This week…well, today is over.

by Janelle Hanchett
  1. I’m not saying the puppy is bad, I’m just saying if he does what he’s supposed to do IT’S A FUCKING MIRACLE.
  2. But I love him. At least I think I do. No, I do. For sure I do. I love him. But perhaps he could just move beyond this whole jumping on the kids and nipping stage.
  3. Somebody explain this to me: Sometimes I don’t go to the gym for awhile, which makes me feel like crap, and because I feel like crap, I eat a bunch of food I shouldn’t, which makes me feel even more like crap and even less like going to the gym, which is the only thing that will make me not feel like crap anymore.
  4. If nobody can relate to #3 I’m gonna cry.
  5. A couple days ago I found Rocket duct taped (with flame tape no less) to a chair, complete with a sock in his mouth and his hands tied together. As I told Ava, I totally appreciate the sentiment.
  6. We went on another camping trip this weekend, but this time we went with some friends. Had a great time but I took no pictures, because I forgot my camera. Could have taken them with my phone, but one of the great joys of camping is not having a phone for a few days…so I have no proof of the wonderfulness.
  7. But I have to tell you where we went because it was amazing: Sly Park Recreation Area near Pollock Pines. It’s on a lake (that’s warm enough to swim in), there are bike trails everywhere and there’s a 25-foot high waterfall that you can jump off of into the swimming hole below.
  8. Rocket and Ava both jumped off that waterfall. Trip out. I didn’t get to go because I was back at the camp with Georgia, but I was proud nonetheless. Next time, I’m doing it. I love heights. No really, I do. I adore being way the hell up there, looking down. I’ve always been the first to jump off rocks, cliffs, etc. That may because I love heights, or it may be because I’m not too bright. Whatevs.
  9. You know what drives me nuts? When people’s kids act like little shit heads and the mother’s like “Oh please let me validate your entitled, spoiled-rotten bullshit because you’re my kid and you’re perfect!” I mean they don’t say that exactly, of course, but that’s what it is. Ya feel me? Like the kid throws a tantrum because he thinks he’s been wronged and the mother backs the kid up without even knowing what went down…just assumes her kid is justified. And then the kid turns 21 and can’t go to school, work or do a damn thing for himself and the mother’s all “wow! That’s so strange! I did everything to empower him!”
  10. No, you didn’t. You taught him that his tantrums are valid, reliable ways to get what he wants and that the world should cater to HIM and his whims, even if they are ridiculous…because…because why? Because he’s him and he’s perfect.

In other news, this morning the dog had diarrhea all over his crate. Twenty minutes later the coffee pot overflowed all over the kitchen counter. While brushing my teeth, a bristle struck a nerve of an apparently unwell tooth, because all the sudden I got a stab of the most excruciating pain up my face. It’s been sore ever since. And this afternoon, while driving Rocket to his guitar lesson, I got a ticket on the freeway. Why? Because I was breaking the law.

Nevertheless, this is one of those days that I appreciate for one reason and one reason only: because any day that follows one like this WILL NOT SUCK THAT BAD.

Yes, he’s smiling under there

the only picture I took. As usual, Georgia is immaculate & wearing shoes.

10 Comments | Posted in weeks of mayhem | July 2, 2012
  • Jessica

    #3….YES, God yes. I would say that after a whole week and a half of not going to the gym, I’m dunzo. I can so relate.

  • Christina

    Oh my! #3, blah, I hate #3.

    Ava is the best. You have got to love that girl.

  • Michael Ann

    You are the BEST mom! Really. We all make mistakes in parenting but you let your kids be themselves, you laugh at duct taped kidnappings, you don’t spoil them and you respect them for the unique human beings they are. If all kids were raised this way, the world would be a better place!

    And that’s the truth.

  • Melanie

    Re no.3: Story of my life.

  • Leah

    I could sing a little song about #3 except that I would need excellent lung capacity, which would require exercise … And we are there again. Thank you so so so so much for taking a picture of Rocket in the throes of playing “Lindburgh” before freeing him. You did free him, right? Oh AND #9 makes me do rude things, like turn to my children and say audibly “if you EVER behave like that you won’t see the light of day until winter then there will only be 4 hours of daylight anyway.”

  • Julia

    9 – IKR! this mom at swim meet tonight bought her daughter a new team suit for $54. Not because she needed one but because she misplaced her other one in her pig sty of a room and then refused to swim in anything else. That woman is making a difficult future for herself and any poor teacher who has the misfortune of having that girl in her class. 3 – The great news is that this principle works in reverse too. It’s called the domino affect (opposite of downward spiral 🙂 Anytime you make one positive change in your life others naturally follow with less effort.

  • Jennifer

    Oh #3. It takes over my life. Gluttony is my punishment for laziness.

  • Sheena

    #3…I know the damn doughnut will make me feel like crap, but I eat it anyway….and then I want another …WTF?

  • Andromeda

    Thanks for the heads up about Sly Park! I went there in 5th grade? 6th grade maybe? for a week with my class in elementary school. It was fun. I don’t know why we hadn’t looked there for camping this summer. We are going to check out Rollins Lake (by Colfax) and Collins Lake (by Marysville). We haven’t been to either one. Sly Park will have to make it on our list in the near future.

  • Tara

    Which campground would you recommend at Sly Park? I’d like to get the hell outta here this weekend after dealing with rotavirus infecting the whole fam for like 8 DAYS! BTW – I love your posts please keep them coming! I love to lurk 😉