We built this house. We can tear it down.

by Janelle Hanchett

When Trump first announced he was running for president, I found it weird and awful in a “fuck this shit” kind of way but also vaguely amusing in a sad, bad reality-TV show kind of way. Another idiot on the screen. I didn’t take it seriously though.

How could I?

You see, I thought outright racism, xenophobia, and misogyny disqualified someone from presidency. I thought over-simplified, ignorant (if not downright moronic) proposals such as “let’s send all the illegals home” disqualified somebody from a position, say, as PRESIDENT OF OUR FUCKING NATION.

I thought emptiness behind the eyes and acting like an overall buffoon would repel people on a superficial level alone. Simply, I don’t want that asshat representing my nation.

But I was wrong.

I watched the media put him in the spotlight over and over again, and I wondered how they could care about clicks more than the future, about circus over substance. I know. I know. This is how they’ve always been.

But damn.
And with each one of his bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, idiotic statements, publicized relentlessly, I watched his following INCREASE instead of decrease. It was like an out-of-body experience. I kept thinking, this. This will be thing that wakes up his supporters.

But it made them love him more.

And now, I’m fucking terrified.

Last week, Trump refused to openly and immediately disavow the support of a known KKK member.

THE KKK, PEOPLE. The lynch-ers. The murderers. The children-murderers. The church bombers. Arguably the most violent and hated and ugly group of wannabe humans to ever walk our soil.

Not a deal-breaker, I guess.


Trump thinks Mexico is going to “build a wall.” He stated that Mexicans are drug addicts, criminals, and rapists. He wants to register and track Muslims. He wants to survey and close mosques. He wants to lock down our borders based on ethnicity and religion and lock down the internet. He wants to repeal marriage equality. He makes fun of his supporters. He thinks climate change is a “hoax,” invented by the Chinese (?). He mocked a disabled journalist. He mocks “fat” and “ugly” women and said rape in the military is expected if you put men and women together (NICE ONE!). He said he would have sex with his daughter if she weren’t his daughter. He said he “could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody” and not lose voters. This is a small selection of what he has to offer.

And yet, his support grows.

Are we really this fucked up?

Yes. The answer is yes. We know this because his followers love him BECAUSE of his bigotry, not in spite of it.


It’s hard to believe this is really my country, right now, in 2016. It’s hard to believe a huge number of Americans think they will “make America great again” by returning to a time the rest of us look back on as the darkest moments in our history.

Make America great for whom?

At this point, supporting Trump unequivocably means support for racism. But this doesn’t bother Trump fans. In fact, I believe his openly white supremacist stance IS THE MAIN ATTRACTION of this circus.


Yesterday I read this tweet by Hend Amry: “If you’re an American confusedly watching the darkest forces of ur nation rally behind a demagogue-maybe u can understand the Mid East now.”

When I read her words I felt a moment of relief, you know, the way writing speaks something you’ve been unable to put into words? That’s what I feel. Confusion at watching dark forces I didn’t fully know existed bring to power a man that represents everything I thought my country was moving AWAY from.

Look, I knew they existed, but I thought they were a small, distant number. I thought they were radicals hiding in the corners, not enough people to elect this “rabid coyote,” as Stephen King calls him. (Undoubtedly I thought that because I am white, and have lived my whole life in California.)


I’ve listened with anxious curiosity to Trump supporters. They say things like “He’s going to keep us safe from terrorists;” “He isn’t reliant on lobbyists because he’s independently wealthy,” “He tells the truth,” “He isn’t a regular politician,” “Our country is being overrun by immigrants.”

The truth thing is wrong. He lies all the damn time and they’re just ignoring that. But the rest? We made that. We made the whole thing. We built this house one motherfucking brick at a time.

They are afraid. They are fed-up. They are fucking tired. They’re mostly poor and uneducated and overworked. And they live in a country telling them brown people are the reason why. They live in a country breathing racism. It’s in their bones. And now, they’ve found somebody willing to say it. He is voice to their family talks while watching Nascar over dinner. He is their conversation after “church.” He is bar talk with buddies. He’s the motherfucking knitting circle.

He is them.

And we made it all.

WHY DO THEY THINK IT’S OKAY TO SUPPORT AN OVERT RACIST? No, why are they straight empowered by him? Why do they see his devotion to white supremacy as the solution?

Because this is America. This is how we do.


We do it every time we call brown religious extremists “terrorists” and white ones “mentally disturbed.” White rioters “upset about the hockey game” and brown ones “thugs.” We do it every time we shoot unarmed people of color without recourse while claiming racism was “fixed” during the Civil Rights movement, a story that allows us to return to bootstraps mentalities while ignoring systemic inequalities in healthcare, education, class, and the justice system.

In other words, we blame “them.”

We set this up, one day at a time. Through our media and national rhetoric, we’ve planted images of the “other,” and the fear and power and entitlement wrapped up in those narratives have materialized in a man speaking that which the nation has been whispering under its breath since inception, carrying out with its hands, pitting poor working whites against people of color to justify the exploitation and powerlessness of their own lives.

Hey, I may be fucked, but at least I’m not brown. We’ve been doing this for years, and it’s worked beautifully.

We’ve bolstered our national (freedom-loving, land of equality) identity in spite of reality through the white-washing of history: by teaching the Japanese Internment in 15 minutes at 2pm on a Friday; by glossing over our Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1790 defining citizens as “free white people of good moral character,” and the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Geary Act; antisemitic efforts and the one-drop rule and nationwide, state-enforced anti-miscegenation laws and the 1907 Gentleman’s Act with Japan; denial of citizenship to Asians, blacks, Filipinos; the Johnson-Reed, National Origins and Asian Exclusion acts that tilted immigration in favor of Western European whites; America’s colonization of the Philippines and the resulting slaughter of 2 million Filipinos; the special gun we made to kill them; denying citizenship, voting rights and representation to America’s colonies, which we call “territories” because “colonizing” is what mean British do; we did it by forgetting the Tydings-Mcduffie Act of 1934 and Mexican Repatriation and the Bracero Act and Yellow Peril…

Make America great again.

Like that?


Our nation was formed through exclusionary racist laws, social and cultural forces, but we don’t teach that, not loudly at least, because it hurts our feelings. Is that why? Because it undermines our understanding of precious America?

Nah, I think it’s about power. Maintenance of power.

And I’ll be damned if we’re not getting what we asked for.

This is it people. This is what you fucking get when you let fantasy override reality and rather than face and learn from mistakes, reframe them into vague rhetoric about “the greatest country of earth.” City on a hill. Better than the rest.


You get a bunch of white Americans believing they are exceptional and entitled to supremacy.

Or, Trump supporters.

The people shoving this black teen yesterday in Kentucky are the same angry mob yelling at Elizabeth Eckford as she attempted to integrate Little Rock’s Central High School, in Little Rock, Arkansas, September 4, 1957.

If you don’t teach history, you get history back again.

And now, everybody’s freaking out. It takes a batshit blowhard explaining that he needs to “check his sources” before speaking out against the KKmotherfuckingK to make us scratch our heads and say “Geeeee I guess we should do something.”

Yeah. We better.

Fuck party lines. This isn’t about the GOP or Democrats. This is about not allowing a bigoted almost-fascist (all we need is direct violence!) wannabe dictator to return our country to oblivion. This is about tearing down the mind-boggling danger of him and his followers and the rhetoric they embrace. (Incidentally, let’s not vote somebody in who just says this shit more quietly, mmmkay?)

Use your writing. Use your voice. Use your canvas use your spray paint use your music. Use your car your home your mouth. Use your art your work your hobby your legs and your hands. Use anything. Use everything.

Use your motherfucking vote.

Move your feet. Do not be quiet.

We built this house. We can tear it down.

The revolution will not be televised. It will be live.

God damnit, America, MAKE IT LIVE.



198 Comments | Posted in politics | March 2, 2016
  • Sherry

    I have never been more terrified in my whole life.

    And I’m Canadian.

    • Brandi

      I agree with Sherry, I am fearful for my family, and I too am Canadian!

    • Jacky

      It’s ironic because Janelle’s last post made me feel bad about our stupid cold Canadian winters and this one made me happy for our less-evil political choices. Everytime we visit California we go “Oh man, how can we move here” and then my husband will pause and say “oh yeah, but then we would be living in A-MUR-ica” and I go “shit”. So back to Canada which has less numbers for this sort of derangement.

      • Jacinda

        Oh man! This is us too! Every. Single. TI me we visit the states! Canada might be cold but at least we dot have Trump!

        • Dina

          Jacky and Jacinda please wake the f*ck up! “Canada may be cold but at least we don’t have Trump? ” Puh-leez! You have Rob Ford a “businessman” mayor who refused to step down from office after evidence showed him smoking crack on video! He spews the same bigoted, facist, racist, bs that trump is spewing. Except for the extra pounds on Ford, both Ford and Trump could be twins.

          This is exactly the type of selective memory/ look the other way/ bury your head in the sand attitude the author of this piece is speaking about as the cause for all this horrifying insanity!

          Canada might have free health care but other than that I don’t see many more differences between the U.S. and our cousins to the north.

      • AG

        I agree with your sentiments about Trump but at the risk of seeming like a troll, both Jacky’s and Jacinda’s comments struck me a little funny. I think it was because of the similarity of their words to this line in the blog:

        Hey, I may be fucked, but at least I’m not brown. We’ve been doing this for years, and it’s worked beautifully.

