Dear readers, expect some changes up in here.

by Janelle Hanchett

Hey there.

So, check it out. When I started this blog about 3 years ago I did it for one reason: Because I wanted to know if the rest of the parenting world was crazy or I was. I spent a year walking around writing blog posts in my head. I’d write a whole thing while driving to work, get to work and do nothing about it. This went on until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Finally I said “fuck it” and wrote this.

I had about 30 readers. Twenty-nine of them were blood relatives. I promised myself I’d never write out of obligation. I never expected anything beyond having some fun. I never expected anything at all, actually.

But over the past three years, as you guys have come and stuck around and shared my posts, a whole lot of opportunity has come my way from this, and to my endless surprise it looks like I may have a chance to be a real writer.

Alright that’s bullshit. I’m a “real writer” now. What the hell does that even mean? I’ve been writing since I was 9 years old. A lady in church handed me a journal and said “You should write every day.” So I did, because it sounded like a good idea.

Writing became like air to me. I’d vomit across those pages before I went to bed. I kept paper in my car, in my bag, in my backpack. The last pages of my school notebooks were covered in crap poetry and barely legible prose. In high school, I’d drive to the ocean by myself and sit on the beach, smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and write my whole existence across the pages of a journal. I was so deep when I was 16. I’d listen to live Dead on the way to the beach and contemplate life, so by the time I got there I’d be all hopped up on Jerry and angst and waves against fog and salt air. I wrote through college, and I wrote a little after having my first baby, but then alcoholism choked me and I stopped, almost completely, for 7 or 8 years.

I was too dead to create.

When I came alive again, I found you guys.

And here’s what I want to say: I’m going to try to make a living out of this writing thing, and the first thing I’m going to do is start selling ad space on my blog. In the next couple days you’ll see them appear on the sidebar. Tomorrow the “Hire Me” page will change to “Hire Me/Sponsor Me” and there will be info and prices and stuff. My monthly hits (thanks to you) are high enough that I can do this and possibly earn enough to make it worth my while. We live a simple life. I’m not looking for riches. I’m looking for a way out of working my ass off for barely anything so my family can keep eating. I won’t be throwing whatever the fuck on my blog. You won’t have flashing toilet paper ads up in your grill. If it isn’t a service/business I can get behind, you won’t see it on my sidebar. That’s a promise.

I’m also considering selling merchandise. I’m thinking mesh caps with the mohawk kid logo. I’m thinking shirts that say “Try not to be a dick.” Maybe “Mothers united in the fight against helpful parenting advice.” Maybe some of those crazy ass bumper stickers I made.

It’s not deep. It’s like: “Hi. I need money. Buy a fucking t-shirt.”

Is this selling out? Probably. Not very “renegade,” right?

Yeah, well, if trying to make a living from something that arose organically from my own work so I can spend more time with my family and pursue the art that pretty much defines me makes me a “sell-out,” then I’m a motherfucking sell-out.

I want to write books. I want to make a living writing books. I can’t do that if I’m killing myself working at outside jobs and raising kids (which I’m doing now), so I’m going to try to open up some time and space through this blog. There just isn’t time to work and have kids and write big shit. I need a room of my own. I get you, Ms. Woolf.

Who knows? It might actually work.

Incidentally, part of this is your fault. You keep asking me to write a book. You keep telling me you’ll read it. And you’ve given me fire, and hope, and a sense of direction. It’s weird to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing via accident.

That’s how I know it’s real, I guess, because I didn’t set out to “be an artist” (although my personal goal in life is to get on NPR and be the one writer in the history of mankind to NOT SAY PROFOUND SHIT).

I set out to find, and connect, and do what felt right. I did what I needed to do because there was no other choice. I would have gone insane had I not started writing this thing. It was like a rabid dog scratching at my brain. Eww. Imagery.

The results have been more than I ever imagined, and I’d be a motherfucking fool to not see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

And I’d rather be a sell-out than a fool.

At least I think I would.

Anyway thank you. I just wanted to let you know, and thank you, again, for all of it.


P.S. I really, really want your feedback on all this. Please share your thoughts, ideas, opinions. I mean it. I will use the info to guide this whole thing. Unless you tell me I’m a sell-out, in which case I’ll just respond “Yeah. Duh. We’ve  been over that.”

