A message from your friendly neighborhood Trump supporter

by Janelle Hanchett

It confuses me that Donald Trump is getting such a bad rap. I’m voting for him.* And I’m going to explain why.

I’m voting for Trump because I’m hoping for a fascist state. At least I think I am. I just want everybody of the Muslim nationality to wear patches and get into camps. I only like Americans.

Wait. Muslim isn’t a nationality? Oh, well. Whatever. Close the mosques! This country is getting overrun by the ethnics and someday whites will be a minority! We need to protect our religious freedoms!

We should make Islam illegal though because ISIS.

Thanks, Obama. (Another Muslim!)

I hear America put people in camps once before and that makes sense to me because it was rooted in racism and irrational fear. I like racism and irrational fear because I’m white and those things have served me well for at least 200 years.

I endorse Trump because Sarah Palin endorses him and I like Alaska and its big bears. Very American. I also hate sex before marriage but I enjoy the two kids I had at 16.

Forgiveness! God is good! I also like the freedom girls. Remember them? They wore sparkles! I love sparkles. I love small white cheerleaders singing memorized songs like Hitler youth. It makes me clap.

I also like vague rhetoric about America being the best country in the world and how we’re going to take down the bad guys because brown people in the Middle East are the bad guys. Also they wear weird clothes. This is how we know they’re bad guys. Sometimes people talk about “white terrorists” but we all know they don’t exist because terrorists are brown.

It may not be immediately apparent how freedom girls, brown people, and weird clothing connect with Trump’s promise of freedom, but I assure you, they are connected and I, for one, am ready to make this country great again!

Like when we had Japanese Internment. Those were the good old days! Also, anti-immigration laws based on national origin. Yes, please! The heyday!

And get marriage back to its sacred condition of a man and woman marrying and divorcing 2-5 times, like Trump did, and women staying in the home and not having access to safe abortions and no gays marrying because when I say “freedom” I mean for white straight Christian men.


I know everything The Donald says is true because he reminds me of my grandpa and I always liked my grandpa.

Which reminds me, I like Trump because he’s a real American success story. He’s white, male, and rich, which means he WORKED HARD for what he has and never took handouts. He didn’t pay taxes because he’s an excellent businessman! His billions make him more valuable and more American and even though I’m poor, I believe THIS MAN has my interests in mind. At least he understands the value of not taking handouts, unlike like those darn urban youth.

I’m not racist though. That Hillary is a super race baiter. If people would just stop talking about racism, it would go away! Like AIDS! And poverty!

I don’t see color as long as people act white and aren’t terrorists and don’t talk funny or wear weird clothes or have a name like “Sanchez.”

Speaking of which, we need to close our borders and build a wall!

Freedom. Stamina. Big hands.

Yeah. That’s right. I endorse Trump because America was founded on FREEDOM, and Trump symbolizes freedom. He is everything right in our country, which he explains by talking about really important stuff and using the best words and not being a loser.

Trump is so smart his sentences don’t even make sense to the standard mind. What a guy! He doesn’t lie. The media just skews his words. What they say about Hillary, though, is true. 100%.

I know this because I hate her.

Really though, mostly I just love those cheerleaders in red-white-and blue satin who make me clap. And the rallies where he says “Make America Great Again!” So much hope. Right around the corner.

I love clapping.

Trump 2016.



*This is satire. I’d rather have my left arm eaten off by rats.

73 Comments | Posted in fucking satire | September 27, 2016
  • Dani

    Yeah, those cheerleaders. The ones he made fly to Florida then refused to pay. That was very American of him. Showed initiative.


    • Erica

      Of course, he didn’t pay them! Anyone hired for an agreed upon wage, who doesn’t perform up to The Donald’s standards, should not expect to be paid that agreed upon wage. That’s just crazy talk. But, boy oh boy, those girls were sparkly. I like shiny things. It makes me forget my troubles (and all rationality).

  • Jennifer Schartz

    You are brutally hysterical!

  • Sherry

    Jesus. I actually stopped breathing until nearly at the end of paragraph 2. Then I got it. Phew. No, seriously. I. stopped. breathing. Because if I lose you, I’ve got nothing.


  • Biz

    Thank you. Just thank you. Will you run for president please?