        That’s what I’m hearing here only using nationality instead of race. “Hey, it might be cold here and Canada has it’s problems but at least we aren’t American” or A-MUR-ican as Jacky’s husband so eloquently stereotyped it. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I thought the point of what Janelle was saying was to denounce this kind of comparison and elitism that one country or group is better than another.

        • Shannon

          I thought the same thing! As if not being from America will keep them safe. As if we are not all connected in one big political stew.

        • Carolyn

          I think what they are saying is that Canadians are on the lucky side that we don’t have a chance that this crazy man will rule our country. I don’t think they meant that Canadians are better than Americans or that we are elite of something.

          btw, did you read that latest google trend? Americans googling “how to move to canada from the us”.

          • AG

            “Everytime we visit California we go “Oh man, how can we move here” and then my husband will pause and say “oh yeah, but then we would be living in A-MUR-ica” and I go “shit”.

            This sentence of her comment had nothing to do with Trump and, to me, conveys that their dislike of America stems from Americans themselves. I do understand what they were trying to say but I think it could have been done in a better way that focused on the lunacy of Donald Trump as an individual who I can say definitely does not represent my beliefs, or a staggering number of Americans’ beliefs, in anything.

          • AG

            I forgot to address the last bit. I’m not sure what the latest Google trend has to do with my comments but thanks for sharing. I think the problem for me is gross generalizations, I keep going back to that Amurica comment because I find that the most offensive part. Americans are lazy, Canadians are drunks, the French are rude, etc. All generalizations that don’t apply to everyone in the group yet get thrown around like they do. I don’t like being lumped in with the very people I speak against in my daily life, it’s not nice or true and only perpetuates stereotypes.

          • Katherine

            Maybe you Canadians should build a wall to avoid an immigration problem. And make Trump pay for it. He says he has plenty of money. It would keep him busy. We would be obliged.

    • Melanie

      Ditto :S

      • Erin

        I’m not Canadian, but recently my 15-year-old son asked if there’s going to be enough room left in Canada for us if Trump wins.

        • Nicole

          Tell your son that we’ve got lots of room for non-Trump-supporters up here.

          • De

            Do you really think this horror is going to be contained within the US borders? If Trump gets elected, his evil-radiation is going to spread over the entire globe, affecting everyone, every where.

            • Emily

              ^^^ what they said. I’m at the bottom of the world and I’m scared!

            • LaLa

              Haunting words written

            • Laura Wheelock

              Haunting words of truth now

    • Lori

      As a mother, as a Canadian, as a citizen of this world, I am in shock and disbelief (and yet somehow not) at the state of affairs in the US right now. I am scared as a Canadian, if I was an American I would be horrified. Tear the motherf*cking house down. Brick by brick. We MUST fix this or be judged by history for not.

    • cassie

      I am Australian, and we talk about it in shock.

      WTF will happen if he wins? Do I start learning Chinese (because this will surely mark the fall of the US as a superpower) or build a bunker (because WW3 will not be avoided with him at the helm).

      … Or watch him resign after 12months.

      • Chon

        Cassie I am in shock too. I keep thinking there is no way this man could possibly win. But it looks like he might actually win and that scares the shit out of me.

    • Marian

      Dont Be afraid. He will not be president.

      • Laurie

        Trump just might be the biggest gift to the Democratic party in forever.

        • AG

          I agree!! He’s divided the GOP and made them all look like bigger ass clowns than they were to begin with. This has been the most immature, unprofessional, disgusting US Presidential race in history because of the GOP. They are an embarrassment to Americans and should be ashamed of the ire they’ve brought on the citizens of the US for their abominable behavior. The only saving grace is what they’ve done for the Democrats. I can only hope that a Democrat wins in November and can start to repair the damage that has been done during this election and all the many, many problems that created the environment for Trump to become a serious option in the first place.

    • Catherine

      That’s cause Canada will be getting the fall out when everybody and their dog drops bombs on the US.
      I suspect, if he us elected, Canada will want to build a wall.
      Trump’s rise to power would be funny if it wasn’t so absolutely terrifying.

    • Kia Rich

      Really well written article, to the point, and heartfelt. I read a lot of the comments, too. My heart goes out to the thinking, terrified Americans (and the non-thinking fearful ones, too). I am praying with all my might that he who should not be named (so as to not give him any more power) is not elected, that the racist boiling point dies back to a simmer, and we, North American culture, can help each other let go of the fear that is threatening all of us right now, and to find constructive ways to move forward, away from duality, us vs them, fear based thinking. For the People and the policiticans alike. We built it, we can tear it down and build something else. love from a white Canadian woman

    • Bruce Bertolino

      Saw this posted on FB by a classmate. Thank you for “saying’ so eloquently what I’ve been feeling. Rock on!

  • Emily

    Holy. Fucking. Shit. Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. Especially for the Hend Amry tweet. Perfect.

    I believe that it’ll end up being an election where we, as a nation, decide what our animating principle is: love or hate. I continue to pray and to believe that we will choose love. Because the US is more than its hate and its delusion. There are a lot of people who can see that this is a scared, angry man who should not be given power (let alone be sworn in to defend a document he’s clearly never read). We are better than his bullshit.

    And if one person tells me s/he’s not gonna vote is her/his candidate isn’t nominated, I will punch said person in the face. We need to work together on this one.

    • Laura


      “I believe that it’ll end up being an election where we, as a nation, decide what our animating principle is: love or hate.”

      Absolutely agreed. I hope we can pull it together.

  • Doni

    For the longest time I thought that Trump was punking us and this would all be turned into a well-edited and highly rated reality show.

    My husband is confident that there’s no way Trump will get elected. He thinks he’s the best thing to happen to the Democratic party. But, I’m truly afraid. Not just for our future, but for the now — the realization of how easy it is to bring racism to a boil. I didn’t realize that it had been sitting on “simmer” all this time. I thought with the exception of the pockets of areas where they still hang their prejudices on flag poles claiming it should be considered “civic pride” — that we’d at least gotten to the Chris Rock / Hollywood level of racism.

    I’m a white gal from California who could probably move to Canada if I really wanted to. I can’t image how poor immigrants, muslims, and black people feel seeing this frenzy.

    Thanks for using your voice to help slap some sense into the world.

    • Patty Mlady

      I’m with Doni, I totally thought he was a) punking us or b) secretly working for the democrats or c) making this a new reality show…

      It’s weird, some of the most seemingly normal, sane people are Trump supporters…huh??

    • Lana

      Duni, I hope your husband is right, but I also don’t think trump had a chance at the republican nomination and here we are. at this point, anything looks possible as far as a trump presidency, and we need to start treating trump as real threat o that we can defeat him. the fact that we did’t see trump as a threat and laughed it all is part of the reason we are in this position in the first place.

    • Pabs

      I’m black and I too foolishly thought we were in a better place. Obviously the many shootings that have occurred were of gave concern but the fact that I had people I referred to as “friends” who support Trump gives me even greater cause for concern. I too will have a bag packed because if he gets elected I’ll be making the move as well. 🙁

    • Pabs

      I’m black and I too foolishly thought we were in a better place. Obviously the many shootings that have occurred were of grave concern but the fact that there are people I referred to as “friends” who support Trump gives me even greater cause for concern. I too will have a bag packed because if he gets elected I’ll be making the move as well. 🙁

    • Marian

      I believe most think that common sense will prevail. While there are very uneducated people following him, including Chris Christie, there are more people who won’t allow this subhuman to be president.

    • Patricia

      I am like you – scared, sick to my stomach. I do not understand it. It like a book entitled , “The March of the Morons”. I voted in the Republican caucus against Trump. At least my state did not support him. I am embarrassed for my country, I am terrified at the idea of him getting elected, I am appalled by the amount of his support, I am saddened to think I am living to see the decline of the USA. What is happening? What a buffoon and shame on us. I consider myself a moderate with left tendencies. I vote both parties – choosing based on values rather than party. If, however, I was a Republican party person, I would be sick at the quality of the people running.representing that party.

      • DiGi

        Patricia – Thanks for putting so many of my feelings at this moment into words. I believe there’s no way this racist, bigoted demagogue will win the presidency. But the fact that there is even a possibility scares me to death. The damage this demagogue and his followers are doing to all the years of progress our country has made in racial, social rights and equality is unfathomable! There should be a way to try Donald Trump as a terrorist, because that’s what he is!

        “A plausible, insignificant word, in the mouth of an expert demagogue, is a dangerous and a dreadful weapon,” Robert South

        [noun dem·a·gogue \ˈde-mə-ˌgäg\:a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason.]

    • Sarah

      Doni – lots of us Canadians are black or brown or Muslim or immigrants. Canada welcomes everyone, not just white gals from California! 🙂 So come on up here, everyone!

  • Ashlyn

    THIS THIS THIS. It’s like you wrote my internal monologue. So much this. I am absolutely terrified.

    • Sheila

      I agree with Ashlyn. I have actually spent the last few days trying hard to find words for this. Thank you for finding them and putting them out there. I hope you won’t mind if I share.

  • Julie

    Once again I need to share your work far and wide. Thank you.