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  • Sarah

    You sound so much like me. I finally got off my ass and have been attempting to actually write all those posts I had written in my head. I hope someday to have more people than just my mom and best friend read my shit but if not, whatev. I’m just happy I’m finally getting it out there. I think you’re writing is so real and raw which is why I always look forward to your new posts. If it ends up earning you money, hell yeah even better! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Hell, yes, monetize this mother. Make some money. You have gifts, and the world needs to see them and appreciate them. In order to allow you to do that, to give you the time and the space to nurture what’s inside of you, you still have to be sure that your family is going to eat. It’s a more than fair trade.

  • Kendra M.

    I’d buy the shit out of your book!

  • Shannon

    You’re a sellout!!…Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂 You’re doing what everyone dreams of doing, making money doing something you love! Good for you!

  • Liz Green

    I am the mom of a 19 month old who still cries every night I put him to bed. I have your “holy grail of parenting” post bookmarked and have since he was 6 months old. I found that post after reading your “I died to live” post. Since that day, you have not written a post that hasn’t spoken to me. Seriously, I love you. You have made my entire parenting experience…not easier, cause fuck it’s hard…but, well, there aren’t words. Seriously, thank you. You rock. You are amazing. I WANT you to sell ads. It’s not selling out. It just means that more moms like us, more sane/insane moms can find peace in knowing that it’s ok to think sprinkles and gender reveals and DD/DS crap is CRAP. Also, please sell shirts. I will buy them. Adult and kid sizes please. I have an insane toddler who NEEDS a renegade shirt. You rock. That is all.

    • SS Marshall

      Do it! Sell Ads. You have been a saving grace during some sleepless “what the hell did I get myself into” nights. It would take a whole lot of shit in your sidebar to make me stop reading (and I mean a WHOLE lotta shit).

      I would buy your book. I would wear your shirts and damn it I would send your Valentine’s!

  • Dani

    I only found your blog a few months ago and straight away I felt like I’d connected with someone. Only talented writers can do that. You also made me get off my arse and find time to do the shit I enjoy. I’ve started numerous blogs, only to give up after a couple of posts. My current blog has been going since July 2012 and was teetering on the verge of extinction until I found yours and started actually posting again. I’ve written more in the few months since I found Renegade Mothering than I did in 5 years before that. You’ve been an inspiration, a whisper of sanity in the darkness, a breath of normal air in the madness that is parenting in the internet generation. When I found your stuff, I told you on Facebook that I hoped you were making a living from this, because you deserve to be. So sign me up for a fucking hat. I suppose I owe you that much.

  • Meg

    For the record, I would buy any (probably all) of those merchandise ideas. Yes, yes, I would.

  • Dani

    Oh, and do toddler clothes, please! I’d be proud to have my boy promote your blog. It’ll save me trying to find a way to bring it into every conversation I have.

    • Ms. Future PharmD

      OH yes. Toddler and child clothes, possibly also a canvas bag. I really need some excellent swag to clothe my offspring in and you have the greatest things to say.

  • Karina

    Sell out is a word people use when they want what you have, I’d be very happy to be a sell out! And I’d buy a hat or t-shirt! Your blog really hit home with me during my first pregnancy, I used to read it out loud at work to anyone who’d listen, I look forward to every post and article, keep it up!

  • Oleva

    I would buy your shirts, your books, and your stickers! You speak to me and for me. So glad I found your blog.

  • Marisa

    You’re not selling out, you’re expanding. You are evolving. I love you just the same. xo

  • Anne

    Sell, sell, sell! You should make some money at this. Seeing an add or ten will stop me from reading the genius. Also, I would sure as shit but a shirt that says “Try not to be a dick!” Love it, do it!

    • Anne

      Oh fuck…that’s supposed say NOT stop me from reading. I should NOT be a writer!

  • Kat

    I’ve only been reading your blog for about 2 months, but as a first time mother of a 5 month old, I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated the feeling that I’m not alone in this insane shit called parenting! For the simple relief I felt from reading one post, you deserve to be able to earn a living from this. I definitely look forward to your writing as a type of therapy, and would love it if you were able to write more. Thank you for your words and good luck with this next adventure (a book would be awesome, no pressure!)

