This week…at least we have a plan.

by Janelle Hanchett

So I actually wrote this on Sunday night, making the “this week” title logical, but then my computer died and the charger was in the car and I was like “Oh hell no,” so now I’m publishing it on Monday, making it “last week,” but I’m not changing it because I don’t want to. I’m the boss of my own self, as my BFF says. SO THERE.

  1. First of all, please add “Tween Years” to the list of Shit I’m Not Equipped to Handle but Must Because I’m a Mother. Okay thanks.
  2. No for real, what the fuck? She hates me. Then she loves me. Then she hates me again but loves me and then she’s 8 and then she’s 16 and she wants my approval but doesn’t but does and I’m both wonderful and horrid and she wants me around while wishing me dead.
  3. Clear? Good. Oh, people. Tweens make the toddler years seem simple like, um, I don’t know. Something simple. I’m not in the mood for metaphors. This is HARD, people. A new type of hard.  A new level of hard. Fuck.
  4. On the plus side, this week sucked less than last week. Of course the bar was rather low, but whatever. Also, we have a plan. We’ve decided to sell our house. We’ll fix it up a bit and sell it. Then we’re going to move. Where?
  5. YEAH I DON’T KNOW STOP RUSHING ME One thing at a time.
  6. But the other thing we’re doing is purging the shit out of everything we own. Something about having my most valuable possessions stolen made me realize I don’t give a crap about anything else. They already took the best, the stuff that matters, so somehow I can just let go of the rest without a thought.
  7. Clothes, games, books, tchotchkes I thought I’d die without. To Goodwill, bitches. Shoes, kitchen stuff, kids’ toys, sentimental whatever the fuck. Get outta my house! Nobody wants you!
  8. Sorry. I’m a little off my rocker. But seriously, when the items that really mean something to you are gone, the lack of meaning of all other items stands in stark contrast and it’s like way easy to let it go. We’ve taken at least 2 truckloads to the Goodwill. I feel no pain. I feel joy. I feel freer by the box. You should totally try it. Just go through every single thing – pick it up, look at it – and if there’s a question of whether or not you need it, the answer is YOU DO NOT NEED IT. For real. Try it. You’ll fill up boxes by the hour. Or maybe we’re just hoarders.
  9. We may or may not end up living at my mom’s house for a while. I may or may not feel like a TOTAL WINNER being 34 years old and moving back in with my mom. Score! If that happens, we’ll be all five of us in two bedrooms. Weeeeeeeee!
  10. Actually, I’m just glad to have my mom, and a place to stay, and a life to live with people I love. And I’m happy to have a plan.

Things are lookin’ up, friends. It’s good to know what the next move is.

Have a great week.

Here are a few shots from the past week…you’ll note they’re just shots of us AT HOME. yeah, that’s because when you’re broke, you stay home. And when you’re moving, you PACK (at home). So we’ve been home, a lot.

Also, Georgie started preschool. Gah! Love!

She walked in and said “Hi, I’m Georgia and this is my big boy flame shirt and this is my teddy, Georgia.”

photo (5)

photo (1)

I thought Georgie was eating dog food, turns out it was a small vitamin. Also Rocket needs a haircut.

photo (2)

Here’s the face she makes when you say something she finds idiotic. For example, “Did you go to the park today?” And she didn’t. DUH.

photo (4)

Here’s the face she makes when her favorite songs come on…


photo (3)

Ava and me. We’ll be okay. We’ve got no other choice.

19 Comments | Posted in weeks of mayhem | September 16, 2013
  • Heather

    I LOVE Georgia!! That angel has the light shining straight out of her! AND I understand the “tween” pain that you speak of. Mine turned 13 and DAMN she is good at it. That whole LOVE/HATE bullshit is making me bi-polar. Wait…I’m already bi-polar…but obviously so is she!!! I love purging. It’s hard at first, but every time I finally let go and start getting rid of it, I feel so much better. You have great things in store for you. Sometimes just clearing out the old stuff makes room for all the new stuff that is on it’s way. Love and Light on this New journey for you and your Gorgeous family!

  • Heather

    Just to add…My 13 yr. old is the reason I have to buy stock in clairol. And xanex….and don’t forget Vodka…lots and lots of Vodka!

  • MARY

    Except you guys are so freakin California.

  • Kristin P

    We just moved and took loads of stuff to Good Will or put it in a free pile outside our house and it was amazing!!! We decided to downsize from 3 bed/2 bath house to a 2 bed apartment and I have never been happier. We have a great place, a pool, hot tub..etc. We kind of went through hell to get there but it was all worth it! Less stuff to deal with = more quality time with the fam.