  • Jen B

    OMG! You said exactly what I have been thinking! I want to copy this and spread this shit all over the internet! Wake up people! I have never been more ashamed to be an American. We are a laughing stock to other countries. Shame on us!!!

  • Rachel Romano

    This gave me chills.

  • Angela Todd

    I’m a white gal from Maine who has threatened to move to Canada during past elections. That was NOTHING compared to this. I still keep waiting for the punch line to Trump’s candidacy. sigh.

  • Cecilia Prokop

    I’ve never had more respect for you than I do now. Thank you for not backing down.

  • Bambi


    A friend sent me to you. I’ve been saying these same things for MONTHS now albeit not as eloquently as you. I’ve all but disowned family members, have lost friends, and when I mourn this I think…. I can.not condone ANYONE, ANYONE, not my mother or a my child or my best friend who thinks what is happening is okay.

    I’m going to share your blog because I envelops me in OH MYFUCKINGGOD YES!! There are others 🙂

    TRUMP WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT but the havoc he has wrought will not quietly go back into the bushes…..

  • Nancy Mullen

    Thank you for stating so eloquently what many of us are feeling. Is it only the older ones who think this buffoon needed a few good spankings and many more time-outs when he was small? Or was he just allowed to grow like a weed, sure of his own rightness and to hell with everyone else?

  • Sarah

    It might as well read “Make America White Again” again, thank you for your spot on words and point blank call to action. We have to do Everything we Can. My 9 year old son is worried and afraid that Trump will start wars and we will have to evacuate our homes (this is how he sees war due to the reality of Syrian refugees he hears about. This is absolutely a Parenting issue and thanks for calling this out.

    • Tanya

      I have a 9yo son too, and he believes his life will be ruined [his words] if Trump is elected. Hell yes, this is a parenting issue.

  • Annette

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You’re a whole lot of wonderful. Thank you so much for this.

  • Annie

    Thank you. Thank you for putting this out there. Thank you for doing your research and actually citing facts from our history.
    I am terrified, angry, frustrated, and embarrassed that “we” have even allowed this travesty to occur. I cannot even allow myself to imagine a world where this ignorant, repulsive, buffoon of a “man” could be the leader of the free world. Not to mention that “we” are on the verge of choosing him. WTFFFFFF?!?!?!?
    Anyway, thank you. Your voice resonates and is heard. Rock on!!!

  • Janice M

    Thank you. I have no other words – just gratitude for yours – sharing widely.

  • Ellen

    I’m currently sitting on the L (our metro-line in Chicago); biting back tears. What you wrote has spelled out every dark, visceral feeling, I have had since July. It’s really bad here in Chicago, scratch that, it’s fucking terrible here. Our politics are rapidly devolving on a grand scale, I’m sick of it. As a mother, I know that right fucking now, we need a movement, we need a new revolution. Please keep writing, please keep commenting about the crazy shit you’re seeing, keep posting, because I promise you- you are not alone in your feelings.

    • Karen

      Scared mom in Chicago too.

  • Shannon Drury

    The personal is political is personal. Even paleo recipe blogs should be speaking out against Donald Fucking Drumpf!

  • Melissa

    My father had a saying: Shit rolls downhill. And that is exactly what’s happening today. The uneducated in generational cycles of poverty blame the “illegals.” The struggling and disappearing middle class blame the uneducated poor who live on “welfare.”

    And no one looks up to that upper 1% who have been robbing us blind for decades. Hiding their income in off shore accounts. Taking every tax deduction imaginable and shipping their labor forces overseas. And paying marketing and branding companies to craft messages to our uneducated masses who go to ridiculously underfunded schools.

    Currently, if you speak up in a loud voice decrying the racist, homophobic, “Christians,” you are called a communist. Which again, no one reads history and no one truly understands.

    Currently, I’ve been mourning the United State of America that I once knew. I was in bargaining for awhile, thinking this really wouldn’t happen. And then I got sad. Sad for my family and sad for the generations that just don’t know that they are being duped. I’m going to get mad soon. Thank you for writing this. It will help me get mad.

  • Rosalind

    The best writing and brain I have experienced in…forever. Bravo!!!!!!

  • Laurel

    You are in my head! I keep just thinking this can’t be real, this is all a joke. And such sadness that people feel Trump (DRUMPF!) is going to help them. That this asshole gives a shit about anyone but himself is ridiculous. And it’s even sadder that these people enjoy his evilness – they need to feel better than someone, and he’s feeding that xenophobia. Scared, angry, sad, terrified. All these feelings. Please let a Democrat win this election (or Cruz! or Rubio even!). When George W looks like a saint you know the world is going to hell.

  • Tara

    Someone finally said it. I’ve lost a ton of sleep in the past month because knowing he could be in charge of our country scares the crap out of me.

    Trump to me is just a few steps away from being the next Hitler he’s not just some idiot he’s a dangerous bigoted psychopath. All he needs is more power and he could take down our entire country. I’ve never voted before but I will be this year just so there’s one more vote against this guy.

  • Claire

    I am from NZ and my husband and I are huge Obama supporters and fans. We have been closely watching your primaries and, like many of you have been waiting for the Trump punchline. So our vague amusement is turning into disbelief, especially after yesterday’s results. Your blog sums the situation up perfectly..what frightens me is that to our eyes, the rest of the world media is still treating him like a joke candidate…a rank outsider who has thrown his over sized hat into the ring..not the actual GOP front runner! We are hoping against hope that the people of America can see sense…it will come down to people voting and not just thinking it is a foregone conclusion. We hope that sanity, peace and hope can prevail over fear-mongering and bigotry.

  • John

    I find it ironic, that this article says the reason for the rise of Trump is because of a rhetoric of fear but you are using that same argument as why not to elect him, because you are afraid?

    Where has he once said as you put it, “that Mexicans are drug addicts, criminals, and rapists” those were never his words, those were the words the media fed you and you ate it up like the rest of left wing garbage that tumbles out of your foul trap. You are part of the problem, you don’t look at anything this guy actually says, you just regurgitate the filth put out by Huff post, salon, vox, and buzzfeed.

    That’s just the first claim. I’d like to see proof of him saying any of those claims because spoiler alert. THEY DON’T EXIST. At least in the fashion you describe. I’d bet all the money I have that you couldn’t dig up a shred of evidence in video form of him saying remotely any of these things. Every single example is blown out of proportion by the media, the media themselves know it, and informed people in america know it. Clearly you are either too stupid or lack the brain cells for free thought. Oh and while we are on the topic of racists didn’t Hillary Clinton endorse Robert Byrd who was a full fledged member of the KKK? Oh right, but that wouldn’t fit with the republicans are bad narrative.

    Frankly i’m disgusted I wasted my time reading this and then dignifying it with a response. The author should be ashamed of themselves for spewing this filth and complete inaccurate account of the way have unfolded. If the author truly believes what they wrote, they ought to be fired because this is the most slanted garbage i’ve ever read. I’m embarrassed for the author. Disgusting SJW’s at it again. I came across this website for the first time today and never plan on coming back.

    • Jaimie

      • John

        Yeah it says mexican illegal immigrants. So not all mexicans, not all mexican immigrants. Not even all illegal mexican immigrants, just some of them. And he says that for good reason. See reference here. That’s 80% that’s a staggering number for a rate of rape. So I assume you just saw a headline that said, “trump hates all mexicans” and just didn’t investigate further. Typical liberal morons.


        • Julie Enyeart

          The article talks about illegal immigrants being raped AS THEY TRAVEL HERE. It does not say those men are coming too, those men are the coyotes who make a lot of money smuggling people over the border. Why would they leave behind a very profitable, illegal trade and come to work for McDonalds? Check YOUR facts!

    • Aaron

      Aside from the fact that the article has embedded links to all of the things he’s said, many of these abhorrent comments were made on national television. Does Drumpf have to actually say things in your living room for you to believe it? Or would you still blame his ignorance on the media?

      • John

        Well the fact of the matter is he never said any of this. It’s twisted around constantly. If you are citing Drumpf as an actual insult I can’t even get into it with you, because you lack the brain power to utilize critical thinking.

        Is it bad that in the 1680’s his 8 generation ago great great great great great great great great grandfather (let that sink in) changed his name from Drumpf to Trump? I’m sure a lot of Americans had their names changed upon coming to America. You are spoon fed garbage by John Oliver, like a child. Also for reference Time Warner which owns CNN and HBO are big Hillary supporters so just a side note.

        If you think Trump is some huge bigot profit of hate, it’s just a blatant inaccuracy. You don’t make it a mainstay in the media, hollywood, and New York City of all places for 40 years by being a known racist. Reference Mel Gibsons career on that, once he said something about Jews, his career was over. If you think Trump is a racist you are just uninformed and eating up this left wing narrative because all the left can play is the race card, oh and by the way, how is that working out? I’m sorry his words are harsh for the weak liberal minded like yourself but you better buckle up because he’s gonna be the next President.

    • Lopez

      John – I have just watched his speech where he states that Mexico is sending criminals, drug dealers and rapists to the US as immigrants.

      Your use of the pejorative “SJW” betrays your bias.

      • John

        Yeah because SJW’s are nut jobs. Yea watch that speech again. He is very specific in saying “mexican illegal immigrants” and it’s a fact. referenced here.