  • Ana

    I fucking LOVE you and your pregnant/brilliant ass. Write/create we will buy. We will create the market for you. You have an amazing following at this point and for those who have been reading for long enough, we are all proud of you. You speak for us and we appreciate the hell out of that. Thank you and YES, get what you have worked so incredibly hard to deserve.


  • Jill (mrschaos)

    I will throw a motherfucking parade the day you’re in NPR because I’ll be that excited. Make that shit happen. Love you.

  • sara

    Yay store!!!!! I will cover my car in your bumperstickers. And yes, ads are good, money is good.

  • Melissa

    You make me smile and laugh out loud ~ go get it ~ sell some space, how can supporting your family while doing what you love be wrong?! Nice happy accident ~ enjoy

  • linsley

    I just found your blog and I think apologizing is unnecessary! Sell ads and sell merchandise you do what many of us can’t put our parenting struggles into words.

  • Jolana

    I won’t mind the ads at all!

  • Zoe

    DO IT.

  • Eve

    You can do this! I love your blog!

  • Shelbie

    Thank you for being transparent. We all gotta eat. Reap the rewards of your talents. You obviously have a lot of support. I want bumper stickers and t-shirts too, please.

  • Greta

    Your time is valuable. This is what you should be doing.
    I look forward to your changes.
    I appreciate your honesty and perspective in writing.

  • Brian

    If doing whatever you need to do to raise your family and find a small piece of happiness in this Fucked up world means you’re a “sell out” then I say sell out and do what you need to do for you and your family. Fucking what other people think about how you should live your life. It’s yours to live how you see fit.

  • Chantal

    Do it if you need to, if you want to. Please, just continue to be you, honest and sharp, and always saying exactly what I need to hear.

  • Mel

    Nothing but support from me!!

    Go for it 🙂

  • Jacqui Bee

    If you need some money to allow you to keep doing this then go for it. We can’t lose a single real person from the internet. You are sharing a great example about real life just by being here. Best wishes, may you make a great living from it.

  • Sara

    Where can I buy the bumper stickers?

  • Joan

    I like you. I’d buy a t-shirt, if only to horrify the other kindergarten mothers at a PTA meeting or whatever is I am going to have to get into this fall.

  • Tiffiny Schwartz

    FUCKING DO IT!!!!!! Rock your amazing talent till you die. If you can make money at your passion then do it! People who call successful people sell outs are jealous. As long as your writing stays true to the real you, it’s not selling out anyway. Put me down for a shirt and a hat, I’ve been about 5 seconds away from punching a lot of “helpful” motherfuckers in the face lately. I personally need you so I can remain sane.

  • April Bennett

    THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. So right!! I will buy those shirts and bumper stickers out of PURE JOY and be so grateful you made them. I will be happy to tell others where I got them when they ask. Win-win!

    All the world ever asks of you is to be who you are so the rest of us can have you. In whatever form that takes. THANK YOU for doing it! You’ve got a fan in me.


  • Ashley Rose

    I absolutely LOVE your blogs – you don’t speak just to parents like yourself (though I happen to be a parent who shares a great many of your views!), but you also speak to those who have had to struggled with so many insanely common (but still so taboo!) struggles.

    To say I support you “selling out” (no! I don’t think so – you’d be foolish not to help your family by making money doing what you LOVE and helping others too?!) would be an understatement. I think it’s so worth doing it that I’ve taken the time to make my first comment to say DO IT.

    YOU ROCK – do it however you see best – most (or all? lol) of us trust your judgement and know where you’re coming from =)

  • Vagina

    One thousand times YES!!! DO IT!! So much do it! ALL of it!! Jump straight in that motherfucker and DO NOT close your eyes! This is it. It is EXACTLY the way it is suppose to be. Your next move in this journey has arrived….Hop on and throw your hands in the air!! Okay…I may have gotten all metaphoric here….But it feels right! <3 <3 <3

  • Rachel

    Honey, I’m first in line to buy your merch. You’re a helluva lady, and I admire you in so many ways. I’m proud to have gotten to know you through our interactions and discussions over the past year or so. Move forward and don’t look back. You’re a gem.

