Renegade Writers’ Group :

Where Excuses Die & Manuscripts Rise

A workshop with Janelle Hanchett


This is the time we GET IT DONE.


October 26 –  November 30, 2021

Tuesdays at 9:00am PST / 12pm EST

Here it is: six weeks. You, me, 12 other writers. You have a project in mind. You decide on its length. You set a goal on day 1 for how many words you need to write to meet that goal.

And then, you do it. Every day. For four weeks.

Each week you check in with me and the group through a video call. You ask me anything, individually, personally. I answer you. Whatever you’re struggling with, whatever isn’t working, whatever questions you have.

So yes, this is individualized weekly feedback and mentoring. To keep you going.

(Oh come on, you can do anything for one fucking month so just knock it off.)

kingworkEvery day, you post the words you’ve written in our private Facebook group. At 11pm you feel the pain of your phone dinging with notifications. 500 words. 1,500 words. 900 words.


You roll out of bed and write yours with a tiny wave of hatred for yourself (for signing up) and those other people (for doing it). But as the days pass, and you watch the words add up, you realize you’re doing it, and that’s a feeling I cannot adequately describe. You just have to experience it.

After 4 weeks of writing every day, you will have an entire first draft or at least a good portion of it. On week 5 you will reflect on your manuscript and I will help you come up with a revision plan.


So, at the end of the 6 weeks, you will have a complete draft and a plan for revision on it, meaning YOU ARE WELL ON YOUR WAY to a publishable piece of writing. (And yes, we will also each define, post and hold one another accountable to revision goals (I can help you if that’s foreign.).

You’ll have a space to share how your soul is bleeding and you’re considering jumping off the Golden Gate because writing is hell.


Or you’ll talk about how it feels so damn good to actually finally really be writing the words as opposed to thinking the words and wishing you were writing the words. 

And at the end, you will have done it.


“Janelle has facilitated a life-changing group here. We all possessed the stuff already, but I never knew how or why to bring it out. and now I have a book. A BOOK. One that had been banging around in my head for years and I never had the stamina or discipline to bring it out and she did that, along with the incredible members of this group. So just sign up for it already. Shit will change in the coolest way…it has changed the way in which i see writers and myself within that world. – Amy E.

“You would think after all this writing that I’d have a more creative description for this group than ‘life-changing’, but that is really the only word for it. Janelle leads from the middle (as one of us), and provides a safe, encouraging space to explore ideas, share fears, rant when required, and support each other. It really is magic. I’m living a totally different and more creative life as a result.” – Holly W.

“I’ve always been talking about writing “my novel”, I’ve just never worked past my own fear that I could actually do it. Janelle’s writing group was everything that I needed. Not only did I finally write that novel, I learned so much about myself as a writer. It changed everything for me!” – Danielle B.


Whatever who cares the point is we are writing The Thing as opposed to not writing The Thing and even if it’s 90% crap we’re developing a routine of writing, a system of writing, a life-stream of composition and fuck it THAT’S WHAT REVISION IS FOR. You have to get something down. You have to get material to work with. This is you mixing the paint from which you will paint the masterpiece (isn’t that a song). I mean it. This is how it works. Read Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts.”

fuckingbookIn addition to getting the first draft done, in each call you get personal coaching from Janelle and the group. You will be able to articulate your struggles and get ideas from others to empower you to move on and keep going, and you’ll probably learn we all have the same ones. They lose their power. You keep writing.

Your craft will improve by doing the work and talking through the process with somebody who’s done it. Your writing will improve by committing to the process no matter what life or your brain throws at you. More than any other piece of feedback, I hear “This is the first time in my life I’ve ever felt like a ‘real writer.'” 

That’s because that’s all there is: writing. Real writers write. The end.

So show us yours and we’ll show you ours. Desperation and problems. Jeez. Not genitals. Damn. Nobody’s talking about genitals.

We may talk about genitals.

No way. We’re staying on topic.

So, if you have a project in mind (article, short story, novel, memoir, caveman erotica, collection of poetry, etc.), and are READY TO WRITE but want/need a no-bullshit group to keep you going and help you through to the almost-endpoint, register below.

This workshop is for people who are ready to get started with a project. If you’re still struggling with fear and resistance (to the point that it keeps you from writing), please sign up for my Write Anyway workshop. After that, join this one! 



Oh, and the best part: I AM DOING THIS WITH YOU. That’s right. I’ll be right alongside you, with my four kids, husband working out of town, and general malaise. I will mess up, try again, whine bitch and moan write alongside you. But we’ll do it. And at the end, we’ll both have a manuscript to work with.



October 26 –  November 30, 2021

Tuesdays at 9:00am PST / 12pm EST


Option 1: €319.

  • Weekly video calls
  • Guidance creating/defining your project & goals
  • Private Facebook group

Option 2: €359

  • Weekly video calls
  • Individual email support throughout the workshop–ask me anything and receive 2-5 emails/week from me to keep you going
  • Guidance creating/defining your project & goals
  • Private Facebook group

Option 3: €539

        • Weekly video calls
        • Individual support throughout the workshop via email
        • One month of additional email support after the workshop ends
        • Guidance creating/defining your project & goals
        • Private Facebook group
        • My feedback on up to 20 pages (5k words) of your writing

        Renegade Writers' Group, Option 1

        Renegade Writers' Group, Option 2

        Renegade Writers' Group, Option 3

      *REFUND POLICY: I offer a full refund as requested before September 26, 2021. From September 27, 2021, through October 6, 2021, I offer a 50% refund. After October 6, 2021, I cannot provide a refund. By signing up for this workshop, you are agreeing to this refund policy.