You are not going crazy. America is gaslighting you.

by Janelle Hanchett

Let’s get something really fucking clear right now: Our country is gaslighting us.

At this point, without willful ignorance or staunch denial or some special cocktail of both, there is no way to dodge the reality of our country.

Whatever hope any of us had (spoiler alert I had none) that Trump “wouldn’t be that bad” has crashed by now, and we are left with detention centers for children ripped from their parents’ arms, alongside a mural of our dictator.

Wait. We aren’t supposed to have a dictator.

When our President refers to a murderous dictator running a totalitarian state as “very honorable” and “very smart,” somebody who “loves his people,” stating that it’s an “honor to meet [him],” you have two choices: Admit Trump is dangerous as fuck and wholly anti-democratic or bury your head further in the sand.

The ship has sailed. We are here. POTUS lies so much we don’t even care anymore. He refers to the free press as “our country’s biggest enemy.” That shit barely makes the news.

Meanwhile, Russia’s meddling in our 2016 elections remains unaddressed. Not only is it unaddressed, our President advocates for Russia on the global stage, aligning himself with the world’s dictators while shitting on our allies. (Sure am glad he’s taking care of that pesky threat known as “Canada.”)

They’re trying to gut health care, again. Net neutrality is gone.

Meanwhile, Trump attacks actors in misspelled tweets and the White House remains a revolving door of appointees and Antarctica is melting. We can’t even care about climate change. That’s like way low on the list, amiright? Think about that.

The hits just keep on coming, so, so fast. Every fucking day. And we’re expected to just carry on. On the one hand, what else are we supposed to do? We have to live. We have to feed our families and raise our kids and pay our rent.

But all this “normalcy” in the face of absolutely not normal at all creates a sense of dizzying and lonely dissonance. Gaslighting. The sycophantic GOP twiddling its thumbs letting this shit all slide, as if it’s all business as usual. Gaslighting. Fox News has clearly become state propaganda and millions of Americans believe that shit. Gaslighting.

I walk around in a perpetual state of ARE YOU NOT SEEING WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Even with some acquaintances. And family members. People are flat out fucking delusional. Somebody tried to argue recently that Trump is bringing people “together.”



We are forced to carry on our lives in The United States of Fascism Light. We have to just keep on living. We see democratic principles being systematically annihilated every fucking day, maybe hour, and the never-ending newsreels cover it and cover it like it’s standard politics and the GOP does jack shit and we see what’s happening but all this inaction by the people in power tells us every day, all day, that everything is fine.

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

I read Twitter and Facebook and comment sections of news articles. Trump supporters quote the Bible and call people liberal snowflakes, citing shit Obama did, rejoicing in some idea of regaining America greatness, of vague nostalgia, while they get fucked by the oligarchy and don’t even see it. Their bigotry is so rampant they’re overjoyed at the prospect of “tough on illegals” without recognizing what it really means is that we’re removing children from their parents. They love Trump’s posturing, his Big Man persona, failing to see how they’re being played. The rich simply rejoice in their tax cuts. Dizzying. Infuriating.

As if any of this is the fucking point.

This isn’t about us vs. them, folks. This is about the soul of our nation and thus the soul of its people, and it’s about where we’re headed, and how we built this, and whether or not we can survive it.

Am I overreacting? Being hyperbolic? Maybe. But explain to me a detention center for children with our President’s face painted on the wall. Explain to me a President attacking the free press. Explain to me a President who FLAT OUT DOES NOT CARE that Russia meddled in our elections. Explain to me his praise for Kim Jong Un. Explain to me his constant barrage of lies. Explain to me his pardoning his friends and installing of loyalists. Explain to me Congress doing nothing to stop him.

I have no answers. How could I?

What I want to say to you, friends, is that what we have to do right now, every goddamn day, is look for the truth.

I’m not referring to truth in the media. Although, yes, also do that.

Right now what I’m talking about are the artists. The people speaking the truth of humanity, of love, of freedom.

Read more than you ever have. Read James Baldwin and Toni Morrison and Tolstoy and Austen and Sylvia Plath. Read everyone. Read every fucking day, even just a little.

Follow @nitch on Instagram. Follow painters and poets and weirdos. Follow the ones making shit. Right now. Do it.

Get your ass to a museum and look at some art. Look at local art. Look at fancy European art. Look at photographs and sculptures. Watch people doing amazing things with their bodies and hands and minds.

Turn your music up. Turn it way, way up. Get thee to festivals and dance. Bring the annoying children. Dance with them, too. Dance in the living room. Turn it up so loud you think your ears may break. Your favorite songs. The ones that rip your heart out. The ones you loved when you were young.

We have to stay centered, friends, grounded, in life, in the people speaking the truth, in those with the moral courage, then and now, to insist on the power and beauty and creative force within all of us, to revolt and resist and survive, or we will grow tired, and we will forget, and we will give up.