  • Vanessa

    You’re awesome. And honestly, with your readership, you should have been selling ad space like, yesterday. Go for it. And write that book so I can read the shit out of it. Go woman, go!

  • Lisa Kaplin

    Do it! Why shouldn’t writers be paid? You’re an excellent writer, you have a unique voice, and a great following. You aren’t selling out. You are making money on your talents. People do it all the time, people who are far less talented than you.

  • Erica dee

    Hey so that’s awesome and anyone who questions the wisdom of you pursuing your awesomeness probably needs to find some more of their own. Do you know this site?
    Another of my favorite bloggers (hyperboleandahalf lady, her name escapes me) puts a wack of her art and design on it and they became Christmas goodies for many. So go on. Whatever floats your boat and increases the word and the cash flow. Look forward to the merch table!

  • UCMom

    Ads or no ads, I will continue reading your blog. Of course you should avail yourself of opportunities that might provide additional resources to your family – it would be irresponsible not to. I truly look forward to your entries – I’ve got four children, oldest is a freshman in college. Your “straight from the front-lines” dialog truly makes me remember to stop and enjoy my littlest because that time sprints by without a second thought. My cousins in the Bay Area have highlighted your posts via Facebook, and I think you are wise beyond your chronological years. Carry on with your acerbic humor, you provide a life line for many wondering if they’re alone in this parenting adventure.

  • nelly

    why not?

    offer pay pal and reasonable postage overseas and I’d buy the t-shirt!

    dream big

  • Koa

    Well, you were one of the top 3 bloggers I started reading when I felt much like you describe, like fucking dog scratch words in my head needing to come out onto paper (or screen) and so started a blog, and then was like, oh, bloggers read other bloggers, and I found a lot and thought, oh, hmm, what have I gotten into, and then found you, and thought, ahhhh, like this sense of breath and space and freedom, because you write what’s in my head, and more, I mean, duh, you write what’s in your head, but I love it so hard. Sell away, sell away. Write a book, go on NPR, run the world girl. I think you are awesome.

  • Kim

    I, too, would buy the shit out of your book. Do it. Do it, now. (Also. The breastfeeding bumper sticker? I’d buy the t-shirt. Do that, too!)

    Good luck and have fun! 🙂

  • Marie

    Work it mama! I am behind you all the way with the ads, even if they’re blinking toilet paper ads. That’s how much I love your writing. Seriously. And get those shirts and hats on here too but make sure they say “Renegade Mothering” on them somewhere because I want people to ask me what it’s about so I can let them in on it. Your writingakes me feel more sane. And that book, write it! I need a good boom to read.

    Thank you for practicing your art.

  • Alison

    I’ll buy a sidebar ad, why not?
    I’ll also buy your book.
    It’s totally okay to make money on something you’re spending time on. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  • Maggie

    I have never left a comment here but I read all the time so I thought I should tell you that your blog makes me happy so you I want you to do things that make you happy…doing what you love and a paying job (we all need it)! It doesn’t change the words that I come here for. Take care

  • Jess

    We will read it and we’ll keep coming back. You can do it! Good luck 🙂

  • Erin C

    I can’t say it any better than Liz Green did up above. I know you probably hear this all the time since your “I became a mother, and died to live” post, but it seriously saved me from spiraling uncontrollably farther into PPD. It gave me the ability to breathe and realize I wasn’t alone. For that I will forever be grateful and in your debt. Hell yes I will buy the book, shirt, hat, bag, toddler clothes, etc. Whatever you want to do, we will support you! Just please don’t stop being you!

  • Lauren

    YES!! I only recently stumbled upon your blog, but I love it! I’m about to have my second baby, and my husband is a recovering alcoholic and I just really appreciate your perspective and stories and tone, and that balance between gratitude and sarcasm. Congratulations to you for trying this out, and I hope for all the best for you and your family. My husband got sober just barely before our daughter was born, and with his change in perspective and attitude and the totally mind-blowing experience of becoming a mother we both switched gears from all work all the time, to realizing that life is short and your kids childhoods are shorter, and if you can find a way to make just enough money and have some free time for yourself and spend the rest of your time hanging out with your kids that is really all that matters. If you can do what you love too, even better! Good luck and have fun!!