  • Jen B

    Under his leadership, everything will be tremendous and beautiful! Lots of beautiful walls and tremendous racism, sexism, and big business!

  • Laura

    I show your post from a while ago explaining why Trump is a thing to my friends when we’re talking about why this is happening. It’s not comforting but it does help us wrap our heads around it a bit more. Especially during the times when my train of thought is this exact post.

    • Emily

      I was just talking with a friend (former teacher of mine) on Facebook because she posted something awful-but-not-surprising about Trump and I replied that I wish I could say that I can’t imagine the kind of person who would support a candidate like that. :.( Unfortunately, I know way too many of them.

  • Rose

    I’m laughing (and crying at the same time). Seriously thinking about packing up the kids and moving to Canada. Think we could bribe their PM to come here ?

    • Christella

      No no. We Canadians may be apologetic but we’re excellent hunters and pretty territorial. Mess with us and you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of a pouting, my friend. Let’s just hope part of his trickle down economics plan involves our collective intellligence trickling down into the US before you all vote in Drumpf and start WWIII. Our Trudeau!!!! 😉

      • Angie

        Sad, more of the “us” vs “them” mentality. Guess Canadians aren’t smart enough to evade that, I mean since we’re summing all people of a country in one group I’m guessing you’re all the same too, right?

  • Renea Davis

    Hey Renegade, I’m not commenting as a pro-Trump cheerleader, not for a second! But if you seriously believe that Hillary Clinton isn’t every single thing you’ve said about Trump, then you’re dreaming!! It’s like living a Groundhogs Day in this country….8 years ago, our choices were Obama or McCain!!! Some choice!!! The American people have voted all these NUT JOBS in and here we are again. It’s worse than a damn dog chasing its own tail….getting nothing done, fast!!!!! Well, unless you count taking this great country to hell quick!!!

    • Maggie

      There’s still hope; go green. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are making this a 4 way race, giving 3rd party a real chance for the first time.

      • Renea Davis


      • jenny

        Please don’t vote for a 3rd party candidate this time. Those of us who voted for Nader and didn’t want to let go of our principles can tell you, it’s not a good idea! It’s selfish idealism. A vote for 3rd party is a vote for Trump. Please don’t do that to my family. Hillary is smart and she values time with family, respects women, and will be a good president.

        • Angie

          Very well said!! I respect the third party and its supporters also but there is just far too much at stake this time to take votes away from the one person (Hillary) that can stop Trump. Please, for the sake of the world’s future, don’t go Green this year!!

        • Emily

          Yes. The problem is that many-party systems have been successful in other countries, but there are some really crucial differences between their systems of government (and voting) and ours. I believe in voting for the person you think is the best candidate, but I also think that there are multiple things that make a person the best candidate. Our system is by nature conservative (in the sense of being based on trends rather than spikes) so a shift towards a 3rd-party candidate in an election is an outlier in the data that gets filtered out rather than expanding the model.
          Also, regardless of how anybody intends to vote, it is vital to remember and take to heart: there are enough people who support Trump to elect him into office. Unequivocally. Forget the polls and the swing states; his candidacy is not a joke and his supporters are not an isolated group of kooks. Without addressing any other part of the statement, they are NOT ISOLATED and there really are people in all walks of life who think: 1. his horribleness is being overstated in the media; 2. he really truly can’t be bought and is therefore better able to stick to his ideals; 3. his business acumen (*cough*) is real and will make him good at dealing with the country’s economic issues; 4. he’s not being racist when he wants to keep out immigrants because he’s not talking about *those* Mexicans and he’s just making necessary, tough decisions to protect our values. These people have widely varying educational backgrounds. Some are religious and some are not. Some are white and some are not. They WILL put him into office if they can. They’re not making a statement; they actually want to see a Trump presidency.

      • Julie

        If you want to see what happens with a 3rd party race, see Maine. We have the original Trump….and its horrible.

  • Gail

    I got scared for a moment. Phew.

  • sharon

    pretty sure there are plenty of rats in his entourage, if you need some, for that left arm.

  • Anne

    I had not seen the freedom girls prior to reading this. YOU brought them into my life with this post. I might like you a little less.
    Kidding, mostly.

