FTM Friday: Coconut Milk Body Wash

by Janelle Hanchett

So it appears I will write my FTM Fridaftmy posts on any day other than Friday, and I most likely won’t do it weekly?


Oh whatever. Fuck the man. Go hard or go home. Live on the edge.

Et cetera.

Speaking of on-the-edge-living, how about some coconut milk body wash?

And…she turns in her badass card.

Whatever. Even rebels need body wash.

Ok so here’s the story behind this recipe. As part of the Great Shampoo Recipe Search of 2013, I came across this recipe for coconut milk shampoo (also linked below) and I was all “Oh em gee I have found my life force,” but unfortunately it turned my hair into something along the lines of greasy bamboo. Hmmmm. Not sure from whence that one came, but I can dig it.

I’ve learned that any shampoo with castille soap equals tragedy for my noggin. Sucks.photo(39)

Anyway it totally didn’t work for my hair, but the recipe said you could use it as a body wash too, so I did.

And it worked for my body. Also my face. I use this on my body instead of soap. Between the body scrubs and this, I haven’t used soap since I went crunchy back in 2008. I’m kidding. It was January. Of this year.

I find this stuff luxurious and wonderful. You could make it as a gift for a friend or be selfish like me.

Please note that you can use whatever scents you want. I like tea tree.

I also think tea tree keeps bacteria down.

Also, if you use a whole can of coconut milk, you’re going to get a LOT of body wash. My recommendation is to put it in 2-3 containers and keep one in your shower. The others should stay in the fridge. Also, I add vitamin E because not only is it good for the skin, it also keeps bacteria from growing. I have had no mold issues with any of my products, but one of my homegirls out on the East coast had a problem with funky shit growing in her hand salve.

I told her it was an East coast thing so she should probably move here. You know, in the interest of hand salve.

So here you go. Coconut Milk Body Wash. (Adapted from here.)

Live it. Love it.photo(38)

1/4 cup coconut milk

1/3 cup castille soap

1 tsp vitamin E (or 2 if you omit the almond oil)

1 tsp almond oil (or 2 if you omit the vitamin E)

15-20 drops essential oil(s)

1-2 tsp vegetable glycerin (optional – add for a thicker wash)

Put it all in your container. Shake. Use. Move on.


Fuck the man!photo(37)

3 Comments | Posted in FTM Friday | April 28, 2013
  • sara

    So i finally just got around to reading this, since it is in the works for mothers day gifts (HA! who am i kidding. Saturday night i will be at the 24 hour Walmart). It is on the list for beta testing however.
    HOWEVER. since my moldy hand salve got a shout out, i wanted to update. i think the issue is the plastic sealed containers, since the latest batch then went into little cute tins is fine, but the Tupperware ones are starting to pop colonies. it probably has to do with the trapped moisture. i still have the original one as well. it sits on my desk, and occasionally my intern pokes it. we are waiting for it to talk to us. Moral of the story, use cute tins not plastic.

  • Kelly Kemp

    You are great and i love your personality! lol! thanks for sharing!

  • Deborah Maresca

    I stumbled upon you this morning while looking for instructions on how to make skin balm. My grandbabies have very dry skin, however, they are also very sensitive to perfumes and such that are in over the counter lotions. I enjoyed reading your instructions….but more than that I enjoyed your personality that radiated from your writing. I just love it when I find someone “real” that can drop the “f-bomb” in a way that makes me giggle. Thank you!! I am looking forward to reading your new posts.

    Thanks for the a.m. giggle,