  • Dani

    You can make lip balms and shit with “Don’t be a dick” stickers on. I’d buy them for everyone for Christmas.

    I’m sorry, this is my third comment on this post. Clearly I’m more excited by this than you are.

  • Emma Hawkins

    Pleeeeaaaase do a toddler t-shirt. And a baby something or other. Ooh and maybe a maternity T-shirt too, I am so bored of cutesy maternity clothes. And ship to the UK. I’ll be very upset if I can’t get my hands on your wares and support your goal.

  • Jen Fletcher

    Do it – nothing else to say apart from good for you

  • Jolene

    I read way shitter blogs than yours and they have ads so why shouldn’t you? I don’t normally buy books but I may even buy yours.

  • Amandarose

    Hey- bring on the adds, and hats, and stuff. Your blog is awesome and if you can make money – Do IT!

  • Mel

    Kid with mohawk (anything)- yep. ‘Try not to be a dick’ t-shirt – absolutely. ‘Mothers united in the fight against helpful parenting advice’ t-shirt – oh yeah (bloody love that saying). Book – hell-to-the-motherfucking yes! You’ve made me feel normal and that’s priceless.

  • Stanislava

    I don’t even get why you explain yourself :p. I will be here – no matter what 🙂 When you are done with your book – make sure I can purchase it online, coz a delivery from USA will be a bit pricy for a stay at home mom 🙂 :*

  • Jamey

    Yes, find a publisher. Gotta be some followers who know one. Or write a sitcom pilot. For HBO, so you can keep the swearing.

    • Tammy

      I think you can self-publish on Amazon for next to nothing. Think electronic, too- love my Kindle!

      I’d also be willing to pay to read your blog instead of (or in addition to) buying merch. You know, like a tip jar? If all your followers (uh oh, starting to sound like a cult…) just put in $.50 every time they read a blog post, you might be surprised at the money flowing in.

  • Kaylah

    I get it. I really do. And I don’t feel like it’s selling out. It sounds like a no-brainer solution to the desire to write AND get paid to write with other mouths to feed and a babe on the way. This is how it’s done and I’m behind whatever gets it done for you.

    I’ve been a quiet admirer but now I’ll qualify in the way I would if we were in the same room at an awkward gathering for the 15th time and I finally found the nerve to talk to you (because, that’s usually how long it takes me): I am a mother and a writer and a recovering alcoholic coming up on 5 years. I am also pregnant with my 5th child, due in May, just days after I turn 35. You are a delightfully more profane, more courageous reflection of me. Reading what you write makes me feel both relieved and brave. If you can do this (any of this) that reminds me that I can, too.

    Thanks for speaking your truth and being real. That’s all any of us really care about.

  • Kat House


    You’re always been an amazing writer and an honest person. Keep it coming, lady. I’d buy your book and pump up the bejeezus of it to all of my friends. Seriously. And, I need some help writing content for some of my work-stuff. Can I hire you? No joke.

    Your voice is the voice we want for our business (minus the f-bombs…damn TTB laws). It’s small but growing. I’m probably not the only one who feels this way. Make a living out of what makes you happy and make it work. Then everything else is easy.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

  • Roxanna Smith


  • Stephanie elise

    So you fera you may be “selling out” but how??in recovery we advocate reality and accepting life on life’s terms…we want a better life for our children than we scripted for ourselves..well shit that comes from the script we wrote for the rest of our lives…pursue your dreams…if you want your kids to be bold enough tondo so, you must first show them how! Reality is takes money to live! Period..we seek “employment” by what ever means we can..will you be able to stop working right away..probably not, but the promise of then future, the spirit of hope and faith it engenders is what makes this endeavor the right choice.. Write on young Jedi and pursue your dreams. May GOD GUIDE AND KEEP YOU!

  • Kathleen

    I don’t know if you are a fan of Sci-Fi fiction but you might like this post

    Not quite the same situation, but I think the sentiment is the same.

    It’s not selling out, it’s making a living, and everyone is entitled to do that.

    Keep it up, keep writing, I will keep reading.

    BTW if you are taking a pole: I like the idea of canvas bags.