  • Mary

    Wait until you hear those very words…practically ALL of them, come out of the mouths of teenagers. It will make you weep. And if, like me, you are a high school teacher you’ll have to bite your tongue because racism, sexism, misogyny, bigotry….IDIOCY now has this untouchable political platform. But then some other non idiot kids say exactly what I want to say and Boom. Humanity saved. I hope.

    • Heather

      I showed your comment to my teenage daughter. She experienced an awful situation in one of her classes where they discuss world events, and she came home that day crying her eyeballs out. She said the entire class was going on and on about how the problem is black people. It’s the way they dress and the way they act. Maybe they wouldn’t get shot if they didn’t act that way. Some kids even said they deserve it!! She said every single kid in the class was agreeing and even the teacher agreed. It was horrific. First of all I must explain we live in a very white community. There is really no black students at her school. I myself grew up in a very culturally diverse place, but moving here has been a bit of a shock for me. I have raised my children to see everyone as equals, and to always be open minded about things they may not understand. That is how we keep moving forward and learning. My daughter wanted so badly to speak up that day in class, but felt outnumbered and felt like her voice was silenced. The teacher did not help the situation at all by agreeing with those students. But after reading your comment… possibly she didn’t agree. Maybe there is a chance she also felt outnumbered and didn’t know how to approach an entire class of racist, awful comments. Thank you so much for this comment. It definitely gives you a different idea about the situation.

  • Angie

    I like Trump because he’s going to protect us. I don’t know what the Chinese did but Trump does and he’s going to stop it and get them back for it for sure, all except the ones producing his products though.

    He also has a great grasp on technology and innovation, science in general really. “The cyber” is terrifying and Trump knows how bad things can really get out there. My cousin got a case of the cyber once and it took months to get rid of it!!

    I really miss seeing Melania in the spotlight too. She has such brilliant insights on what her husband will do for the country, it’s almost like she ripped a page right from Michelle Obama’s book on how to be a classy candidate’s wife.

    Most of all, you nailed it, it’s the clapping. I love to clap for Trump, it doesn’t even matter what he says anymore. He’s racist, homophobic, misogynistic, wooo hold on. My hands and brain are tired from looking up all these big words. If I’m not careful I’m going to be too tired to clap here soon.

    ** slowly crawls into a corner of the closet with a teddy bear, tissues, and a framed picture of Obama praying it’s all been a long, long, nightmare and soon we’ll get a do-over**

    • Zhay

      This is great! It should be added as a p.s. to the original post

  • Mae McDonnell

    Can I like this twice? Because I seriously cannot understand how anyone paying attention…

    Oh wait. I get it now.

  • Darlene Tollett

    Please unsubscribe me from your blog. Hillary Clinton is a lying, war-mongering sociopath and so are you for supporting her. So you can suck it.

    • Agata

      No fucking way. You’re not for real.

    • Julie Swenson

      No! She won’t let you leave! You’re now stuck in the Lovecraftian dystopia that is this blog. Your email now belongs to her. Suck it up, Buttercup.

    • sparrow

      bahaaa. pretty sure you can unsubscribe yourself. also, if you think hillary would be worse for this country than trump would, how did you even come to subscribe to this blog in the first place? it’s way too intelligent for you.

    • Dani

      Sarcasm, right? Please tell me this is sarcasm.

    • Heather

      Is your brain broken? Unsubscribe yourself like a big girl, then go read pretty much anything written about Trump, preferably the ones quoting him.

    • Angie

      Typical Trump supporter, bitches about the problem and then expects everyone else to fix it for them. Unsubscribe yourself you silly cow.

    • Kathy

      Ms Tollett,
      Perhaps your name should be spelled “toilet,” because your asinine post is full of shit!

    • Emily

      She doesn’t have any control over who’s subscribed to the blog, because that’s your own personal RSS feed, so you’ll have to do it yourself.

      She never mentioned Hillary.

      • Emily

        I apologize; I’m wrong. She did mention Hillary.

        She never spoke in favor of her.

  • Suzanne Sonnel

    You go girl!!! I detest that man and as a Canadian living in Canada I should be able to vote against him because somehow, someway, it’s going to affect me.

