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British Columbia

I am leading a four-day writing retreat on Cortes Island in British Columbia, at a breathtaking retreat center called Hollyhock. Each day, we will discuss elements of craft and the necessary mental frameworks to write in spite of our self-doubt and fear. Additionally, there will be morning yoga, nature walks, hot tubbing, meals prepared from food grown on the island, and the home where we are staying is on the ocean. Um, I cannot wait.



Write Anyway

Write Anyway is a 6-week workshop designed for the writer who feels blocked or bored by their writing, or wants to bet back into writing after a month or 10-year hiatus. We discuss how to write in spite of fear, doubt, and the ever-looming sense of not being a “real” writer. We discuss how to tell the difference between useless and valuable feedback, how to justify writing as a priority even if you don’t “make money” at it, and so much more. Check it out.



rwgffinalRenegade Writers’ Group

Renegade Writers’ Group is 6-week writing intensive created for the person ready to draft a manuscript. Have an idea for a book? Essays? Collection of poetry or short stories? Then join us. This group will hold you accountable and “turn you into a writer.” Seriously. That’s the piece of feedback I receive most often from people who have completed this workshop.



Beyond Rants: How to write about things that matter

This workshop is a brand new 6-week class focused on the art of argumentation. Sure, we can rant, and it’s fun and has its place, but sometimes, we actually want to craft an effective argument in a blog post, essay, or even just on social media. In this workshop you will write an argument and learn the basics of argumentation and rhetoric, including how to adjust tone, research, address counter arguments, and avoid logical fallacies. At a time of such political turmoil, we need to make clear and effective arguments. Sign up now as this is currently at a reduced (beta) price.  


craftmainCraft Intensive

A Focus on Craft is an 8-week intensive for the writer ready to get better at their craft. During our eight weeks together, you will write a short story or essay and we will meet online weekly to discuss and learn about an aspect of craft. Tone. Voice. Diction. Perspective. Revision. This workshop is heavy on practice, focus, feedback, and results. Get ready to work. Get ready to get BETTER.


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Thank you for your interest, and please email me with any questions.

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