  • Bianca

    Good for you, lady! It made me so sad reading this post, because there are a lot of people who just get lucky, being born into a world that highly values what they happen to love and be good at. My husband’s a great example. He’s a math/computer guy who’s been obsessed with this stuff since he was five years old. And of course he works hard, but to an extent, I think he’s just really damn lucky that he works in a field where people want to pay him good money for the thing he wants to do the most. So it made me sad to read this, because essentially you’re saying that despite the fact that your chosen field is generally not one people can make a living doing, and despite the fact that you’ve broken into this field and figured out a way to make it work financially, despite all that, you seem to feel like it wouldn’t be “right” to try to take advantage of your talent and the hard work you’ve put in. Or maybe you’ve gotten past those guilty feelings…I hope you have.

  • Erica / Northwest Edible Life

    Best sell-out post ever!!! I made the same decision recently, for the same reasons. You can do it in a not douchey way. At least I hope so. All love and support. Good on ya.

  • Deanne

    Go for it Janelle. I will ignore the adds (like I do on every other square inch of the internet) and I’d totally buy your “stuff”…! So cool to see all of your readers’ support here too.

  • Megan

    DO. IT. NOW!

  • Shanaray

    You go girl. I’ll buy your shit!

  • Kate

    Adds are awesome. I think one of the real “dangers” in mommy blogging is the “review.” When some company decides to send cool free shit your way and all you have to do is write about how wonderful it is! Especially since you didn’t have to shell out $300 for that tiny, over-priced down coat! So just, you know, don’t do that. Please.

  • Kat

    Do it! I dare you! 😀

  • Carly

    Yes do it, I will join the waiting list (because there will be one) to buy some kid’s clothes should you decide to flog some, even risking the import duty here in the UK to do so. Living on the edge. Seriously, I have never come across such a writer who puts out so many honest posts, especially ones that make me laugh out loud so people think I am a dinlo. Thank you for writing what I’m thinking! Do it. Do it. Do it!

  • Kristy

    Very happy that you will be able to make money for your talent and skill. Good for you and your family. I look forward to the changes, knowing you will profit. I enjoy all of your posts and writing, can’t wait to buy a book.

  • Sam C.

    DO IT!!! I hope the 75 responses you’ve had cheering you on in the last 24 hours fills you with the fire to get after it! I love your posts and I love the community of followers. I read your writing and I think you are me. Then I read the comments, and I realize they are me too. It is a powerful thing to find one voice that is like your own and realize you are not alone-it is a beautiful thing to find 100 voices. Your blog does that. I’d wear your t-shirts, send your valentines and drink out of that mug your kid designed. Rock on and good luck.

  • Cass

    I love your blog. It is awesome.
    Bumper sticks, shirts… valentine cards!!! Are a brilliant idea.

    I always unsubcribe to blogs that I think are about selling out. Selling out is when you sell the right for another entity to alter your opinions.

    So if you post a blog telling me how awesome some cleaning product is, and gush and then run a little competition so I can win some of the product. You have sold out. You have let your opinion be altered by another entity for money (because lets face it, you would never ever write a blog post gushing about a cleaning product).

    Putting adds on a blog is also not selling out, because we all get what ads are… they are ads. They are interruptions to the show.

    Making money from a product or idea that you created and believe in is not selling out, it is being an entrepreneur. So please let me know when you start selling those valentine cards, or whatever stuff you sell.

  • Lara

    I love your writing. I also love your bumper stickers. They are both awesome…keep it up!

  • hillary

    I would buy your book & t-shirts – this is the only blog I follow. You are funny, honest and fabulous. Go for it – yes, get some sponsors, ads, sell products. You are not a sell out for wanting to find a way to make some money while continuing to persue your passion! Thanks for being you!

  • Sharon

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for the past year, when someone sent me a link to one of your posts about not comparing mothering styles or something. Honestly I don’t remember because I was sucked into your blog and read many many posts as I sat nursing my baby twins at 32 years old. Non stop nursing so non stop reading.
    Anyway, I’m a designer and if you need a designer for your shirts and other random awesome things you will be selling, that would be amazing. But, I’m guessing your already know someone but no shame in asking 🙂 You have my blog and email! Thanks for your posts. Seriously, gender announcement parties? I’m still confused by that one. People ask me how we announced the gender of our twins and I say “…um, a text.”