        Sorry this hurts your liberal sensibilities. But not all immigrants are just these beautiful smart people. Look at Germany, the place is in constant protest because their government is too busy pushing this liberal agenda and it’s ruining their country. When you take in millions of illegal immigrants with no upward mobility it’s never good for the native population. Look at Texas you have schools that have to employ people who speak over 20 languages, 911 operators who have to be able to speak over 20 languages.

    • Isaac

      Dear “John” (a.k.a., blatant troll who I am currently feeding): clearly, you didn’t read the comment policy.

      You claim “Every single example is blown out of proportion by the media.” It’s difficult for your argument to hold water when many of his direct quotes–taken completely in context–support the statements she made in this post. Even if you think Trump is being unduly demonized (which is complete and utter bullshit), he is a serial liar. That label can be slapped on many politicians (and I have little doubt you would be quick to play the “Clinton is a liar, too!” card), but he is, in fact, based on the actual words that come out of his bloviating mouth hole, one of the worst. http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/

      • John

        No I read the comment policy and blatantly ignored it. If you really want to see all these claims flushed out one by one. Here you go, but it make offend you to hear the truth. I guess uh TRIGGER WARNING.

        • Isaac

          Well, at least you openly admit to being a dick. I thought there was a slim chance you may not just be a Troll, but you have soundly dispelled that illusion.

          Apparently, you quickly forgot the very last thing you wrote before coming back (“I came across this website for the first time today and never plan on coming back.”) to provide a retort in the form of some guy’s more than hour long verbal diarrhea, lamely attempting to defend Trump (without actually deconstructing every claim made, and also omitting numerous other lies, exaggerations, and insane commentary blurted out by Trump during his entire campaign) in a format less designed at effectively countering “all these claims… one by one” and better designed to put everyone to sleep.

          You then continue with reactionary comments to nearly everyone who countered your statements, TROLL.

          “I would never want come back to this awful blog.”

          Since you have, in fact, come back–repeatedly–perhaps you should now actually act on your statements. Oh, wait: you’re a staunch Trump supporter. Like the blowhard you defend, you don’t have the slightest desire to maintain logical consistency or stay true to your statements. Of course, “makebe” you’re just too easily offended when people provide ANY information that counters your, also blindingly biased, opinions, and you can’t help but come back for more to feed your neuroses.

        • John's Not Secret Admirerer

          John, the way you get so worked up and wordy, i reckon your fingers get all tight and your viens start bulging out. Beads of sweat form on your brow as the blood vessels in your eyes start to visibly explode as you tappa tappa tappa on your keyboard or mobile device of your choosing. Even though your fingers have a visible tension that they can never shake, there is a grace inside of that frantic energy, and i like that. Its what i look for in a man. the things you say, the way you say them, the unwavering standpoint you white knucke clutch to your heart, aww i sigh just thinking about you, that. All of it. Then i think about your nimble fingers, what they must look like when they relax. I would let you slide them into my butthole, and hopefully my warnth would be the calm they need so bad, that you need so bad. I would prompt you to take those fingers around front and make the grab onto my very erect penis, and i would insist the tension and the aggro be present within them when you start to pump me off. I would love nothing more than to release my thick seed into you hand, and let it be the glue that bonds us for an eternity. Your hand, my seed, too passionate. I would like to set up a date where we could get together and i can try out your tense fingers & hand. My email is koreancokepig@gmail.com contact me immediately as i am saving my seed from here on out. ❤️❤️????????

    • Dean


      Thanks for your insightful commentary. Mind that the door doesn’t hit you on the way out . . .

      • John

        Great response. Thanks for the grand critique. The people who read this blog have IQ’s equal to potatoes.

        • Strawberry Shortfuse

          No, the people who read this blog recognize that you’re here to stir shit, are apparently proudly and willfully misinformed, aand are therefore not interested in engaging with you. Sorry if that hurts your sensitivities.

          Oh, wait, no I’m not. Go share your wisdom with a more interested readership, you semi-literate self-congratulatory wank. And by “share your wisdom,” I mean “fuck yourself.”

          • Strawberry Shortfuse

            And apologies, Janelle, if I’m breaking the “don’t be a dick” rule. But I loathe self-styled “iconoclasts” like this clown who think they’re entitled to roll into someone’s space and instruct them in things they’re demonstrably ignorant about, particularly when they don’t know the difference between a “prophet” and “profit”–as unintentionally apt as that might be when discussing Trump.

            • John

              My grammar is not great. I typed most of my responses quickly and didn’t proof read. Sorry I invaded your safe space. If you respond I won’t read it because I don’t have e-mail notifications on and I would never want come back to this awful blog. Have a good Day.


    • Sue

      John – your ignorance is astounding. The evidence you claim is fabricated by the media is right before your eyes. Clearly you’re blinded by exactly the things this ‘author’ has pointed out are wrong with Trump’s supporters.
      YOU are the one who’s part of the problem!!

      • John

        Haha yeah i’m part of the problem. If ignorance is disputing wrongful claims against donald trump hurled at his with little support i’m guilty. See the above video I linked for reference to refute those claims. What you have on this blog is a bunch of like minded liberals who scoff at any suggestion that Trump is something besides a racist. It’s just a dumb argument and a sad one the left has been pushing for years. In 40 years in the public spotlight, they had to dig up David Duke and put on some charade about not releasing tax returns. If that’s all they have on this guy then they are in for trouble. Trump 2016! All hail the king!

    • Marian

      John, you’re the uneducated Donald likes so much. Hopefully you’ll check out all the links others have posted and gain some knowledge.

  • shawna

    I’m Canadian and it’s all my friends, colleagues, random strangers and I can talk about. We gloss right over the fucking weather, an all-Canadian, all-time favourite bitching session to the fucked-upness of Trump and the GOP.

    I read this today. It’s a long read, but it’s a well-researched article into the why behind Trump. You won’t have much anxiety release at the end of the article, but you’ll have better insight into how and why we got to this point (and I say we, because, you know, up here in the Great White North, we’re kinda physically attached to y’all, no matter how we try to deny it).


  • Susan Lowry

    You are absolutely right on! I could have written this, but you did an excellent job. Thank you!

  • Renee' P

    Over this past month, there is a feeling in my chest has gotten tighter and tighter. You explained exactly why that tightness is there. We have to do everything we can to protect our great nation from him. I am with the 9 year old that is afraid that Trump with start a war; one that there will be no winner – a Civil War. Thank you for writing this. Sharing with everyone.

  • Marisa

    I am Canadian, and not particularly political, but I have always followed American elections with interest. Every time I see Trump on television I think there is no way Americans would want this person representing them on the world’s stage. It’s horrifying to contemplate. And yet he keeps winning primarys, as we in the North watch in further disbelief. God bless you all as you head to the polls.

  • Joodz

    I’ve been told that historically, when Canada elects a liberal, the US will elect a conservative. I pray it’s not true.

    I live in a part of Canada (the west), and a part of the west (the north), that is populated by an inordinate number of rednecks. (Think cowboys in pickup trucks with dirt under their nails) They hate our new Liberal PM and his luscious hair. Even they are appalled at the idea of the Donald as president of our neighbour.

    I love you, Janelle, but we may have to build a wall.

    • Sherry

      Hey, I live in the West! But in the south. Think rednecks in suits (and pick up trucks).

      We can get America to pay for the wall, right?

      • Susan

        Also from redneck country. My question is, how can they not like his hair? ;-)I don’t mind it at all… maybe we can take on some American refugees?

  • Lisa

    I think Grandma Bonny would be proud of you! Minus the swear words of course! What an amazing blog. I love you.

  • itzybellababy

    I keep thinking he will come out and say- APRIL FOOLS. It was all a joke to make you look dumb.. and boy have we looked dumb.


    This country needs help.

  • Lindsey

    Thank you for this. I think it’s particularly telling that he’s far enough off of the ‘Republican norm’ that even the RNC is trying to figure out a way to stop him. Not that I think Rubio or Cruz are better, it’s just striking to me. This is completely relevant to a parenting blog, our children will inherit the fall out eventually.

  • Rose Gilbert

    Yes! “Out of body experience”. I have been in a daze for months, unable to believe that this is actually happening. If anyone had told me last summer that trump would be the front runner for the GOP I would have asked – “what are you drinking and can I have some!”
    I work d in an ER and I know the lows that the human animal can get to; I know first hand how selfish, cruel and just plain stupid people can be. People who are ignorant and choose to remain so, that there are people that just don’t want to think for themselves. But I never in a million years thought there were this many . I too am terrified. Never imagined we could even be here ; now I am worried that the nightmare WONT END!!!

  • Katrina

    I sit here in Australia and watch the reports on Trumo from the US and shake my head in amazement… Then remember what government we had recently with our recent PM. World politics is a scary game… It is so easy for the masses to get caught up and then be left with an idiot or moron in control of a country. I wish more people were more aware of their power, even us insignificant individual voters have power! Don’t lose your power by not voting and allowing this to happen. By not having your say and voting you are rolling over and letting the rest of the country speak for you. Take your power, take your vote and stand up for yourself, your family, your future. Good luck America xx

  • Amanda

    Bless you Janelle! On behalf of the rest of the world, (if I may be so arrogant), thank you for showing us there is still sanity present – and eligible to vote – in America.