  • Amy Figgs

    You should move to Lexington, KY….low cost of living…awesome artist/bike/music community….and we can be best friends! Plus, I have lived through the tween years and will do ti again before I am ready!

    BTW – our unofficial slogan is Kentucky Kicks Ass.

    Best of luck!


    • Melissa

      Louisville, KY reader here and I have to agree with Amy. Lexington is pretty awesome. Louisville is great too. 🙂 Kentucky beckons…..

  • Shawn

    I have done the same thing recently when we moved. After 10 years in my home, I was foreclosed! It sucks! I started tossing everything for multiple reasons! One, I had too much crap! Second, my new apartment didn’t have as much space. I think the house was making us ill anyways. So my main comment is that when we left….I left all the crap there! (I’m mad about the bank and their lack to work with me to save my home!) So I also left the dog shit there too! Some reason…that felt good!

  • Kateri Von Steal

    Your family is beautiful.

    And I’m glad you guys got a plan.


  • jackie from calgary

    Heehee! Love Georgia. She looks so much like you too! So…I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately. Thinking about the theft, your financial situation, your ‘hood…it’s been getting me down because I want to help, but the only kinda help I can give would be advice, which isn’t usually helpful! So I kept quiet and kept hoping things would get better so you can have fun and buy xmas presents and basically do the shit those with money like to do, like have a safe ‘hood that nobody calls ‘hood, etc. So you’re moving. I’m so happy! Rent, stay with your mom, whatever. Just do what you need to do. Sometimes anything is better than nothing. Moving in any direction is better than standing still and so on and so forth. Good luck!

  • erika

    I know what you mean! After the fire (that burned down my house)- I found that the STUFF of life just doesn’t hold the same value. Such a gift (even if it didn’t feel that way when my house was scorched). Anyhoo- I love getting rid of stuff. Last year I gave away almost all my kids’ toys because they were taking over my life (like Tribbles). It was the best thing for THEM and for ME. Opened up a whole new world for us all. I get it – first world problem… But still…so freeing. Embrace minimalism. We live in a tiny house by the beach – five people and a dog – and I think I could go smaller. The American Dream of a bigger house, a fancier car, and a LOAD of debt is a LIE. Live Free or Die! 🙂

  • Kendra

    I’ll say it again: Sebastopol!!!
    Come live with the other reluctant hippies!!
    (That’s probably only me. No one else is all that reluctant about it…)

    Anyway: my dearest friend took her family of five on a trip around the world for a year. And when they came home ( to SF) decided to keep renting out their gorgeous home (to get out of debt), so they all lived in the basement (!!!) for another year: basically one big room/living room ( where she & her husband slept) + a tiny kitchen + a tiny bathroom + a bed under the stairs for the oldest girl & the the other two kids shared space in the hallway/entry-way room
    They were SO happy!!!

  • Jenn

    The comparison to toddlers is true… I teach 7th grade and once I had a 2 year old of my own, suddenly it became easier to teach 12 year olds. They really just need to be treated exactly like 2 year olds because it is like they are going through the same stage over again (I’m a baby, no I’m a big girl, I need to you do everything for me, NO I DO IT! This is the best thing ever, I HATE this now…)

  • Sara

    Yay for the plan! 😀

  • Kim

    So sending a BIG hug to you, for strength! I remember when all the kids were little being completely overwhelmed and exhausted, and was curious why many women i knew who had older kids kept saying ” Yes, this is a difficult time, but wait until their teens!” These women were trying to give me a heads up, but i thought they had lost their minds! AND then it began the rollercoaster of emotions with them on a hourly basis. One day i woke up and in their eyes became the stupidest person on earth.
    BUT deeeeep down they knew that they could hate me, love me, try and out smart me, OUT SMART me, fight with me because they knew i would never leave them and i would never stop loving them.And that my sister makes it worth the ride.

  • Stephanie

    Let me know if you need anything.

  • Peggy

    I’d invite you to live in Cleveland with me, but I don’t think CLE is ready for your crazy brilliant mind. good luck with it all, you’re inspiring and brave!

  • Meg

    We will happily welcome you to Portland. Just tossing that out there.

  • jill (mrs chaos)

    I love you. But you knew that.

    I also love your kids. Who are rad. Even when they’re not.

  • jill (mrs chaos)

    (Just kidding. They are always rad.)