    • Sue

      You may be right,Suzanne, as there may be millions of us trying to emigrate to your country if this orange-faced clown happens to get elected… PERISH THE THOUGHT, but I have Never heard so many Stupid People speak on TV endorsing this ummmmm idio… no, luna… no, I guess I was right the first time, CLOWN!
      I want to say “Not my circus, not my monkeys” but if that goofball gets elected that IS what this country will be, a circus full of monkeys.
      (Can I come live with you??)
      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Wake me from this nightmare, PLEASE! Somebody~?

    • Emily

      That’s one of the biggest problems, isn’t it? It’s going to affect *everybody*. Sigh. It must be aggravating to sit and watch and not be able to vote in our elections but know that that’s all that stands between Trump and world politics. God. It would look like that “OMG I got nukes” chat log from the “If WWII Were an RTS” thing that went around a few years ago.

  • Wendy

    We watch with amusement from Australia – powerless to change the outcome but still scared as we know it will effect is all!

    • Angie

      I’m in the US, fully prepared and intending to vote. I still feel powerless to change the outcome. I had no idea there were soooo many stupid people in the US. I knew it was a lot, but this is at least half the population being sucked in by this buffoon.

      I’ve started another sentence 10 times now and can’t. I just simply can’t anymore. Just…ugh…no!…come on now they have to see tha….oh shit in a handbag, they believe him…we’re all doomed.

    • Sue

      Wendy, if Canada gets overrun with Americans who have brains, can I come live in Your country? REALLY?
      I started early in this campaign saying, “This fool can’t possibly get the nomination”. I completely underestimated the idiocy of the Republican Party. (Though I must admit I don’t think they are at ALL completely happy about this). Then I kept telling myself “He will never make it in the polls” but Again I underestimated the level of gullibility in a vast majority of American people. Now I see what a “HUGE” baby he is, tiny hands tiny mouth but he Guarantees he will MAKE US GREAT AGAIN, “TRUST ME” “I’m a Brilliant Business man!”


      • Emily

        You’ve got the right of it–they aren’t happy about it, at frankly shocking levels, but it cannot be overstated that the fundamental philosophy of the GOP is to stick together, ignore/whitewash/deny/rewrite what mistakes you can, belatedly admit to them in order to make the new guard look better, and quietly “retire” the worst of the worst to the “farm”.

        • Emily

          Honestly, I was just thinking this morning, the thing that would make the most sense for the GOP would be to turn out in droves and, quietly, vote for Hillary, as well as for every Republican candidate in every other race. That way, they can blame Hillary for everything and talk about how great it would’ve been if Trump won, without actually having to face the shitstorm, and still have Congress and the states locked down to roadblock her every move. Then, Trump loses interest and goes on to something else, at which point he becomes a regular commentator on every show. Then, his polemics can still stir up the voter base, while the party’s actual candidates can ride the waves of support by neither fully endorsing nor denying his crap. See: every other previous GOP candidate.

  • Kate c

    Yes, this is funny and it probably felt really good to get this on paper and out of your head. But I can’t help but feel sick that this is actually how a good number of his supporters feel (the rest are just to stupid or lazy to use critical thinking).

  • Maygen

    Why are there not more comments?!

    Awesome post Janelle, I was roaring the whole way through, had to read to my husband!

    Have you ever had a ridiculously strong urge to slap/punch another person in the face? I get that feeling when I see Trump… Apparently there’s a German word for this, backpfeifengesicht…

  • Dis Belief

    Wet suit for your tears in November:)

    Can. Not. Wait.

  • Joodz

    Please help me. I think I’m married to trump.

  • Tina

    I talked to someone, a friend of a friend, who actually thought putting the refugees in camps when they came to the US was a good idea. I said, “You mean like the Japanese interment camps?” and he said yes! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! And yes, this was a tried and true Trump supporter. Then again, in nearly the same post, he was saying how climate change isn’t really a thing, so I could see how he and Trump would be simpatico.

  • Tammy

    I don’t understand how the polls show Trump and Clinton to be In a tight race. I live in a swing state in the middle of the country. My friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances are comprised of democrats, republicans, and independent registered voters. I surround myself with people who have diverse opinions on abortion, guns and international diplomacy. This year’s election comes up frequently in conversation (how would it not?) and I have yet to meet A SINGLE PERSON who has openly said they plan to vote for Trump. Not one. Some like Hillary. Some say they will vote for her because they dislike Trump more. Many have said they won’t vote. I’ve never met a single trump supporter… How is it possible this man seems to stand a very real (terrifying) chance of becoming our next President? Regardless of the election results I am disappointed to live in a country where apparently nearly half of the population consider Donald Trump anything other than reality show quality entertainment. What an embarrassment for us all.