  • Lara

    HELL YEAH!! I’m Canadian and what’s going on down there (where I have family and friends who are thankfully not Trump supporters because they’re not fucking crazy) is scaring the hell out of the whole damn world. Thank you for voicing this and confirming that sanity is alive and well south of the border. I have an 11 year old son who told me he keeps having nightmares about what will happen if Donald Trump becomes President. No guff.
    Keep telling the truth!

  • Sarah B

    Dear Christ yes! So much yes! I am Australian and even I am terrified of Trump/Drumpf becoming president. I am terrified for all of America but I am also terrified for the world wide havoc it will cause. We thought Abbott was bad here but shit Trump makes him look like a fucking amateur!

  • Christine Cooper

    First I want to thank Annie Browne for posting the link to your blog. I’m a Canadian and let me tell you we are deathly worried for the United States of America. When I think of Donald Trump as being the Commander and Chief, with his finger on the button of every armed nuclear silo that the U.S. has, I start to sweat. This is a man who openly stated that the U.S. should commit war crimes against humanity in their ongoing efforts to combat ISIS.

    This was a great read. It is a slap in the face and I would say the only word missing from your descriptors about Mr. Trump would be to also refer to him as a sychophant, which I believe describes him to a tee.

    I remain optimistically hopeful that American’s will snap out of their coma and kick that piece of shite to the curb.

    Respectfully, your neighbour from the north,
    Christine Cooper

  • Cath

    It’s a relief to see something written by an American about Mr Trump – initially the rest of the world (the part I’m in contact with, at least) looked on in bemusement, but now it’s horror.

    The old saying, “When America sneezes, the world catches cold” is still true – electing this lying megalomaniac puts all of us in danger, but none more than his own people. Don’t do it, America!

  • Rebecca

    The rest of the world is counting on people like you to make sure he does not get in!!! Democrats please vote vote vote!!

  • jessica L

    My Family is Poor, White and I have sons. I am fucking Terrified. When I watch the evening news with my child and he sees this disgusting representation of white American Males I am terrified. The fact that some people in my family are ignorant enough to fall prey to this “america” sickens me. It is one thing to be scared to bring up a child of color today with so much out there stacked against them. It is damn near impossible to raise a white boy with out having this bullshit turn them into part of the problem. I worry that its too late for my 10 year old hopefully this fool doesnt get elected and there will be new hope but with the other options it is sad enough with out the Trump, I can only hope that Bernie Sanders really is one of that imaginary Gods chosen people and he wins. It is super upstting to be trying to figure out what is the least awful option for the POTUS, especially when we have seen how hard it was for the guy e last elected who truly was a great leader.

    • John

      LOL bernie sanders. Yeah he’s going to be your great white hope. If your kid is 10 and worry about him being some part of the problem that’s an issue with you as a parent and not some sort of institution or government. haha what a laughable statement.

      Obama is such a great leader. Just like the time we gave Iran 150 Billion dollars and then they captured members of our Navy and then we apologize to Iran? Like when Putin walks all over us? That great leader? The guy who dramatically improved race relations and then US cities faced race riots and burning buildings? That great leader? Nice.

  • Daphne

    As a Canadian, I am seriously thinking about starting a gofund campaign to pay for a wall along our border. That Trump has made it this far is the scariest thing ever – well, except for Hitler, and the similarities are frightening.

  • Kathy

    All of this…..absofuckinglutely all of this. Thank you.

    • Kathy

      Thanks for the new word, Kathy. After reading dear John’s comments, I needed a good laugh. He needs help…absofuckinglutely!

    • Kathy

      Thanks for the new word, Kathy. I absofuckinglutely love it!

  • Kristol

    Hey, its me again. I last commented on the “When I Realized I Was White” blog, so it’s been a while. I promise I still read, everything. I follow you and get excited when I receive my e-mail notifications that you have posted a new blog.

    I want you to know that I am still here. Still cheering you on. Still feeling like I should pack up my family and come live with you and the kids and have a best friend that gets me. But until that day, I want to continue to say thank you. Thank you so much for getting it. Thank you so much for continuing to use your voice to speak your truths. I love you for it, like from the bottom of my heart, love you.

    I am terrified of the potential that Trump could be our next president. TERRIFIED. I have gone as far as to make arrangements with my parents who have retired to our home country (Trinidad, because you know…immigrants) that I can take my little black son and my big black husband and move in with them for a while. The deep, dark underbelly of this country is showing and it is disgusting and disturbing.

    I pray that you and people like you will continue to point out that this man, this campaign and its supporters are EVERYTHING that was fought against during the civil rights movement.

    But again, thank you for this. Thank you for being you.

    With love and admiration- Kristol

  • Rebecca

    Well said. I’m terrified and I’m Australian. As lovely as Americans are (most of them!), you couldn’t pay me to live in the US.

    I’m scared because our similarly flawed (but thank goodness not as bad) government do whatever the US tells them to do.

  • Erin Osborne

    Thank you

  • Becky

    You fucking go girl. Love your blog, and your brain. I’m Canadian, but wholeheartedly agree on all points.

  • Jen

    I love you and your writing. Read this when you get a sec in the loo. It’s pretty fucking interesting

  • Marie Mack

    We’d be better off electing a flea for president
    Even my 11 year old knows he’d be an absolute terror! And she will vocalize it. She will argue it in an amazingly educated manner. I did not realize she was paying any attention, when I watch anything of a political nature or speak on it I do so when she is otherwise occupied figuring she would be bored by it…but she has been ear hustling. Listening in without my notice (better be more careful about certain subjects lol) and she has made up her own mind because some of the pints she makes even get me to thinking! (There hope for this future generation moms and dads!)
    Thank you for voicing what is in my head (and frequently out if my mouth) in a public forum! At first I thought the Dump campaign was a bad joke. A publicity stunt. Slowly, as the media gave him more and more of the media attention the narcissist craves and his numbers kept rising, my worst nightmare came true and I realized that it isn’t a joke. It’s the saddest reality I’ve faced. I am a veteran. A proud and strong patriot. And yet, even I am debating what country I shall move to in the aweful event that he might (horrifically) be elected! Because I cannot imagine possibly raising my child in such a place as this will become in that event!

  • Melissa

    I love you. I just wanted to say that. This is the most well written honest viewpoint I’ve read about this entire fuckery we’re all experiencing right now. I have kids, they’re a little older than yours but I’m still a mom, and right now I’m terrified for my children. My boys will be draft age soon. If we don’t end up in a civil war or outright revolution I’d be shocked and my kids are going be to that age where they get called to fight in it, for a side they don’t believe in anymore. My blood runs cold when I look at the state of this nation, and the horrible reality that a vote for Clinton is a vote for Trump because she cannot beat him in the general. She’s too damaged and stands for everything so many people in this country are rallying against.

    What a horrible situation we’ve gotten ourselves into. Thank you for writing this.

  • erin

    As an American living in Germany, I can assure you everyone is laughing at us and thinking WTF? I mean I actually have people say to me “And we thought George Bush was bad…”

  • Bree

    I’m in Australia, just as terrified.
    We’re trying to eradicate his type of views in other countries and one of the most powerful countries in the world is about to vote us back in time by centuries.

  • S.R.

    Welcome to my world. I’ve been terrified the last 7 years. Obama wanted to fundamentally transform the country. Mission accomplished. His divisiveness is the primary reason we are in our current state of unrest.

    I am a conservative and I don’t support Trump because at heart, I don’t believe he’s a Republican or a conservative. It is my sincere hope that he is NOT the Republican nominee. His rise is borne out of anger and frustration at the direction our nation is headed and even though I am disgusted and disagree with almost everything he’s said, I understand the anger and frustration. If he is the nominee, I may sit out my first presidential election ever. And in the end, that may be the saving grace for Democrats this go around, because there are a lot of people like me who won’t be able to bring themselves to vote for either candidate, a bigoted egomaniac or a woman who may end up in an orange jumpsuit. I’m not sure it really matters who wins. I’m afraid we’re past the tipping point and the only thing left to do is watch it crash and burn and try to rebuild from the ashes.

  • Cailin

    WORD! Perfectly written Janelle. Thank you!

  • C.T. Oakes

    I am a 65 year old, white, CIS Gendered, Straight, Vietnam Vet and I hate to say it but until my generation is dead and gone the hate and racist behavior that Donald Trump is playing off of will not end. Thankfully my 30 yr old son and my 25 yr old daughters friends are not as locked in hate as my generation. Trump scares me because in most elections less then 50% of eligible voters get out and vote. And because of that there is always a chance that Trump could win. This election is so important to women’s rights, so vote, get others to register and vote. Please I am a Bernie supporter but I will vote for Hillary so that she gets to appoint the next Supreme Court Justices.

  • Anna

    Long time reader- first time commenter. Your commentary is spot on and I have nothing to add or critique.
    As an American living in America my fear is that it will take more than a Trump nomination to bring about a revolution. While I sincerely hope that I never see Trump elected his election would probably be enough to spur some sort of revolution. The election of Clinton I’m affraid will continue to forestall revolution. Because basically what draws Trump supporters together, what makes a punk kid shoot up a church in Charleston and what led Germans to support Hitler is disenfranchisement- the outdated flippant statement we all hear so often that “there will always be haves and have nots.” Until we as not only a nation but as a world community say that this is not ok we will continue to see such ugliness. Because people are desperate, they feel invisible and uncared for while any old trash that can score a reality show are loved by the masses. Until societal inequality is truly addressed such ugliness will continue.