We are living right now in a nation that’s lying to us, every day, forcing us to deny and ignore what see with our own eyes, what we know to be true, and that’s a horrible way to live. A horrible way to raise children. A demoralizing, confusing way to live.

Remember you aren’t crazy.

You know the truth and the truth knows you.

We must insist on it.

And vote in November or I’ll kick your fucking ass.

I love you. Art. Art now.

He’s learning guitar and playing these old songs and the kids and I sing along. We have to not forget.


“I suppose some of us don’t have the luxury of neatly wrapped truth, of affirmations that rest on our tongue like peppermints. Some of us need to be doused in gasoline and set aflame, until the truth consumes us, and we have no choice but to recreate ourselves. A collision, I suppose, when one must choose to live or die.

I didn’t want to feel better. I wanted to live.
I didn’t want the pain gone. I wanted it to mean something.

And when I found my voice, I found a purpose for every moment I had lived. I found power in every blackened room in my mind, every fear, every molestation, every sad parent, every futile word and nightmare memory.

Because it led me to you, to the place where we are the same, to the place where words draw a line from my bones to yours, and you look at me and say, “I know,” and I look back at you, thinking, Well I’ll be damned, I guess we’ve been here together all along.”


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  • ElRobbo

    Sigh. Okay. You just earned a book sale with this post.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    • Paul Jacobs

      I agree with every word written here. I am a 47 years old retired firefighter (due to injury) and received only 2 years disability back in 2010. As I was losing everything, including my family, during the finacial crash, I had to move home with family. Recently I found out I have degenerative disc disease in my c-spine, but the VA has their head so far up their ass the docs have no clue how to manage their patients. I was rear-ended last month and am receiving proper medical care for the first time since I found out about my c-spine ONLY because the at fault party’s insurance is paying for it. In the midst of all this shit I have applied to 358 jobs in the last 5 months and have had only 6 interviews. 4 of those were BS, and 3 of the BS interviews I was discriminated against. The EEOC NEVER responded and I could not get through on their online portal to make an appointment. When I go out in the world to find work, or even just have a coffee, there is a sense of a millennial takeover where everyone wants to be nice… smile to your face and tell you what they want you to hear, then walk away leaving you with nothing but questions and frustration. This is rampant in every professional business I deal with. How are people supposed to move forward with a positive outlook and sense of worth when our country is run by greed and ignorance? How am I supposed to house myself and see my children if I am shut out and shunned by the world around me? I have a BS in psychology and will have an MBA in September ’19 with a concentration in CPA. All I can do is hope I make it another year as I am currently living off school funds. The worst part of all is I haven’t been able to see or speak to my daughter in another state because her mother has blocked my number. I have no way to correct this and no help at all. I am tired of how this country is working. So tired…
      – Sad and Alone –

      • J A Grant

        When the Ray gun came out against unions, the dye was cast. Seems like we would have learned not to elect B-rated actors to the presidency. But noooo

    • Jamie

      Anyone who believes in “The Golden Rule” is being gaslighted right now. It doesn’t matter if you are liberal or conservative or whatever label we give ourselves.

      • RobRob

        Yes. In recent times I have seen so much gas lighting it is amazing. It isn’t a matter of topic or gender or politics. People say stuff that is mind boggeling. good friend told me recently that we are lucky to be getting old so we won’t have to be around to see how bad it gets. I sure hope it does not get much worse.

    • Wendy Rose

      Are you for real? I can’t believe what I just read. First off we don’t have free press. Corporations pay these networks in addition to three letter agencies. Operation Mocking Bird is no secret. It never ended. Read about it. Second, we haven’t just begun being lied to by this antichrist Trump you speak of. Read about Operation paper clip, Gulf of Tonkin, MK Ultra which also isn’t classified or a secret. Read about it. How about the Arkansas prison tainted blood scandal “factor 8 documentary” or read up on “the Iron Triangle” about the Carlyl Group who made a fortune off the 9/11 and the Iraq war. The church committee as well regarding CIA. Read the book “fast and furious” gun walking scandal. Oh and the NXIVM sex ring. That is real and these people have plead guilty and funneled money to candidate Clinton. Read up on Prescott Bush the Nazi and the nazi bush family. Read up on where Bill Clinton spent a good deal of time prior to his life in politics….Russia. Yes a communist sympathizer. Obama’s hero and mentor was a communist and he writes of it in his own book. Hillary who propagates the Russia boogie man story more than anyone wrote her thesis on Saul Alinski. Obama “could be more flexible with Russia after the election.” Read up on the US House if Rep Select Committee on Assassinations 1976 regarding Kennedy. How about the US CIA involvement in Guatemala on behalf of United Fruit American interests and Dulles Brothers CIA. The FBI spying on MLK. “I did not have sex with that woman” except he did. Read about Gen Smedley Butler and plot to take over America by deep state. There was a trial and it’s public record. No secret or conspiracy. Read about The Creature from JekylI Island and the creation of the Fed Reserve/IRS. No secret either if you take the time to look it up. How about China’s One Belt One Road? You think that won’t become a sovereignty issue? You think that’s not imperialistic? Dangerous? Have you read up on why the Haitians hate the Clintons? Do you know who Laura Silsby is? Weinstein was guilty by courts. No secret. I could go on and on. My point is that you seem to raise yourself to a level of wakefulness and intelligence that so many others lack which you find striking. Pretty narcissistic or arrogant to say the least. In fact we have been lied to before Trump, before Obama, before Clinton, before both Bushes, etc. This division based on this party or that (read Norman Montagu Bank of England) only serves to benefit a few very rich and powerful who owe no allegiance to the people or any particular country. They rape and pillage the resources of countries and steal from us all. If you were well read and educated you would AT THE VERY LEAST see no difference between Trump from the rest. In fact you are not as awake as you think. None of us are. Those who are truly awake realize (real eyes) that the division is an illusion you chose to buy into or not. This didn’t begin with Trump but long ago. Kennedy’s speech on secret societies all but told us exactly what was happening and is obviously in full gear. Unfortunately no one paid attention. At least Trump is draining the swamp of these creatures or at least exposing them as the pedophiles and satan worshipers they are. That’s more than has been done in a very long time.

