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When I was 9 years old, a lady in church handed me a journal and told me to “write every day.”

Save for a few years there in my twenties, I pretty much have.

I started this blog in 2011.

I never expected to make money from this. Honestly I never expected my audience to extend beyond family and friends. I promised myself I’d never feel pressured and I’d never write unless I felt like it. Luckily, I abandoned that and wrote every week, pretty much no matter what.

And today, five years later, Renegade Mothering has grown into a popular website with hundreds of thousands readers.

My writing has been featured on Brain, Child, Mamalode, and Parenting Magazine. I was a columnist for allParenting (until it closed) and my work has been picked up by UpworthyHuffington Post, and other publications. I was a 2012 and 2014 Blogher Voice of the Year.

In other words, to my awe and delight, it looks like I get to make a living writing. And I’m totally into it. Because I love it, and I enjoy my kids more than a cubicle.

Well, usually.

Here is what I do:

I write articles, blog posts, or copy for your website. I write all kinds of things, and I can do it without dropping F-bombs.

I have Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in English, so despite evidence to the contrary, I can craft grammatically correct sentences. I try not to do it too often, but I can, in a pinch.

If you don’t want canned spam writing, you should hire me to write for you.

And if you really want to have some fun, hire me to speak. I speak on writing or blogging or alcoholism. I do readings.

Here I am speaking on writing.

Or, buy some ad space to tell my readers about the service you’re providing, the art you’re crafting, the thing you’re doing that needs some exposure. My readers are the most badass women in the interwebz. I have proof. Okay I don’t actually have proof but I have some really solid evidence. Five years of it, in fact.

Let’s talk. Let’s get crazy.

My name is Janelle Hanchett.




For speaking engagements and other literary projects, please email my Literary Manager, Jermaine Johnson, at 3 Arts Entertainment: jjohnson@3arts.com.

For advertising, please email Lynn Crymble at: advertiseonrenegade@gmail.com. And click here for ad info.

To contact me directly, please email: info@renegademothering.com.