  • Kate

    I think selling out would be changing who you are, changing your writing to make money and I don’t see you doing that. Trying to make money doing something that you would be doing anyway, is just a damn good idea!

  • Randi

    Big ole thumbs up. To the ads, the tshirts, the books, everything. More moms need to hear what you have to say. And if that means “selling out,” then by god, you need to sell out!

  • Sarah

    You give people hope. You really do. There is an uncanny quality to the way you can give voice to being a Human, to being a mother, and a woman.

    Why would you pass up an opportunity to help your family for fear we would ever reject you for being a ” sell out”. You owe yourself this chance and you owe it to your family. You are loved. We aren’t going anywhere.

  • caffeine lights

    I am stoked to hear this. No, really 🙂 I love it when I see a writer I love get to this point in their blog. It’s pretty awesome to watch someone start to make a living out of something they love.

  • Marta

    May I say – about time!

    You, and this space, are fucking beautiful.
    You should definitely be free to find and implement whatever feels right to you which would allow you the security and space to dedicate yourself to this blog, or to your incredible writing in any other form.

    The gifts you give to your readers are immense, and you should be able to survive (and fucking thrive) on that in return.

  • Katy

    NOT A SELL OUT! Seriously, go for it – all of it, as long as you don’t stop writing DO ANYTHING so I can keep reading this… I love it so much

    Also merch? YES. DO THAT TOO. It would be AMAZEBALLS.

    So yes – make money, you deserve it!

  • Haidee

    Bring on the ads! Reading your blog made me realize it is okay to have a pile of laundry that needs to be folded on every couch and that pile of dishes can wait as long as my rug rats are happy. For that I would deal with a million ads.

  • Samantha

    I would so buy your book! You are an amazing writer and I love how I can relate in some way or another to your blogs! Good luck!!

  • Ashlie

    You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. You have a talent… why shouldn’t you make a little money off of it? People don’t look at the crafty moms and artists on Etsy and say “Hey, she sold out by selling her creations.” I mean, who doesn’t want to make a living (or at least a little spending money) off of doing something that they love? I’ll read, I’ll buy shit, and I won’t judge you. I’ll congratulate you! And be proud of you! Because I love what you have to say, I admire your honesty, and I am MORE than happy to support small/home businesses that I believe in. And I believe in you! Imagine that last sentence said in the voice of a motivational speaker.

  • SummerLily

    I’d buy your merch! Adds are fine, you’re awesome!

  • SummerLily

    oops I meant *ads* 🙂

  • Heather J.

    I only started reading your blog very recently, after I discovered you around January, about halfway through my first pregnancy. I am so petrified of becoming a mom, and reading your blog has let me know that I should be petrified, but that I’m also probably going to be okay. Your writing is such a relieving antidote to all the flowery, unicorn b.s. that’s in most other “mommy” blogs/articles out there.

    Your voice is so needed, so valid, and so right on for so many people. I would totally buy a book, as well. So go write it – I will click on ads to help you achieve your goals!

  • Celeste

    You never know what people will take as profound. For me,

    “… I was able to see him for the man he is, not the projection of what I wanted him to be (cause that ain’t love, folks). Not the screen onto which I cast my expectations and needs, but rather a man who has stood by my side and built with me an insane gorgeous disastrous perfect life.

    And I fucking love him for it.”

    Write on, Sister! Write on!

  • April

    I will add to the chorus: do it, do it, do it.

    I have never commented here before, and I never comment on blogs as a rule… until last week when I felt compelled to share your Trayvon Martin allparenting article in the comments section of Design Mom because I really needed that blog audience to hear your voice. (And the author wound up linking to it in her original post.) How’s that for a good sign the day before you announce you’re going to monetize this genius shit???

    Seriously, keep doing what you’re doing and make as much cash as you can. This blog is the closest thing to my personal truth on the internet. Your words have kept me from falling into dark places by making me feel not crazy or at least not alone in my craziness. I sorta think we should be best friends but I know neither of us has time for socializing at this point in our lives. Some day though… 😉

  • JC

    It’s taken me three days but I finally finished all the posts. I found you through a friend who liked a post of yours on addiction.