      • Ujjvala Rahn

        Hon, you indeed are gaslighted. The Trump cronies in there now ARE the swamp.

        • Learn to Read

          You obviously can’t read. They are saying Trump and every other politician has done NOTHING for any of us. They are all the same. No matter how badly ppl want to label themselves and put themselves in their “political box” the truth is the truth no matter what. And when you’re writing a goddamn book (blog post) on how woke you are but yet can’t see the whole picture, it’s just delusional. The government can’t fix your problems. And all they are good at is dividing people, lying and taking our money and freedom and CAUSING MORE PROBLEMS. People are so stupid to fall for all of that BS. The minute you put more than five titles on yourself And live your life by a damn slogan- you automatically know you’re not woke. You’re just another sheep.

          • kevin

            Not sure I agree with you

          • SHHHHHHH

            Oh no, the systems got a hold of you. Please find the light soon.

        • THE DUDE

          You are completely a spent load wtf do you think of the shit show happening right now? I am in no way a Man who worshiped another mere mortal. I know %100 that Americans living quality was much better than they are now with corn pop
          Absolutely disgusting what this idiot is proud of. SO ARE

      • Peter Bruns

        Jesus, when are you vermin going to stop letting your orange fascist off the hook? Your post was nothing but saying “oh well look at that politician and see how he lies too?” NO DIFFERENCE between Trump and those others whom you cited? Wake up honey. The fact you repeat the line “draining the swamp” indicates you don’t pay attention at all… the swamp floodgates have been open INWARDS since Trump took office. Bringing up “pedophiles and satan worshipers” also tells me you’ve got a cute label for anybody who isn’t a fascist-loving Nazi.

      • Kady Lala

        I don’t understand why you Trump supporters have to HATE so much. My God. Every one of you ready to kill someone, to rape women, to burn children to make your point. It’s not necessary, not any of it. We get it. You’re a racist and you’re proud. You’re stupid and you’re proud. You’re hateful and you’re proud. Hooray for Trump.

      • Immigrant Veteran

        You had me till, the mention of fruitcake Trump. You do realize that you’re adulating over a known child rapist, yes he’s a pedophile,a prolific one at that. Let’s also mention his series of brutilizing women. Need I mention his buddy Epstein? Sure Bill had many adventures on Epstein’s Lolitta Express. You my friend are delusional to say the least. They are two sides of the same coin. And you Americans voted for these pigs to represent your best interests, says more about you, than it says about them! How pathetic!

      • ExhibitA

        @Wendy Rose you are telling them to read.. the problem is that leftist brainwashed sheep morons dont know how to read. They know how to drink the commie democrat kool-aid tho. They ignore all the disgusting filth sexual acts with children that clinton and Hunter has done, they ignore all the criminality that obozo and hillary has done. but cling on to something trump said over 2 decades ago like idiots.. Cant wait til Trump is back in office in 2024 so i can laugh at all u buffoons that were yelling to the sky.

    • 13 followsMe

      I like how everyone blames the Russians. That is the gaslight. What people dont want to admit is that the system was broken from the inside by both parties. Families run the country now not politicians. Did now one ever think that the democratic party undermined the election this time like the Buschs did for Jr?
      Trump and the clintons go way back like bread and water. Trump was demoncratic when he ran and then changed to republican. Two besties going “against” each other…both go to charities, daughter weddings and trump for 10yrs donated $$$$ to the clintons….
      And now we are believe that a bunch of shit talking politicians are now enimies? When was he going to lock her up? See the fools are the ones that think the system can be fixed and there is a safe side to be on when you dont realize we are surrounded and being torn apart by wolves….the meteor will come and dash us to pieces before we see the light. Our leaders have failed us and sold us to slaughter….democracy and the republic are dead. Wake the fuck up. Its back to good old fashoin tribalism. Get in where you fit in or suffer fate….

