourselves? This may sound boring BUT IT ISN’T.

Buy just this workshop (please read refund policy at bottom of this page):

2024 Sunday Workshop: Conflict

Rhythm & Pacing

Sunday, October 6 (10am PST / 1pm EST)

How do we slow down our narrative & speed it up? How do we choose what should be scene vs. description/exposition? What is the difference between these two types of writing? How much description should we use, and how do we even decide what needs detail and what doesn’t? This month we discuss how and when to speed up, slow down, write a scene vs. gloss over with a brief summary. We’re looking for balance, friends, and we’ll workshop your writing in a very friendly way to figure out what this looks like.

Buy just this workshop (please read refund policy at bottom of this page):

2024 Sunday Workshop: Pacing

Annie Dillard chose some violence in her fabulous book The Writing Life: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing. A schedule defends from chaos and whim.”

THEREFORE: Let’s schedule 2024, together, and write.

Here’s what you get:

  • Monthly in-depth craft & process workshops for 10 months (25 hours total)
  • Feedback on five pieces of writing
  • Invitation to private Facebook group
  • Access to my weekly online writing room (drop by, say hi, write, leave)
  • Focus on writing (and redirection if you’ve fled the coop) for 10 months of 2024
  • Monthly check-in meetings

Sign up in one payment and save €200. Sign up for the series in installments and save €100 (but first, please read refund policy below):

Sign up in one installment of €1690:

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If you would like to buy all of the above plus have a monthly 1:1 video conference with me and my review & feedback on 10k words/month, plus unlimited email support for the 10 months, you can buy that here, or email me for an installment arrangement. If you are serious about finishing a book or other major project, we can get it done in 2024 through this series and mentorship. I am also, for the record, not fucking around. Let’s do this.

**By signing up, you agree to the following refund policies**

  • For individual workshops, I can offer a refund up to 30 days before the starting date of the workshop. After that I cannot offer a refund. But you are very welcome to transfer the credit to a different workshop.
  • For the series, I can offer a refund up to 30 days before the start of the first workshop and a 50% refund before the February workshop. After that, I cannot offer refunds. (Please note that if you encounter a serious financial hardship during 2024 I am not going to chase you down or some shit; I always work with people. I also just need to protect myself, my business and family. As I’m sure you understand. LOVE YOU.)