This week..Wait. WHERE AM I?

by Janelle Hanchett


  1. This week, the first week with our puppy, and the other dog and the two cats and guinea pigs, oh yeah, and the three regular animals (kids)…well, it was kind of an out-of-body experience. You know, like I barely knew where I was most of the time.
  2. Basically it was just shocking that anything could be That.Much.Work. At least fifteen times this week you could have found me with a 17-pound squirmy puppy under one arm and a 27-pound flailing toddler under the other, trying to accomplish something. ANYTHING. Freaking anything.
  3. I have not been the picture of efficiency this week. Basically I was excited if I showered or ate. I mean the house-training ALONE absorbed pretty much all my energy (watching him every moment), trying to keep him from killing himself by eating foreign objects, preventing him from destroying the cell phone charger, keeping him from mauling the toddler, keeping the older dog from ripping the puppy’s face off, getting the older kids to keep the damn baby gate shut so ANY of the aforementioned tasks can be accomplished, et cetera. Oh yeah. I’m tired.
  4. The other good times we’ve been enjoying stem from the fact that the toddler and the puppy have pretty much the same level of patience and willingness to share. You know, so they both want the SAME BALL, and they want it NOW.
  5. In other news, Georgia has totally learned to “fetch.” I think she may have a talent for it.
  6. Are you tired yet? I am.
  7. But I have to say, though this week has been insane and arduous, and there have been moments when I questioned my sanity for embarking on this particular journey, the truth is I am elated about this dog. Laser is an amazing canine. He is already pretty much house-trained. He’s learning his commands. He is super eager to please and we adore him. He does, however, like to eat EVERYTHING – I mean it’s freaking crazy how quick the little bastard is – which really complements Georgia’s habit of chucking all things across the room and Rocket’s penchant for dropping Legos EVERYWHERE HE GOES.
  8. On another topic, tonight for dinner we ate beef from a cow my husband raised and killed, and squash from our garden. I felt like a homesteader and shit. Or something.
  9.  Alright enough of this. Let’s look at some pretty pictures so I can be reminded of why the hell I added this furry beast to our family.
  10. Okay, first I have to tell you about Georgie. A couple nights ago, Mac told her it was time for bed, so she says “nigh-nigh” and crawls into the dog’s crate, lies down and closes her eyes. Baby girl made a joke. We died. And took a picture…

Can you stand it?

Rocket lays there and WATCHES THE DOG SLEEP.

And then reaches out and holds his paw…boy and his dog, I guess.
and he’s getting used to the car…AWWW
7 Comments | Posted in weeks of mayhem | June 24, 2012
  • Maureen

    I love your blog. I have 5 children. Ages 3-26. I lost my beautiful son 9 months ago. He is 20 now. You have a wonderful ability to validate us moms. Your blog and your comments and observations give me hope for the future. Thank you.

  • Shelly

    That puppy is ridiculously cute!

  • Kelly

    Have you heard of Bitter Apple for chewing avoidance? You might have to buy it by the gallon, though… And cover everything in the house, children included! Good luck!

  • Stephanie

    Oh, cute. We have a little bit of puppy fever here ourselves. But, damn, I’d lose it completely. Maybe in a few years.

  • jackie

    Ah shit, you really went and did it again! What a sweet post (in the end haha)! Baby girl made a joke, that gets me. Our 16 month old is discovering human, especially in our Saskatchewan (that’s a province in Canada where we’re from) self-deprecating way, so getting hurt is now a joke to him if he can repeat it. It is really touching that they want to make people laugh isn’t it? Just like her mamma:)
    PS: My brother bought that same dog I think, and she also ate everything. Like, they’re building a house, brother turns his back, suddenly all the sawdust is just, GONE. Hour later, Harlow the lovable pooch walks into the house, wags her tail and bleh, vomit of sawdust everywhere. Surprisingly easy to clean up i hear. Wonder how the legos will go;)

    • jackie

      *Humour, not human. But if he discovered that he was a human and not a monkey or wolverine at this point, we would also be impressed. my bad.

  • Momtothree

    Gotta say it girl, I knew you were crazy. However this level of extra work *on top* of everything else, that’s just darned insane.
    But cute as hell.