      • Mandi

        Although sad and shity that this is what it’s come to. I agree with you.

    • debbie

      I’ve been rendered speechless. overwhelming sadness and horror for which I cannot find a word to describe. I am an artist/carpenter. Finding out (onset of covid) that America is filled with so many self-absorbed,
      cruel people with no empathy has left me feeling hopeless, angry. People no wearing masks because they truly don’t give a fuck if they infected another human being. Setting aside politics…all the blood trophy hunters in Idaho killing and maiming wolves and their pups. Using wolves for target practice. What in the fuck kind of human beings am I living amongst? Hopefully, I thought, these horrible people are the minority! My son informed me “mom. you are the minority, not them.” You know as well as I do that their is no logical way to reason with psychotic people. So covid keeps getting spread about by maskless people. Wolves and their puppies keep getting slaughtered and maimed by these people. The government? Continues to tolerate and encourage these people. The news marches on, lying. Where are all the 70’s people? We knew how to be heard and seen. Study THAT history and get up off your young, vibrant asses and make a stand. Even though I am 68? My old ass will be right there if/when you get motivated. talk doesn’t change a thing. LETS GO. Show these heartless bastards that their way is wrong. MOVE. Look at the changes made in the 70’s by loud, offended, fucking tenacious young people..who stood their ground.

    • Jojo Banks

      Are you enjoying the new Marxist dictatorship? The face diapers, social distancing, fake scandals, setting all races against one another? Well, you voted for it and you made it happen. Enjoy the Stasi. You earned it.

    • Who cares

      You are an absolute moron. Idiocracy may as well be a documentary to losers that paint others into corners so they can say 2+2=7 because I said so. You are a FOOL

    • Lisa U

      Truly I thank God for ppl like you!!

  • Anna

    I absolutely love this. I spend my days wandering around trying to figure out wtf it’s happening on any given day. I would like to add to this, get out and prepare to vote. Get educated on the people you are voting for, and for vote with your morals, not with your loyalties. Read up on who is getting money from where, and follow the grassroots organizations that are trying to change the status quo.

    Get mad, get educated, go vote. November is our chance to slow this fucking train wreck down so that in 2020 we can stop it for good.

    Thank you for writing this. I needed to feel less alone.

    • Norita

      Anna – YESSSSS! Everything you stated here!!
      I fucking love you!

    • Cindy


      You are absolutely correct. No one can make the point any better.
      My adopted son keeps saying we need a revolution to separate the
      good from the bad. Don’t know if that’s the answer… but we need
      changes or means to shut it all down somehow… our votes, I’m
      afraid won’t find anyone that honest.
      I’m sick of the stinking education our children get from K thru colleges/universities!
      I’m disgusted that our churches no longer take the stances they once did n don’t
      even offer a proper teaching/preaching environment for the families.

      Let’s wake up, America… we need to take back our country!

      But, I think you’re absolutely correct in what you said

  • Kathy S

    Yes! Yes yes yes and yes. And thank you. America has been dumbing down for years, but this is fucking disgusting.

  • Charise

    Thanks so much for this and Amen.

  • Jessica

    Motherfucking hell yes to all of this.

    That is all.

  • amy

    I love you and your writing so much. Thank you for bringing the noise. I thought I should share this quote, because I feel so hopeless. I need something to hold on to (from Howard Zinn ): “What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places–and there are so many–where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction. And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.”

    • Arica

      Thank you! Just thank you!

  • Suzanne

    Thank you for having the courage to write this. I will read. I will look at art AND support my local art museum (just sent a check for membership). But I think about those kids and feel so helpless. I want to get in my car and drive to one of these places and start pounding on the door. I’m making calls today to the White House and Devin-freakin-Nunes. But what else? I feel like we need to make some noise.

    • Missus T

      Great post, truly inspirational and comforting 🙂

      The confusion & fear is REAL and are symptoms of lies and hatred.
      I crave truth and love. Let us unite to demonstrate truth and love. Let us give truth and love to our brothers and sisters around the world.

      Suzanne: in response to what else? I want to share that I was able to donate money to the ACLU today in honor of Trump’s b-day, it felt great!

  • Bonnie Ward

    Thank you!!! I am in a constant state of outrage and i feel SO helpless. I feel dizzy and breathless at times…..Thank you for your outrage, and your call to what matters. I will have my grown kids over for hamburgers on the grill tonight, will snuggle with my granddaughter as i put her to bed tonight, and sing “Amazing Grace”, like i do every night—reminding her and me that this isn’t the only Story!

  • Melissa Dawson

    Hi Janelle. I just heard that the 1 issue left and right have in common is concern about the bees. Perhaps,this is something to remember when for a way to engage people about the importance of the G7 and the Arctic melt. One love sweetheart.