    I feel like the first time I walked into an AA meeting. At home. I have found myself endlessly head-bobbing to all your posts.

    Keep doing what you are doing. You are fabulous.

  • Wendy

    Do it Janelle! What an outpouring of love from your readership. We’re all behind you. It’s all good. Keep on keepin’ on and do it!!

  • BeautifulMess

    Sign me up for the “try not to be a dick” shirt. I’m all in on that shit. There is nothing “sell-out” about supporting your family without killing yourself through crappily paid, extended hour, fantastically boring work. You have a gift of getting right to the bone and saving our sorry mom asses when we feel like chucking ourselves out the window. If we had the fucking energy to chuck ourselves out. The only sell out would be if you stopped telling it just like it is. I found you just after I have birth to my twins and you helped me breathe, made it ok to feel frustrated and cry sometimes. And laugh like hell. I owe you my gratitude. Thanks for helping me find myself in the mom mess

  • Zoe Collins

    2 words… GO GIRL!

  • Amy Christensen

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I love your blog. I love your spirit. You say all the thigns I say in my head but am way to scared to tell anyone other than my mother or my journal. Make some money. I hope you make it rain!

  • Tracy

    This is fantastic. Good for you Janelle. Logo guy toddler shirts?! Yes!
    Oh and I clicked on the two ads before I read your post because I just knew they must be great if you had them on here.

  • Keryn

    Congratulations! Great idea!

  • Siri

    I’d buy a shirt. Maybe even one for a friend. You’re my favorite sell-out.

  • Jen

    Do it! And I second Tammy’s suggestion to do optional subscription to your blog. I’d totally pay a nominal fee to read your thoughts on life.

  • Sarah E.

    I am a new reader to your blog and I really like your style and honesty. It is such a comfort. I don’t think in any way you are selling out – you have a talent for writing and you should be able to make that into an income for yourself. Ads etc will not bother me and I am pretty interested to see what you come up with to sell 🙂

  • Sherry

    Funny, I was going to suggest you advertise. Possibly because in my past life, I was a cog in the filthy machine that is marketing & PR. Or possibly because, as someone else said, I’ve seen some mighty shitty blogs that are making money. You deserve to earn a living at this. No, no… you OWE it to us!!! We need you, dammit. The less you are bogged down with frivolous, external work, the more time you’ll have to entertain and inspire us.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to clicking all the links along the sidebar… 🙂

  • Heather

    Online shop for the win. You’re going to go supernova.

  • heather

    U are a gorgeous human being, u can make anything happen. I totally mutha fuckin support/promote ya! Peace.

  • Bethany

    For what it’s worth (not much)…I think it’s a brilliant idea!! Btw my husband would wear the shit out of a trucker hat with the mohawk kid logo on it. Good luck with everything!

  • Ry

    I want the Mothers United In The Fight Against Helpful Parenting Advice T Shirt very much. I will pay for that shit. I would also purchase a book (because reading it is awesome and will also be done, but it’s the purchasing that pays the bills). Also, I think “sell out” only applies to those who compromise their own values and principles in the interest of money. You only sell out if you lose who you are in the process of making money. I somehow doubt that would happen to you. Plus, every artist I know, no matter how off-the-grid, or loudly anarchist, or whatever, who is over the age of about 25 seems to spend huge portions of their time trying to figure out how to make money from their art, regardless of what their art is. Because artists gotta eat, and lots of them have kids who have to eat as well, and every one would prefer to make money doing something they feel fulfilled by as opposed to drained and crushed by. Or maybe I’m just a child of the internet and I want my merch, principles be damned.

  • CiraJames

    Your blogs have served as my ‘Valium.’
    Selling out on creating the life you want would be the only tragedy.

  • Joy

    I’ve never commented on anything either. I found you a couple of months ago when someone posted one of your blogs on fb. It was the one about how you had to die to become a mom. I love that one and pretty much all the ones I’ve read after that. Anyway, I too would buy the shit out of your book. Who care if someone thinks your selling out, that’s b/s. your making a living doing something you love and are good at. from everyone sitting behind desks everywhere in corp America, that’s pretty f-ing renegade.