  • Susan

    The entire situation makes me physically ill. I’m left feeling hopeless and deeply ashamed of this country.

  • Travis

    The funny/scary thing to me is that I have not met one Trump supporter since this whole thing started. I live in Iowa and went to the caucus. When they asked if there was Trump supporters there that wanted to speak on his behalf no one got up and then the whole room applauded. Yet he still got second in Iowa. Confused just doesn’t quite describe how I feel.

    • Catalina

      I think you’re lucky you don’t know any Trump supporters. It makes sense you’re confused. I unfortunately work with a bunch of them. This people are realtors so they look up to him and his millions and ignore his blatant racism. Even my boss who I believe to be a good decent person said that he doesn’t like Trump but there is no way he’s voting for Hillary or Sanders… Last week though he drew the line and said unless Trump says he will side with Israel he won’t vote for him… I have my fingers crossed he stays neutral… I don’t want to leave this country but being an immigrant I’m afraid he will send me back even though I’m an American citizen now

  • Suzanne

    What strikes me as the most odd is that he is everything that we teach our children not to be. In school. The good citizen award does not go to the bully, or the racist or the liar. The good citizen award is given to the kid who does not discriminate, who is truthful and kind and works hard to do the right thing by his/her peers.

    So why do we think that it is not OK for our children to be racist, lying bullies, but that it is OK to have a person like this run and represent out country? That is something that I can’t get out of my head.

  • Loraine

    I’m a grandmother who is more frightened by the current political climate than I have been in decades. Thank you for saying what so many of us are feeling. I feel like apologizing every damn day that racism and sexism are popping up with ever more vitriol, when we thought we took care of a lot of it when I was a young woman. Your generation must be vigilant. Never rest, because there are assholes out there who will take away your rights in a New York minute. They will want to prove their superiority by putting you down. If it’s not you, then it’s your neighbor, your friend, your loved one, the stranger on the bus across the aisle. Every freaking person upon whose head they can stomp their boots is a potential victim. They are serious, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about you or me. Keep fighting. I won’t stop.

  • Suzie

    YES! YES! YES!

    I’ve always loved your writings, but this is by far my favorite! Thank you for saying what I’m sure a lot of us mothers are thinking, but don’t have the guts to say out loud.

  • Susan

    Thank you! Another Canadian here, relieved to read you.

  • Megan

    The rest of the world is pleading with you who can vote not to let this megalomaniac become the most powerful person in the world. From New Zealand.

  • Cynthia

    Right tf on! Somehow, I feel, we, who share your views, are the majority. Along with all people of color, who won’t be voting for that mess. I pray, the few, that seemed to be supporting him, came to their senses. Part of Mr thinks, he’s just playing a game, and really knows, he won’t likely be president. He’s an imbecile, but should realize that.

  • Nicole

    Is it possible to put this on a t-shirt? I’d wear it every day.

  • Djamillah

    I’m thinking Lincoln “a house divided cannot stand” well it shouldn’t. We MUST fix it.

  • Denise

    Here’s why I still have hope: yes, the possibility of this dangerous asshat becoming POTUS is terrifying, but it’s also mobilizing. I saw the rise of incredible activism like ACTUP and Queer Nation that grew out of a divisive president who refused to say the words “AIDS” or “HIV” in the middle of an epidemic because the people who were dying were gay. If we get this man as our president, it’ll shake us out of our apathy and things will change. I have hope.

  • Madelief Becherer

    Boom. Well said. I’m scared shitless. It’s time to get duel citizenship for my kids so we can get outta here and go back to Holland where I was born. Where this type of extremism was felt by my ancestors and the memories are bone deep. Never again can we let that happen in this world. Let’s get our shit together.

  • Jill

    Thank you.

  • jacque

    as a white working class woman, I am genuinely terrified of this man. I can pass for christian, but I can’t go back into the closet – it’s too late I’ve been too politically active for that to stick.

    And I see the powderkeg of poverty and focusless aggression and resentment and a bafflingly charismatic leader coming into power. And I can’t help but feel like we’ve done this before, recently.

  • Karisa

    I got your back sister. I’m with you. Keep writing the hard stuff. Xo

  • Monica

    Thank you. A million gazillion times.

    Hopefully that secret society we call the Electoral College (you know, those people that somehow changed the outcomes of the Bush Gore election, and overoade the popular vote? Still trying to figure that one out…) will pull their strings, and make DT go away.

    I teach fourth graders in California. Our school serves a lot of poor, immigrant families. By a lot, I mean there are probably ten kids out of 900 that aren’t “brown.”There are gangs in the neighborhood. Deported parents. Abuse and hunger. Some of my students sleep on the living room floor at their tia’s house. Seriously, people, did you know there are for real kids (and parents, for that matter) who don’t sleep in a bed, and still drag their asses to school, full of sunshine and ready to shout out answers to a lame ass division word problem?! These nine year olds are reading Harry Potter and speak two languages, but aren’t considered “proficient.” Wtf?! I can’t do that, and I have my fucking Masters Degree. Anyway, this little background rant is actually leading up to the re-telling of this super amazing group of kids I get to work with this year, and the surreal conversations we have, including their blatant hatred of Donald Trump. I asked why, and they all said he hated Mexicans.

    Children should not feel hated by adults, and never, ever should they feel this way by the leader of their country.

    Thank you for calling us all to use our Voices, for reminding us to talk about the hard stuff, too.

  • Kata

    Thank You for this Janelle !
    Great work and truly, one of the most important issues / topics these times.
    It is a situation scary not only for America.
    I am not at all into politics, but this is not only about politics, for sure. This is about the future of humanity, our and our children’s and our world’s. It is about a painfully distorted (world)view.
    I am still amazed and can almost not take it seriously, that such an a**hole could have a chance to come to such a position.
    The reality, that he could — is frightening.
    It is almost too painful to admit, that (people of) this world is about to destroy itself.
    So yes, let’s face this fact.
    I shall share your post, and seriously: pray !

  • Allie

    Beautifully, angrily, passionately written Janelle. Another Canadian here, loving your words. Terrified and hopeful all at once.

  • Rose

    It upsets me greatly when I hear people make comments such as, “I hope he wins,” and “I think this is hilarious.” Clearly they haven’t been paying attention and don’t realize the seriousness of what a Trump presidency would mean…not only for America but for the world collectively. This is very well written, and I wish all of those who don’t take this seriously could read it.

    From: A fearful Canadian.

  • Brent

    I sometimes wonder if Trump getting elected would be a good thing.

    Things are so bad now that I am thinking that we need to go so bad, so fast, that no one in any position of power can stop it or even guide it. Collapse the whole thing so the world has a tiny sliver of a chance to not go down this road we’re otherwise locked into.

    Hillary would trudge us ever-onward towards an awful world.

    Sanders would likely be at best a momentary pause in the trudge.

    Any other Republican would trudge us ever-onward towards an awful world a little slower than Hillary would simply because they are a motley collection of the GOP’s weakest offerings.

    Trump would set off the powder keg way too early and we’d have a mass realization across the world that things need to change RIGHT NOW. 

The US is becoming a violent police state and fabricating terror. It is in turn pulling allies into police states and terror. If everything got worse immediately, instead of a slow, creep towards it, people would rise up, say hell no, and sabotage the plans of the evil agents of the world.

    Essentially that speeding it up through Trump would make it happen sloppily overnight instead of firmly over decades, so it would be both structurally weak and the people aware of how awful it is.

    Is it better to face hell head on now with a chance to defeat it? Or let hell take firm root and have no hope to defeat it in the next centuries?

    • Maria

      Brent, YOU have said what I’ve been thinking. Our nation is a house of cards, and it WILL come tumbling down in a hellish sort of way. Trump isn’t going to fix things, but if he is elected, we will face the inevitable sooner rather than later. A fast, swift death that can lead to a rebirth, or a crippling, slow, torturous death? I’m with you on this.

  • Michelle

    Hell yeah. Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking but way more eloquently.

  • Sal

    Oh Janelle. Oh, my goodness gracious me, Janelle. I’m terrified of Trump and what he stands for…and I’m Australian. I was so embarrassed and incredulous when the ‘people'(I still don’t know anyone who voted for him, although that could be because they’re heinously ashamed??) here voted for Tony Abbott – I couldn’t actually believe people could be that dumb?? And yet…they were. And now this…and Trump is a bigger, badder version of Abbott. Trump is what Abbott aspired to be. Of course, Australia realised her mistake about five minutes after voting ceased and could not get rid of Abbott fast enough…it still was enough to cause years of damage. Ugh. Abbott makes me want to spew…Trump makes me feel like eating my own spew would be preferable to him being President. I guess you could always move to Australia??

  • Anne-Cathrine

    Seeing this from the “outisde” as we do in Europe… it is mind boggling. And terrifying.

  • Hulda

    I was waiting for you to write about Trump.

    I´m an Icelandic woman, living in Denmark and reading your blog regularly and agreeing with most of your posts! Love your writing 🙂

    Here in Northern Europe we are watching the upcoming election in the USA (not that we don´t have idiots here also…but Trump is on another level)with our jaws on the floor.

    I´m trying to understand this but I don´t.

    And the main question I haven´t been able to get answer to: Does he have a chance of beating Hillary??