  • Nikki

    I literally just wrote a version of this yesterday on FB. About an hour later I had family members (trumpers) posting about the liberal left being “morons” and how “close they are to communism and socialism.” They LOVE this. I can’t explain it. It breaks my heart and hurts my soul. For the record, these people are NOT stupid or ignorant. They are well educated (with advanced degrees) and that is what makes it harder for me. The gaslighting causes a constant state of underlying stress that never seems to go away and only gets worse. It makes me feel better to see you say this out loud, because otherwise the gaslighting might work and convince me I’ve lost my mind.

    • Norita

      Nikki, I posted this to John’s comment as well. I can relate to your frustration with Trumpers in the family – mine too. Maybe this can work for you too? :
      I have a small group of activist friends & we support each other in our ACTIONS:
      can you take direct grass roots actions? Can you choose one thing locally or within your State that you DO NOT agree with & March like a mofo all the way into your Congress person’s office? Or at least make direct phone calls to them? Can you write letters or wmails to your Congress members sharing your views?

      We need you! And we can’t rely on other people to take action for us at this point. In Democratic Solidarity & sincere thank you, Xox

  • Renee

    THIS!!! Every. Fucking. Day. It is exhausting and perplexing and quite depressing. Thank you for sharing, Janelle. It’s like you live in my head.

  • Carra

    Thank you for your voice! May we all be brave enough to go out into the world and fucking fight for what we know is right. For ourselves, our children, and for those who have never known our privilege.

  • Kathryn

    My grandmother came out of Germany post WWII, what you are describing seems very closely aligned with what many Germans watched happen to their country. Hitler was originally elected to a democratic government as well. Please take action America before its too late!

    • renegademama

      So many Americans can hardly admit Trump sucks, let alone is dismantling our republic. And yet, here we are. We’re clinging to the rule of law, seeing if it will hold up, but I am nervous, that’s for damn sure. Just waiting for the Reichstag Fire Trump uses to justify whatever the fuck he comes up with. Terrifying. Let me know if you need a wife, husband, and four kids over there in Australia.

  • Renee'

    OMG thank you for this! There are days that I think I am going crazy from all the bigots, racist, homophobic, uncaring, xenophobic, misogynistic SOB’s have showed up since our fearless Orangeman has come into power. A group of my friends scattered throughout the country have formed a group on Messenger on which we share/bitch about the GOP/administration/his head orangeness on. It is very therapeutic! We know we can say anything to each other and get it crammed back down our throats! It’s nice being about to say whatever you want without the fear of retaliation! Everyone needs a safe place!!!!

  • John Hanley

    Hey, whatever happened to that National Strike idea that was being floated as follow-up to the women’s march? I thought that was a sure fire winner. ““Dismantle the children’s prison camps! Keep digging until we get to the bottom of Russian interference in our elections! Insert your crucial yet achievable goal here! STRIKE, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, STRIKE!!!”

    • Norita

      John, can you take direct grass roots actions? Can you choose one thing locally or within your State that you DO NOT agree with & March like a mofo all the way into your Congress person’s office? Or at least make direct phone calls to them? We need you! And we can’t rely on other people to take action. Xox

    • renegademama

      Goddamnit I fuckin love you, John.

  • Kristin Sheridan

    You are absolutely right, my dear. Please be sure to take care of yourself. I worry about you.

  • A Penner

    So refreshing to read this! As Canadians, we wonder what the heck happened in the US?!? We watch the news and hear the constant craziness and lies and wonder how on earth people can support this government. Yes, please, get out and and vote!!

    • Norita

      you are so correct ^^^ And it has never been more apparent how much corruption there is with this Administration. I have never been so appalled or embarassed or ashamed to admit I am from the US. Please know that MOST of us do NOT think like this dumb fucker & are fighting like hell to rectify all the Diplomatic damage his is doing at such a crazy speed. Also, gotta love Robert De Niro’s apology to all Canadians this week. I too apologize for not getting Dumpy OUT OF OFFICE soon enough. Thanks for your comment above.

    • renegademama

      White supremacy is one helluva drug. Also, oddly, I am finally, slowly, beginning to hear about people here and there who regret voting for him. He somehow managed to snow people, which I WILL NEVER FUCKING UNDERSTAND.

    • Will


  • Lorain

    Yes, thank you!!! We are in danger of becoming numb and exhausted, but we cannot afford to stand aside while all this mess is raining down. For those who are already exhausted, please just pick an issue and fight for it. As for me, I am standing with the children and families. Students have the right not to be shot in their classrooms, and immigrants deserve basic human rights! I want my country back. No. I demand that it be returned, and I will work like hell to vote out anyone who is in the way.

  • Kari

    Gaslighting! That’s exactly it!