    • E

      Come to my town. LOTS of Trump signs on front lawns. I have to take deep breaths every time I see one, which means I’m nearly hyperventilating lately. 🙁

  • Bill

    Satire was great up until the end where you said it was satire which ruins it completely.

    • Emily

      Unfortunately, she’s learned the hard way a million times that she has to actually say it out loud for people to get it. (I mean, there are plenty of commenters who had to get to the second paragraph to realize it was satire!)

      I think that she just isn’t interested in dealing with all the bullshit emails and comments she’d get if she didn’t at least do whatever she could to head off the people who don’t get satire. I’m sure she’ll still get some, with the disclaimer, it’ll probably be few enough to be below her threshold of “I AM TOO BUSY FOR THIS SHIT” wading through emails.

  • Kate F

    This is the best commentary I’ve read post-debate…Calling the @NewYorker…hire this person to write for you!

  • Marie

    Oh my gosh. Loved this. Then I realized that lots of Trump supporters ACTUALLY THINK THIS SHIT. And then I died a little inside.

  • KMac

    Best thing Ive read yet. Thank you! I needed that chuckle!

  • Stacey

    Loved this. Loved some of the comments too! You are a magnificent writer and I always, ALWAYS look forward to reading your pieces. Keep it up, don’t ever stop.

  • Renee'

    I was ready to rip you a new asshole until I read the second paragraph. Damn good post lady! You nailed that idiot perfectly. Now if the rest of the idiots would wake up and smell the roses, this world would be a perfect place!

  • Beth

    I tried, really hard, to watch the debate. I still intend to go back and watch it when I’ve meditated for a good solid hour beforehand to calm myself. He makes me SO ANGRY. I mostly wanted to watch to see what HRC had to say but then I didn’t hear anything except him interrupting her over and over again. How can someone say so much and so little at the same time? All the words. All the best words and yet it’s all horseshit. I don’t think she’s the perfect choice to run our country but she’s tough and she has experience and she’s calm. All the things he’s not. I really just want Obama for another 8 years.

    • Kathy Susag

      Beth, May I suggest “medicate” rather than “meditate”?

      • Emily

        Lol, I don’t know what kind of medication takes an hour just to administer but I like where this is going.

        • Joanne


  • Morgan

    Ok, so seriously, all of this about Trump is true. But if anyone seriously believes that Hillary is a better choice, you’re fooling yourselves…. You are talking about a woman who is detested by Secret Service and armed forces, whose foundation receives billions of dollars in donations from terrible people and places, who rigged her own party’s nomination, who has too many scandals to mention in her past, and who literally leaves a trail of dead bodies in alleys behind her. I certainly don’t like Trump, and he wasn’t my choice for the nominee, but I’d seriously vote for Mickey Mouse before Hillary Clinton. I will likely vote for Johnson (who I don’t love either, but like better than both of these clowns). Literally, this election is like being asked to choose between being shot in the left leg or the right leg. But if I HAVE to choose between a megalomaniac/narcissist and a sociopath, I’ll pick the narcissist and hope he’s at least business-savvy enough to surround himself with “the best” people who know what they’re doing. Google sociopath. They’re scary people.

    • Renea Davis


    • Angie

      This kind of comment is equally as sad as supporting Trump in my opinion. Have you ever fact checked any of the claims you make about Hillary? I mean honestly, have you? I’m not saying I support everything she’s done but I don’t think there is anyone, alive or dead, that has ever supported a President or politician in 100% of their endeavors. And the fact is that your statements are exaggerated and inaccurate or there’s been no concrete proof given. How can the Secret Service and the Armed Forces hate her so much yet when she was investigated about her participation in the Benghazi nightmare or interrogated about her emails, everyone comes up with nothing and she gets away with it? Does that really match up in your head? If everyone hates her and is sure she has committed such horrible crimes, how could she possibly be where she is now? HOW? BTW, her foundation has received MILLIONS not billions from foreign countries. The purpose of which was to contribute for the work being done in those countries to deliver AIDS medications and vaccines. But I’m sure you’re convinced she was Sadam’s secret lover or some such nonsense so she’s just getting bribes from the Middle East. Is it possible other things have gone along with that? Sure! But again, where is the proof? Until I see that the rumors being spread about her are true, and not just the machinations of pissy Republicans looking for a scapegoat and a way to win the Presidency and the Legislature, I’m not playing into it.