  • kate

    oh god. all of that. and a massive confusion on my part that it isn’t all clear to everyone that Trump is an asshole. just so confusing . hurts my heart.

  • Jill

    I honestly keep thinking it’s a joke that has gone too far and he is saying the most extreme bullshit to fuck with us and finally have someone to call his bluff, but it’s not happening and he keeps getting the nod. Other politicians sneeze in wrong direction and they get fucked with, this guy says whatever nosense comes to mind and people support it.

  • Rachel

    I’m in the UK and I’m petrified that Trump will get elected. Never mind the the US being Fucked, if Trump gets in the WORLD is Fucked!

  • Diane Schubach

    OMG, you fucking rock.

  • Carol Huggins

    Thank you for composing and sharing my innermost thoughts (gross disappointment in my adopted country and fear)
    Thank you. Perfectly written.

  • Maxine

    I saw a tweet from @ericsmithrocks the other day that read:

    “2016: Trump won’t win.
    2017: President Trump can’t do that, can he?
    2018: You watching the Hunger Games tonight, I hope my District wins!”

    And that pretty much summed up how I felt about it….

    (From a 35year old South African living in Europe who is more worried about the American elections than any other…)

  • Katie

    Thank you for using your voice. I’m Canadian, and we have our fair share of discriminatory and racist policies in our our past. And currently as well, but I’m white so it’s not as obvious to me. It scares me to see what is happening in the US. It makes me wonder how easily it could happen here too

  • Maria

    This should be on every parenting blog. I’m already worried as shit that my son is going to grow up to be the quintessential white male contributing to the problem, without a freaking presidential nominee being like. yeah. racism. this is good stuff. lets have more of that.

  • Jodi

    When I first heard Trump was running for president, I thought it was a joke. Now that he is gaining momentum, I’m truly terrified for the USA, that somehow he will get elected.
    I stand with other Canadians in our incredulousness and I’m not sure whether to build a wall between the countries, or welcome you all with open arms. (but you will have to work on getting your kids into snow suits and mitts because we got a bunch more snow yesterday)

  • Malik

    Luckily, the odds seem to be stacked against Trump: http://blog.chron.com/goplifer/2014/11/the-missing-story-of-the-2014-election/

    But that’s no reason to get complacent either. We all still need to put everything we have into opposing him.

  • LisaC

    They’re mostly poor and uneducated and overworked. – I’m not sure this is true. I’ve met and talked to far too many people to believe this. Smart, wealthy, employed idiots are also voting for this Hitler wanna be and I’ve never been more afraid for our country.

    But I’m also confused. Way more people are shaking their heads in anger and I’m confused as to how he has so much support when there is so much outrage over his campaign. It. doesn’t. add. up.

  • Jessica

    The most surprising thing in these comments is how very international your readership is. Everyone loves you Janelle!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for this – my sentiments exactly (including all 4-letter words.) And should the end times come, feel free to join me on Cape Breton Island.


    My grandpa was born in Canada. Do you think I can get a visa?

  • Nicole

    Please don’t think I’m at all condoning the blatant racism, but seriously, even half of the most-racist-whites are women and should be outraged by the misogyny, at the very least. I mean, between the people who aren’t racist and the people who are women, you’d think we could kick this asshole out of the race. I hope to hell women and minorities get out and vote in record numbers or we’re fucked.

  • Candace

    I just found you today and I’m glad I did!

    This gets at the heart of it, doesn’t it!

    “Our nation was formed through exclusionary racist laws, social and cultural forces, but we don’t teach that, not loudly at least, because it hurts our feelings. Is that why? Because it undermines our understanding of precious America?

    Nah, I think it’s about power. Maintenance of power.”

  • Marta

    Amen!! The one group of people you did not mention is the Indigenous Peoples of this continent. They are called the forgotten people, but THEY ARE STILL HERE. I think some white peeople are afraid the Indigenous people will want to take back their land. Our European ancestors STOLE this land and we have had a Holocaust right here. Some historians have now said upwards of 60 MILLION Native people have died over the past 500 years from diseases, the military, residential schools, poverty, alcoholism, drugs. Now, Indigenous people are fighting back by getting educated, going through the court system, being activists for their cultures and for the planet, the only home we have. What will affect brown and black people will affect us too. Those of us who are open minded, enlightened and want to learn from others should stand shoulder to shoulder with our brown and black sisters and brothers. The more I learn the real history of Indigenous people, the more convinced I am becoming that from the beginning, our men ( white) felt threatened by Native cultures. Most of them were Matrilineal cultures, where the women were seen as equal, highly respected, cared for, their advice sought after and women, in some of the cultures sat on the councils and gave the last word in matters affecting all of the people. I think our men did not want our women understanding that way of life and is another reason for the forced assimilation and Christianizing of Indigenous people. Thank you for bringing up some other less known bits of history. I am going to research them.

  • Aimee

    Yes! And you didn’t touch on Native American tribes. If America were truly great again, there wouldn’t be any white people here turning the place into shit. Then again, I wouldn’t have my husband & daughter…

  • Mica

    Thank you for your wisdom, truth, and willingness to speak out. All of which make for good parenting, good citizenship and good personhood!!

  • Ro

    I honestly think he’s running…to divide the vote. It will be between Hilary and Cruz and he will run as an independent and divide the vote….and Hilary will win. I am PRAYING this doesn’t happen but…this really all has me thinking. I wonder what is really behind this guy running for president, who has him up to it…is he secretly besties with Hilary to do what I think he will? The horrifying part is how many Americans are voting for him…it’s mind numbing.

  • Rosemary

    Well said! But recognize that we have been witnessing racism disguised as politics in the many ways Republican leaders (you know it’s true) began vowing to obstruct THIS president before he even took office. Now they are mangling the truth to try to excuse their refusal to perform their constitutional duty to consider and vote on a Supreme Court justice. They say it’s because they want the voice of the people to be heard. Hey — the people elected Barack Obama for two four-year terms! He’s president for another year. We spoke! But those who have made it their mission to block him at every turn don’t care that we elected him president. They disrespect him (and us voters) every time they come up with new ways to block him. That’s our government they are subverting! Many important positions have remained vacant during Obama’s presidency directly due to Republican politicians refusing to do their duty to consider presidential nominations, & those vacancies negatively impact many Americans. They are blatantly and outrageously disrespectful toward President Obama. Their excuses are transparent and shameful. This unacceptable behavior, this subtle and not-so-subtle racism has gone on far too long, unchecked. It is harming our democracy. It is present in the Obama-bashing championed by many of the Republican candidates and pundits. It’s not just Trump. Trump is just the head of the boil caused by unchecked racism in its less easily identifiable forms. Yes, he is scarey and repugnant. And so is the somewhat less boisterous disrespect by many of the other Republican candidates. And so is Mitch McConnell’s vow that Republicans will obstruct Obama at every turn. And so is Sen. Grassley’s refusal to do his constitutional duty to move forward with filling the Supreme Court vacancy until Obama is out of office, a year in the future! Their double-talk is mind-numbing. But we can’t afford to become numb to what they are doing, because when we tolerate their veiled racism, their intolerance, their unwillingness to engage in the democratic process, we end up with someone like Trump, and we end up with hostile mobs, schooled in who to blame for America’s ills, pushing around peaceful protestors, while those in power look for ways to reduce voting rights, disproportionately harming citizens of color and citizens who are poor. Yes, it is very frightening. And yes, we built this house. It will take alertness, sustained focus and purposeful action by all of us to tear it down.

  • Robin Schultz

    A friend sent me this. Comments all seem to be from VERY liberal people. What scares me, as an AMERICAN, is that there are even SOME people who are as STUPID as the people making the comments. Nice language, everyone!!

    • Verity


      How’s that for colourful language.

    • Kathy

      Look for John’s commentary, Robin. He’s absofuckinglutely someone to whom you can relate!

  • Amy

    I am American – there have been times in the past I’ve been embarrassed to admit that. Now I am downright horrified. This election feels more and more like one of those nightmares where I can clearly see the danger ahead as I go running door to door begging for help – only to find the people behind each door finding me crazy, slamming the doors in my face. Are there really this many ignorant people in the United States? I live on the Canadian border and have many friends and family there already offering up rooms! Is leaving the country the answer? Who will stand up for the wrongs being done if all the sane people leave? I am engaged to a Bosnian Muslim who fled his country in the 90s during the Bosnian War. He survived the war, came to this “great country” where his family picked up the pieces, busted their asses, learned English, got good jobs, bought homes, cars, college tuitions, had children…for what? To be traced, tracked, deported, uprooted again? This terrifies me. Not all foreigners are illegal. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all immigrants came here to live off our welfare system. My stepmother is Mexican, my half brother is biracial. To the best of my knowledge, neither is a drug dealer, nor have they raped anyone. They are hard working, caring, contributing members of society who want what’s best for the ones they love.

  • Carrie

    You have expressed almost exactly the thoughts and feelings I had when I was watching the slow inevitable rise to power of Jacob Zuma here in South Africa. Everyone said he’d never become president, but it happened. And everything I feared while watching it happen has come to pass.

    After a few years under his rule, our crime rate has escalated to horrific proportions, all our parastatals are bankrupt, basic services like health care and electricity are practically non-existant, we’re about to get a junk rating economically and the propoganda fueling racism is putting us on the brink of civil war.