  • Brenda Edmonds

    Rock on with your bad self! This madness is beyond the pale. I have been having visions since the age of 14. I’ve had three regarding 45. One has come to pass when he took the oath of office. The other two are to come, & they are dark! So I’m freaking out on a couple of levels. Had to start taking blood pressure meds. Have had difficulty sleeping & wake up pissed off sometimes, because I feel so helpless to stop this cruel, vile, pussy grabbing, racist. But taking kids away from their parents & holding them in cages? WTF?? I am beyond angry & my heart breaks for them! The GOP has been effectively neutered! My theory is that they must show up in the Oval Office, drop their pants, get on their knees, vow loyalty to 45, at which point they have their balls removed, and replaced with a Trump brand! “There are none so blind as those who will not see”!

  • Norita


    Truth to power!!

    Younfucking ROCK Janelle –

    Damnit, I wanted to post a pic of some art I made related to this theme but cannot attach a photo in comments here. Drats.
    Just do it.
    Dance your ass off & VOTE in the primary elections starting NOW!


  • Mary.El

    I wish I were as articulate as Janelle!! I’m exhausted from being pissed off all the time. Have stopped communicating with crazy Christian trumpers in my family and that has helped some. I’m still trying to figure out how to be civil to anyone who thinks that what is happening is ok.

    I try to remember that a majority of voters chose HILLARY CLINTON on Election Day. How is this a democracy?

    I have voted in every election: city, county, state, and national since 1984. Yeah, 1984. (I hate the electoral college.) I will for sure be at the polls in November.

  • Trisa

    I was so relieved to read this, and have shared it widely. Here,on the other side of the world, I wondered whether Americans can actually SEE what’s happening to their country. It’s very,very worrying. As a musician, I obviously totally agree with your solution xx

    Then, this:

  • Just another....whateveryouwanttocallme

    How come Trump ended up as President then? Just curious

    • renegademama

      Why did Hitler rise to power? Why did chattel slavery exist? Why was Jim Crow a thing? Because people suck.

  • Rachel

    When you feel helpless remember that voting is our most powerful weapon and the fastest way to stop this fucking nightmare. Tell everyone you know they can register to vote at And commit to helping get people to the polls. If that means asking a neighbor if they need a ride to the polls, do that! It doesn’t have to be an all-out effort. Just do what you can.

    And I think this is your best, most important post yet. And reading the comments makes me feel less alone.

  • Erin

    Yes, just yes to all of this. You put my (our?) soul into such horribly amazing words. C’mon,America, let’s get our shit together.

  • Sarah

    This exactly. I tell my husband all the time I feel like I’m being gas-lighted. A lot of folks around us act like this is normal and great, and I’m over here saying “how can you not see?!?!? This is not OK!!!” I try to keep my sanity by music, getting my hands in the dirt and raising the food that feeds my family, reading (including awesome blogs like this one!) and doing what I can to make my voice heard. Our children and the world deserve better than this! Keep speaking up!

  • Farrell

    My thoughts exactly! Only you said it way better.
    Ps – I’m almost done your audio book and I LOVE it!!

  • Tarah

    I am from Canada and I can barely read or listen to headlines lately. I do not understand how people can still be so oppressed and flat out ignorant in this continent.

  • lightlysalt

    Good morning and no due process. FUCK.

  • Dan

    You are nuts and what is wrong with this country.

    • MenAreShit

      Well, Dave, if you read the fucking article or could see outside of your own butthole you might know.

  • Christopher J Burnell

    Ladies and Gentleman we are living in times of deception and lies..what appears to be normal is at times an illusion..a mask to go forward to not be consumed by the real problems.


    There has been a breech in our our democracy that is testing us..our willpower our loyalty to what is good normal and law and to love and we must not allow hate and deception..fraudalance and shady politics to destroy the sanctity of our country.

    Donald Trump must be removed from power from the very foundations that enabled it. The People. Us and i also believe fraud and scandal an inside job. This is an emergency to us all. Whatever forces came in with Mr Trump are trying to take over Normalcy and Decency in exchange for Power and Control.

    Families are being bullied and harassed for being decent honest people. Love is being bullied because it makes us strong..we remember normalcy and it keeps us stable.

    Hatred is an intoxication..a drug if you will and it tries seducing us each and everyday.But no avail. Love TRUMPS over Hate.

    I do not hate Donald Trump…but I Love America and this is not America.This is a stage of normalcy with corruption all in our faces and for the brave ones standing up were getting our asses kicked and will continue to do so until…November 2020.

    November 2020 needs to be the glass shatter of illusion back to reality.

    I love you all you tough son of a bitches and hope to god that we take our country back.

    God Bless.

  • Jubilee Clip

    Trump is but a symptom of the state of U.S. affairs my friend. From about the conception of the U.S. dollar as the World Reserve Currency the game was played out an into the hands of the sociopathically obscenely wealthy patrons of doom.

    As it stands the U.S. appears to have a puppet President (1950’s onwards) who are the talking heads of an ‘apparent’ state, a state that we believe as a so called ‘democratic’ one. The truth is this, the U.S. is just another colonialist oligarchy that calls the kettle black while creating genocide every time it wantonly interferes in other countries affairs.