      Do you truly believe you are that in-the-know about our government and what goes on in covert missions? Please, that’s so ridiculous to assume we even have a tenth of the knowledge required to pass judgement on these situations. But sure, go ahead and vote for a guy who changes his stance on one issue three times in a day. The guy who outsources jobs for his own company to China but claims he’s going to be the best jobs President in the history of the US. The braggart who sees no problem inciting violence at his own rallies, the guy who has campaigned without his wife this entire time while claiming to be a family man (because the one and only time she was allowed to talk she plagiarized the current First Lady’s speech), threatening foreign powers with willy-nilly nukings, refusing to denounce the endorsements of the worst of the worst people in the world, forcing himself on women, making sexual comments about young girls, trying to ban people from an entire religion in a country that was founded to escape religious persecution, insult multiple races of people insisting it’s pragmatism and not racism…… The list just goes on and on with this guy. But if you can sleep at night seeing the video proof of everything I’ve just given examples of and still think that the unproven info you’ve gobbled up from Fox news about Killary (<— isn't that just so clever when they do that?), that is your right as an American. My only hope is that there are enough people that aren't as gullible to cancel out all those votes and send Trump slithering off into the night with his lizard-esque wife.

  • dina

    When I first saw Trump as a candidate I thought it was a joke…I thought to myself …thank God the American people are too smart to let him get very far…I thought he would get a bit of publicity and then be knocked out early in the piece. He is now got a 50% chance of becoming the next President… If that happens God help the world…Let’s roll back all the progress in tolerance and equality of the past few decades and salute intolerance and racism and bigotry…I have just visited DC for the first time and there are monuments that say SORRY to other immigrants that were interned for nothing more than their origin…now you have a candidate for President that thinks that is the way to combat terrorism and many Americans support him. Hasn’t history taught these people ANYTHING!

  • Katie

    I have been reading your blog for at least four years now and I have to tell you I am so grateful you exist. I’m not a parent, I’m not a writer, I’m just another human working through the weighty day-to-day who finds solace in your like-mindedness. Thank you for being you and for putting your thoughts into words so we can feel the solidarity.

  • Diane

    ….your best piece so far, Janelle, and look at all the comments you have generated!!!!

  • Merribeth

    This has been the worst political season of my adult life. I told my sister five years ago that the movie Idiocracy was, I fear, prophetic and it seems it has begun. The candidate for the next election cycle will be….Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.
    I feel like I have fucking woken up in the twilight zone.

  • Ashley

    Yes, thank you! I am with you sister.
    Let’s go back to “when America was great.” Back when Native children were sold into sex slavery and Natives were killed and persecutes (first Thanksgiving–let’s celebrate by beheading a chief and inviting all the Native American tribes to threaten them to do what white people say), or maybe when African Americans were enslaved, or when women were supposed to stay at home. **sarcasm**

    I love this country, but we are wrought with injustice and cruelty. I am so mad and embarrassed that we have such a high percentage living in persecution and fear and justifying it. AGH! Say it, girl!!

  • judithellen kennedy

    One of my five daughters ( also a mom ) knowing my “suspicious” sense of humor started sending me these. Time to cut out the middle mom.

  • Steam Shady

    I have an app on my phone called Final Countdown. I’ve titled election day “Fasten your seat belts.”. As of right now we have 18 days, 22 hours and some change in seconds until we enter this new phase of being American. Do I think he can balance our budget? Probably. But I’m still waiting to hear anything about foreign policy. And if he wins, I hope someone will be holding his hand should he have to that KID in North Korea (who really believes he’s a god) about nuclear arms.

    Also, has anyone seen Trump SMILE?

    Anyway the app is very cool. It actually counts down in milliseconds, making it all seem so far away…

    Your writing is awesome. And I don’t have human kids. I’m a happily married lesbian who can’t wait for our rights to be yanked out from under us so America can be great again!

    Thanks for this. I laughed till I cried!


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