    As I watch what’s happening over there, my belief and my fear is Donald Trump is your Jacob Zuma… only it will be far worse what with America’s ability to impact the entire world.

  • Alicia Underlee Nelson

    Preach! The only thing more terrifying than this hateful man is the way his presence encourages darkness in others. At dinner last night, I sat at a table full of fellow liberals and we reached out to a Republican friend and asked how we could help her and her conservative friends defeat Trump. We all laughed about what an unlikely alliance we’ve just formed. But it’s time. Decent people on both sides of the political spectrum need to come together to stop this attitude before it’s too late.

  • Lor

    From here (France), it seems unbelievable. Apparently it is the same from US (or Canada !).

  • Beth

    Thanks for this insightful post. As an American citizen living abroad I watch in the same horror. I watch as the smoke screen that is Americanism is being blown around, even played with like something I would see at a magic show with blue lights. I am not sure what I can do personally but I hope my discourse with family and friends help. I have to relatives that are trump supports and this is what I noticed they have in common: they are both white, lower middle socioeconomicist, and either never attended or dropped out of university (or tertiary level school). They are also angry at the world right now. They talk about making America great again as if it ever truly was more then a strange superpower of re-porting resources, culture, etc… They think they use the term America to refer to themselves in the United states, forgetting that America is two continents. The illusion is real but it’s not the system or the illuminati propetuating it. It’s every day people living it.

  • Shannon Thomson

    Janelle, thank you for being bold and putting this out. I am not an American, but the thought that Trump could stand a chance of becoming your nation’s president is truly terrifying. As you have articulated, it is terrifying for America, but it is also terrifying for the rest of the world. How can that man become Commander in Chief, holder of nuclear codes? It has never been more important for Democrats to get out to vote, never.

  • Maeana

    OK, I didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if anyone else did this. I voted for Trummp in MA on Super Tuesday because both Bernie and Hillary can beat him easily. Mitt confirmed it.

  • Verity

    I live in the UK and am looking on in abject horror at the possibility of Trump being elected.

    It’s bad enough that we have a Tory government in power over here trying to dismantle things piece by piece but the prospect of that posturing bigot being in charge of the red button is thoroughly terrifying.

    PS the Scott-Heron reference is my favourite.

  • Kate

    Janelle for President!

    But seriously, look at how Toronto voted in Rob Ford as mayor – a cocaine-addict, drunk, racist, sexist pig. I truly believed it was a joke. I thought no one would actually vote for him, but then SOMEONE DID! My sister in Europe then calls me to say Canada is the laughing stock of the world. Get ready America.

    Who are these people who support these people????

  • Laura

    I am more terrified of Hillary. Trump didn’t get where he is by being racist. I heard that convo with Trump about the KKK and I didn’t think that he was a supporter of the KKK. The interviewer said ‘groups’ not KKK. I think he said David Duke and ‘groups’. Just more of the media trying to take him out. He isn’t part of ‘the club’ and for that he must pay for doing so well in the primaries/caucuses. A vote for Trump is a vote against the ‘establishment’. It’s horrible that in the end, the people cannot choose. It’s shocking that you don’t think that is scary. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cruz, but Hillary in office would be more of Nobama. THAT is scary. Bernie would even be better. At least you’d know where you stood. Rubio is a scary little man too. I’m glad he’s on his way out. You have to admit that the Donald is a little entertaining. All these debates they say the same stuff but Trump breaks it up a bit. Presidential? Nah….

  • Darby

    Another great read Janelle…I live in Appalachia and am scared to death of what might happen with a Trump presidency. My husband and I are having a difficult time wrapping our minds around how anyone can take him seriously or believe that he can or would do anything for anyone but himself. I plan to mobilize behind the Democratic candidate and work hard to ensure that Trump, or Cruz for that matter, does not get elected. We cannot afford to just worry or complain about these knuckleheads, we must get into action. Keep up the wonderful writing Janelle, you were able to articulate my thoughts so well:)

  • Mikki

    And the scariest thing of all of it? Is that Cruz and Rubio are more dressed up versions, saying exactly the same thing. Part of me almost prefers the one who says it out loud instead of couching the same thing in flowery language and talk of god. They sound almost sane spouting all of the hate, and sometimes they spout even more of that hatrid. Yet no one is saying “anyone but Cruz”.

  • Brent C.

    Interesting article from Vox on the upward trend of American Authoritarianism. It’s long, but an interesting read.


    The TL;DR is: Trump is a symptom of a larger movement that happens among groups that are experiencing a slip on their dominance and the rapid social change that follows. The GOP is fracturing, and we are essentially looking at three parties in American Politics: The Dems, The Moderate GOP, and the Authoritarian GOP. The latter two are going to become entrenched in a long battle, and Trump is but the first Authoritarian candidate to emerge from the fray.

    It’s ironic that the GOP claims to the be party of “freedom” and “independence” when it is moving further and further away from those two concepts every day.

  • kate

    if it makes you feel any better (which is a dumb thing to say, i know), the editorial staff of northern new jersey’s most prominent newspaper (it doesn’t suck) consistently decries drumpf (and his darling chris christie). even though it appears the orange one’s supporters don’t particularly want to read anything contrary to their beliefs, at least there are large localized currents of distaste and attempts to make that speech heard.

    this editorial is a nice slam on just how the dysfunctional republican party has allowed this circus to keep growing:

  • Allison

    Fuck yes. Preach it!

  • Jim

    Wow, those of you leaving comments really need to learn how to spell… And everyone wonders why 90% of the population of today is so easy to persuaded by making things up or twisting words around. For the one that post this page, Im guessing your for Hillary? Whose for slavery and underage sex. Might want to post truth instead of retarded bullshit online.

    • renegademama


      • Tracey

        This gave me a good chuckle.

  • Nicole

    Thank you, you have said what I have been thinking for a long time.

  • Alex

    Hey – I am shitting bricks, and I’m in Finland .. 🙁

    America – please get your 5h1t together. For yourselves, for your kids and for the rest world who will be hit by the tidal wave sized ripples which will spread out across the planet if this guy gets dropped in the lake.


  • Sarah

    I watch NASCAR during dinner with my family but I’m not voting for Trump.

  • Kristine

    I am so scared for our future. He’s already trying to change election laws. I fear for our children. We have to stop this.

  • MlleOuest

    I just found this blog by googling, ‘miserable and fat’, and became a fan today! Bravo!!!
    And then I saw this post and had to weigh-in. Long rant format…

    America future is turning into the movie Idiocracy.

    I’m not only Canadian, I’m also a brown Asian chick married to a white dude and living in the US.

    I’m terrified of what’s going on, not for myself but also for good people who are just as afraid.

    Sure, Canadians witnessed the former mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford (R.I.P.), his disappointing acts of self-harm and just bad behaviour, but he wasn’t the Prime Minister of Canada.
    Equivalent of Arnold, former governor of California, having no baring of the overall political landscape of the USA.

    I’m terrified, and my husband thinks nothing of it. I called him out that being a white male of privilege and education gave him the biggest bias blind spot, that Trump isn’t as bad as everyone thinks?!? Like WTF?

    This has caused a few riffs in the household, perhaps bc I’ve never been as vocal about US politics in the past, but I found my voice and passport and I am gonna run back home for the next 4 years if this ass-clown becomes president, and if I could take an American family with me too, I would.

    Every time I hear or see Trump in the news, I feel a piece of my rights as a woman die, and more self-conscience of the colour of my skin. I put my passport in my purse because I am scared. I am scared I will have to run. I felt similar during the Bush years, but this is worst.

    I live in a middle-class neighborhood, teaming with good people and kids, but lately I see a predominantly white middle-class neighbourhood, although educated and teaming with NPR stickers on car trunks, I can’t help but wonder if they see me and in what light?

    Trumps campaign of hatred is making me afraid. And I feel for all my friends and family in the US.

    I feel for my landscaper, who showed me his green card recently unprompted. Not once did I question his status. He works hard, and to be fair, he has no union to protect him. Who’d want back breaking labour for 5-7 dollars an hour for 12 hours a day with the uncertainty that you will get paid today, or next week, or never. Is that a job worth stealing back?
    I worry more for him and his family more than for myself.

    What I sadly think most of Trumps undying supporters don’t see what most of us do is that Trump is not an everyday person, not the common man and has little to do with average income pulling good people of America. He’s a wealthy business man/reality TV personality. But first and foremost, a business man.

    I’ve read Trump supporters denounce the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau as, ‘Nothing more than a supply teacher…’. I think I have more in common with a teacher then a uber-rich real estate developer.

    He will turn on his back on his supporters once he’s in office, his wealthy friends/children now have a direct line inside government business, all those billion dollar contacts, deals, etc…

    All those outlandish statements and promises that may get him the presidency will disappear, and what will stand before you is a greedy businessman who’s agenda and only agenda was to get richer, and now, powerful. This is all business and always has been about making more wealth for him and his friends. Fuck all of us, really.

    Trump wants a legacy for his family namesake, and to have the best view from of Washington DC from the most famous house in the USA.

    I can’t imagine Trump family sharing the same home as the beloved Kennedy family once did.

    If Camolot is dead, than we are now witnessing its forever death.

    Honestly, I wish Shonda Rhimes ran for president!

  • Thi

    You are in my mind again! Wtf, how do you do it?!?!?!

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