    Pretty soon, (when Iran is invaded) Nuclear war will annihilate us all and another race of beings with a backbone will (through evolution) live and prosper. How so many U.S. citizens watch Neo Conservative and Right Wing Fascist Christians slowly mobilise and dictate policy to a dumbed down race of poor folk utterly bamboozles me. There will always be more of us than them but we seem to be stupider than the canes they whip us with.

    In the words of Pink Floyd from the Wall ‘Goodbye Cruel World I’m leaving you today’. The world will survive the baseless human excrement that it hosts. We all have a role to make sure that the next generation of humans make it a better place and we would much rather watch Manchester United get thrashed, watch a Kardashians hole or watch Sky News scutter our screens.

    Good nite Irene…

  • Dave

    There are times you can be lost for words. I’m a Brit (and yes, brexit is also fucked) and I love the USA. Worked there, vacationed there, have friends there, seriously thought about buying a home there. But I am now contemplating never ever spending my hard earned money there period. The orange sphincter, evangelicals, kavanagh, Mitch McConnell, Ted fucking Cruz wtf. And now I have to watch that smug bastard Rick Santorum on CNN justifying the republicans support for the pussy grabber in chief. Unreal, unacceptable and not the America that do so many things so very well. Good luck you guys. You deserve so so much better.

    • Dave

      Oh and I forgot to mention. I just wish that the entire Hispanic community would organize. If they withdrew their labor for just 24 hours, the US would grind to a halt. Hospitals would close, restaurants would close, hotels would close, airports would shut down, garbage would pile up and jeez, the middle class wouldn’t get their gardens attended to because they do all the crap jobs that Americans will not do. And before anyone says “well what about all those Eastern Europeans in the UK working minimum wage cos the welfare dependent, multi generational British chavs will just not work, fair point. But we are not dictated to and have policies enacted on the basis that there is a white supernatural male person watching everything we do. One final rant. Trump is an atheist. There is no possible way that he believes in anything other than himself. He picked half a Pence for the votes. Talk about the cynical manipulation of a system that many on here are in despair of.

      • August Mans

        The one thing illegal immigration does, is allows business owners to skate the rules. For instance, in New York, if you own a business with 12 or more employees, you have to pay 15$ hr. Min wage. Time and half over 40 hrs. 5 paid days off no questions asked. Also provide healthcare for your employees. So I worked in a place, we had 17 employees. Only 11 of us were on the books. I worked 60 hr work weeks, getting paid on paper for 24hrs. No health care, no sick time, no overtime, and only making 12$ hr. They still get away with it because they have the illegals to make up the rest of the employees completely off books. So they don’t exist then right? skating by on a technicality when they can more than afford to give us what would be right by law.. they bash America, how stupid white people are and send most of their money back home paying no taxes, meanwhile I pay taxes on on my paper check, I have no insurance and am not getting paid my worth. I know of hundreds of places like this all over New York. I’m a second generation American, I have no problem though, if you want to come here and do it the right way. So many people voice out against it, but how many of you even know any illegals? Why won’t they take back their countries. They aren’t being run out by guerilla armies and government la like Africa. There is no civil war, they just live in fear of gangs, like so many American citizens do right here in our own country. Yet they want to come here, not to assimilate, or to be American, then have the audacity to complain they don’t get paid enough? then criticize the way we live. We couldn’t do that in any other country in the world, so why do that here in America. Our schools are overcrowded. Our media and information is bombarded with non-facts and bullshit opinions. We love movies and music that sensationalize crime, killings, and guns, and wonder why we have a mass shooting epidemic? I guarantee that 95% of this country won’t ever see a gun unless it’s on TV. We are a country of ill-informed. We spew our opinions that most of us have no basis on, other then it’s the right thing, the human thing. Give me a break. They shouldn’t have ripped kids from their parents, they should send the ones who aren’t legit all back together as a family the same way they came. My grandparents came after world war 2, and couldn’t get in unless they had a sponsor. We are a country full of people who can talk the game, but have no idea what’s at stake. We hear one accusation, and then demoralize that person without being found guilty. We all have rights, until you impede on another’s rights. The bullshit bickering, instead of being able to just agree to disagree, we have to shame others for what they feel. We are just living in a world of hypocrisy and get it how u can attitude. United We Stand? Haha, talk about the biggest crock. We have no identity as a country. We aren’t friendly to our neighbors. We become a place where it’s either you’re with me or against me. A lot of that is the media, a lot of it is rhetoric. It’s taught at home tho. In our own homes is where we learn everything about being a human being. We have become so enraptured in money, and basing everything with these capitalistic ideals, that we are seeing the evil root more and more everyday. No matter what color, socioeconomic background, or geography we have to make America. What is it to be American now? What is it to be human? We are all born with the same flaw, fear! There’s no more human interaction. Everything is emojis, streaming and not talking out feelings with another human. We work everything out through threads and insincere texts. Where tones can’t be gauged and we can’t even look each other in the eye anymore. We have a plethora of problems, the biggest one is, none of us know what it is to be American anyway, our culture, traditions and ideals have been washed away. We can only blame ourselves though. You want to make changes? Boycott. Stop watching billshit media outlets, stop shopping at bullshit companies that say one thing but do the complete opposite behind closed doors. We as Americans always feel it when our wallets are hit. Want colleges to be affordable, stop paying ur student loans back, don’t pay those outrageous tuitions, where since the 70’s, tuition has gone up 900% and the actual pay scale has I believe has only increased by 30% or so. We are a country lost. You go vote! I say the opposite, if all the candidates suck, don’t vote for any of them. We can do a lot if one day we stand united. No matter gender, color, orientation, or background. They don’t like u, u don’t like them, u can unite and still be different. You could be accepting, without befriending. It’s all about respect in the end. It’s the biggest thing we lack as a country. If we can find that respect and just believe that we all have the right to share different views and lifestyles. we are all still humans with the same flaw of fear!

        • Mandi

          I love it! At the end of the day We as a people have forgotten what it means to be a citizen and the job that comes along with it and will we stop doing that this is what happens this s*** is are fault. Though we might have been lied too And coerced and believe in s*** that wasn’t true it wasn’t true when you stop losing your ability to thank for yourself And coerced and believe in s*** that wasn’t true it wasn’t true when you stop losing your ability to think fo yourself Which most of the public has. It’d sad. Common sense isn’t so common anymore.

  • Staci

    Awesome. Perfect. True. Spoken like a person who has had actual experience with an antisocial personality or narcissist — we know this crazy shit when we see it.

  • Eve

    I don’t know what to do except stay sober through this. My daughter was taken by CPS. I was sober when they took her. They took her March 12th, 2014 I started using meth April 17th, 2014. I was on adderal, going to school. They told me on a Monday they wouldn’t take her, she was gone from school on Thursday. I was devastated to say the least. On the ground. O am still trying to get up. I need a support group. People are afraid, they don’t believe me. She was my life. Now I am a shell, I walk around sometimes like a zombie. It has been almost 5 years and I am trying to forgive. Trying to forget. Trying to move on. What am I supposed to do? I miss her.

    • MenAreShit

      They took her from you just to put her in a worse situation. I hate this country and society so much. They have no reason to treat people like this other than to satisfy their abusive egos.

  • Kathy Gardner


    • Brian Hache

      Republicans and Democrats are both being played by powers beyond your imagination. Unite and you win. Divide and they take it all. Your anger and confusion is a lie. Democrats and republicans are not enemies. They make each other stronger. But the way to anarchy is to destroy this balance. Think about it. Who really wins if democracy fails. Not blacks, not whites, not americans. The winner is the tiny group of people who are beyond religion, colourless, and have no care about race. The winners are not you. The winners are invisible. Beyond media. Love your perceived enemy and you will defeat the plague that ails you. We are all infected because we refuse to love all of our neighbors. Simple isnt it?. Love your neighbour and we all win.

    • MenAreShit

      People like you are everything wrong with this world. How can you possibly think this way when things have gotten so obvious? You must live comfortably watching fox news all day shunning the very workers who provide that lifestyle for you. You are a goddamn idiot to say the least.

  • kevin

    A Republican is a Dumb Booba. Anyone who votes for Trump is a sheep. Look at the mess you all gave the Usa. You all voted for a dictator and let him open the floodgates. This is why we need Democrats to rule over us. Because they are wiser rulers than Republicans will ever be.

  • James

    Things are so much better now…..

  • JB

    Everything is Trump’s fault. Here we fucking go again. He made it more than clear that the three letter agencies were corrupt. They’ve proven it themselves. We have a foreign enclave running this country. Congress is 50% infiltrated with communists. The media is incapable of objectivity. Americans want to retain their private property and they want their federal subcontractor which is the Crown, and Papist to respect the contract they signed with the American people and respect and follow the Constitution. That is all. We’re so far from that due to globalism we’re probably going to have to replace the Fed with an American contractor to ever have representation of American values again. You know. Freedom and liberty. But you keep pissing and moaning about how one man is responsible for all these problems.

  • David

    someone around me is literally putting something in my apartment to make me feel whatever state they desire. my brain [soul] is literally being disintegrated as I’m living. it hurts like hell, and it is terrifying. this because I won’t roll with fascism. it really hurts, and they are reading my thoughts knowing absolutely my pain.

    WHO IS DOING THIS? underground or government?

  • Brian

    Well this page aged really well. I didn’t care much for Trump, but damn I sure as hell wish he were back now. We have record high inflation, gas is approaching 7 dollars a gallon here in liberal so cal, the border is wide open, War pig leftists are funding 2 wars, crime is through the roof, our schools are literally giving students pornographic literature. All this and more literally exploded the minute Biden was sworn in.

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